How Do You Fulfill Your Desires?

burning desire

Nowadays, people have no time for themselves, the lack of time prevents them from taking time for important thinking and asking questions to themselves.

I see them around me like machines; they are programmed to do everyday obligations and nothing more. Many have no time and will to do something for their soul. Their tiredness at the end of the day brings them in front of a TV or a computer and the day is over.

About wishes and desires

On the other side, children have many wishes and desires. They are learning about the world, and it’s fun to ask for things that parents can buy them.

When we get older our yearnings and desires change. We don’t want candy anymore; our wishes are more life-oriented and meaningful. We know that if we want something, we must put some effort into it or pay money to have it.

I see people around me tired, running at their jobs and having that nostalgic look that tells me they are not living their dream life. On the other hand, we have unemployed who don’t have a strong desire for doing what they love and taking a job that is available, just because they don’t see other opportunities. Many are blaming country and world crisis for lack of specific jobs.

Who has wishes?

A simple formula for having wishes is a healthy person who has a clear and balanced mind. Our craves are connected to the unconscious mind. What the unconscious mind wants is shown through a conscious mind and consequently activities.

When you have a strong wish, you are unconsciously attracting it. Having good hopes can mean that we want something to be better, but they can be malicious too. Wishing someone bad stuff means that we lost connection with ourselves and that we are not happy.

Why do we have a lack of desires?

In the previous section, I talked about having wishes. What about a person who doesn’t have any hopes at all? What does this mean? A person without hopes is missing the opportunities that could bring him wealth and abundance.

Let me tell you my short story regarding the lack of wishes. When I was a teenager, I had no hopes or specific goals in life. I was raised modestly, and I thought that being at home all the time is everything I need, I felt secure.

circle of people

Wishes are connected with money

Many times wishes are connected with money. If we want to get something, we must pay for it, no matter if it is a product that we want or a service. I had some money back then; it was just enough for me to buy small things or go out with my friends. But I was like a bank that was giving loans because I was stockpiling the money and never really spent a lot, so my family came to me when they needed some money.

I felt ok to have money that others lack, but what about my yearnings? This is not a good approach for a young woman having a whole life in front of her. I had small but never big wishes. And because of not wanting more, it showed on my personal growth.

Many times I was depressed and didn’t know what to do or what to wish. Modesty isn’t bad, but we should have desires and a will for having something more. Having money is not a bad thing because we can afford a quality of life with it.
Now that I look back, I see what brought me to this situation. If we haven’t got enough wishes and we are modest, then it is just a consequence of lacking desires.

Society factor

Maybe you ask yourself how we get to these situations; as kids, we were happy and full of desires and imagination. The fact is that society teaches us rules and restrictions when growing up and through the socialization process. The cause of this is that we unknowingly forget to our happiness and big wishes from childhood.

Consequently, society and the environment which we live in, rob us of happiness and dreams that give us the meaning of life. So, please don’t forget that you were born to enjoy life and that you do things that satisfy your body and soul and make you happy.

Your circle of people

Therefore, look around you and you will see how important is to move in the right circle of people. Occasionally, individuals with the same interests and goals hang up together. We can see these groups of people everywhere – runners, yoga participants, music choir, English learners, etc.

So remember, if you have the desire to accomplish something, you should choose individuals with common or same interests and believes like you. Those who you hang out with are more vital than you maybe think right now.

Ask yourself what do you want? You couldn’t choose the environment and people when you were a kid, but this is no excuse for an adult to do.

Why does the majority fail in the realization of their dreams?

I think everyone wants to have a good quality of life. People are putting effort so they will have a life worth living. It is natural human behavior.

Having desires makes us alive and excited when we think of having what we want. There is a big difference between a person whose desire is burning like a flame and will do anything for it, and a person whose wish is just like other ones and will vanish through time. We can find these types of people all around us.

We can see many individuals who don’t realize their ideas because their wish was not aiming for the goal. Often our yearnings are born because other persons have it, and that is the only reason we want it because we feel like we should have it too.

Do you wish to have more money?

Money is an excellent example, who doesn’t want to have more money? Humans see successful and rich men and women who are living their dream life and they want it to. But what is wrong with this wish?

Does your wish have a purpose?

This type of hope has a big imperfection. It lacks a purpose. Ask yourself: “Why do I want more money?” “What will I do with it?” You must have a purpose for everything.

An example

You bought a guide because you want to know how to earn $1,000 in one month with the Law of Attraction. This is a reason, but if you know what the result of this guide will bring, you have the perfect plan.

Let’s say you decided to have at least $1,000 income per month because you want to buy a special machine that will enable you to start working what you desire. This is a good case that includes a clear purpose and plan for accomplishing it.

money burning desire

When I think of other reasons for not going for our dreams, I see that people are occupied with other things and they rather be alone and think of their desires and ideas.

Every person should be alone for some time in a day so that he can think and question himself is his life worth living or should he change something. Many times persons around us are distractors that stop us from being creative and ambitious.

The main thing about going after a better life is to know that we want to live in better conditions. Are you satisfied with your life? In each case, my advice to you is that you spend some time alone and think of yourself and where are you headed.

Three types of a person’s mindset

What feelings do we have when having wishes and desires? When we think of an idea or a crave, we feel excited, and our eyes sparkle.
There are differences between being realistic, optimistic and depressed. Let me say a few words about these conditions.

An optimist

An ambitious person is an optimist and sees good opportunities in everything that he does. He sees obstacles on his path as opportunities or just sees them as a challenge. He is in a state of mind that allows him never to stop and continue with his activities towards the realization of his big idea.

A depressed person

A depressed person is quite an opposite from an optimist’s state of mind. He is in a condition that doesn’t allow him to even think of something good that can change his mind and attitude. He feels down all the time and has nothing to be happy about.

An optimist has a goal because he developed an idea or hope based on his state of mind. It is like a sequence of conditions. You will not have goals and a will to move forward if you feel bad and have nothing to be joyful about.

A realist

A realist is in the middle. This person has a realistic point of view; he sees the situation as it is. A realist does not rely on emotions but his head. He can develop new ideas and wishes, but it is even better if he learns how to be optimistic.

Learn to be an optimist

You can learn to be an optimist. To do that, you will have to change your habits and attitude towards life. I must say to you that a life purpose is what you want to find, this is your main goal.

optimist girl

Maybe you already know what your purpose is. Doing what you love will open your mind to even better opportunities and challenges which you can turn to your advantage.

The secret ingredient for having a wish

A goal is a leading force of a human. Do you remember when you had no goals and wishes? What were you like? Did you feel aimless and spent time on non-important things like watching television, playing games or sitting hours with your friends and just talking about casual things?

What do you really want from life?

If you want to have yearnings and make a difference, you must start thinking. Think of who you are, where you are now and what life do you want, where are you headed and where do you want to be.

These basic questions are vital for you to move forward in your life and conquer goals. What can you do when you have no wishes? As I mentioned, you will take time for yourself and think of your life and purpose.

Do you do what you like or do you act as others say? If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your life, you should start changing things now.

Do you have a goal yet?

If you want to earn $1,000 income per month you are on a good path because you already have a goal. Maybe making $1,000 is just a first step to bigger goals and this is wonderful because you will invest your income to something worthy that will bring you progress.

But if you don’t have any wishes at all, this means you will have to put some effort and change the way you acted till now.

Focus on yourself

I will teach you how to do this in the next chapters, but for now, I can tell you one thing. Focus on yourself. Get away from the crowd and listen to your thoughts, to your inner voice. Find what is bothering you or preventing you from getting better at some point.

focus on yourself

Maybe you have hopes, but you have doubts and fear of non-achieving it. Face it; know the reasons for your doubts and fears.
One more thing to say here, decide what you want, what are your desires, what are you passionate about and give all your strengths towards this achievement. Your goal should be first to think about and act.

Enthusiasm VS excitement

Why do we even have wants? Wishes occur because we want something to change, achieve or have. Having hopes and desires is good as we said in the previous chapter; it is a base for setting a goal. A person, who has it, has a healthy state of mind and is moving forward. But many people stay excited for a short period of time.

How does enthusiasm differ from excitement?

Let me explain the differences. If you want to earn $1,000 income per month just because the thought of having it feels amazing it is not necessary that your wish will come true. Well, the excitement is ok, but occasionally people stop here and do nothing, they stop being excited.

Second, if your hope is not strong enough, you will not go for it, or you will lack motivation and stop. Obstacles and problems will defeat an excited individual sooner or later.

On the other hand, if we know why we want $1,000, we have an aim, and we are motivated to achieve it. Here you have a perfect plan, and you have many more possibilities to succeed and reach that goal. In this case, you are driven by enthusiasm.

We are emotionally connected to the idea, and it drives us through all good and bad situations. What matters is the objective, and it’s an accomplishment. Being enthusiastic means that your energy is rising, and you are open to getting more and more positive ideas regarding that goal of yours.

It is a motivation that drives us to do something, and everything is connected, all these elements are needed that we go through the obstacles with our head straight to become a winner.

What are the characteristics of an ambitious person?

People are very different, and wishes are not an exception. We all have different kinds of hopes that we are excited about. Some of them are small, some of them are high in the clouds, and it depends on us if we fulfill them.

Factors affect the development of wishes

I think that some factors affect the development of our wishes. Let’s see which are these factors.

enviroment factor

The environment is the most vital factor because it influences our behavior. This is more crucial when we grow up, but it shows as important in every life period.

We know that living in a rich neighborhood with rich people will give us examples of luxury and will show us that we should have abundance in our lives.

Individuals who are living like this are accustomed to having things and have wished to have more. A rich man has a beautiful house; he just bought a car, and he wants to have a new garage door that opens automatically when he will press the button.

His child is 10 year old who is well dressed, has the PlayStation and is excited to have the newest Mortal Kombat XL game that he just saw promoting on television.

On the other side of the world, we have a modest family that is struggling through life. Parents of three little kids are working hard to pay the bills and school books and clothes for the kids.

They hardly get something special for them. These kids are taking the patterns from their parents and are used to live modestly. They know that they can’t have things like some other kids because they are living without it for as long as they know for themselves. Because they are used not to have the luxury, their yearnings are suppressed and not even expressed.

How can you tell if someone is ambitious?

But these are not the only two options possible. I know people that lived in environments that didn’t offer progress, but they went after their dreams and used the opportunities on their path that led them to personal success. Their wish was so strong that it moved them forward. They didn’t give up and said it is how it is, they took action.

Many people started with nothing but their burning desire led them to the right path of passion. You can change your environment, place you live and persons who surround you. Move if you feel you should.

Ambitions are most needed in a person’s life. They are the power that moves us toward and with them, our life has a meaning. Ambitious people are like a force that nobody can stop. They have an idea, a goal that drives them forward.

Are you ambitious?

Are you ambitious? I think you are because you are reading this post. I am sure you want to change your life, earn money and become an ambitious person. You will learn much useful information here that will help you become victorious and independent.

If we are ambitious, we have all the strings to manifest our hope. Ambitions are connected with wishes, goals, and success. Some people are not enthusiastic because they haven’t got any goals. It is paramount that a person knows what he wants from life.

Ambitious individuals have many yearnings and desires, more than people who don’t know why they live or are just living casual lives. Having ideas is good for development and progress, so read on.

Why is desire important to success?

We discussed wishes that are making us excited and those that are burning inside of us and bring us the positive emotions to move forward. In this chapter you will know more deeply about the power of burning desire and why is this crucial for every person who wants to get to the end of his working towards the specific goal.

People make new ideas and hopes all the time. When they make them they have a peaceful state of mind and feel excited. They know how wonderful it would be to go to the Bahamas on a vacation or have the desirable car that they dream for two years now.

Many of them can’t afford this type of luxury, but you know what, everyone can have whatever he wants. Call me crazy, but it is true. Look successful businessmen or actors, singers, and artists, they have or can have what they want, right?

What do they have in common? I am sure you know the answer – it is money, yes. But they have one thing that matters the most, they are enthusiastic about their work, passion drives them.

Two possible scenarios of work outcome

Do you ask yourself why we give up so many times when reaching for a goal? The answer to this is simple.

Having an ordinary wish

Many times we get an idea and make a plan for achieving it.
The feeling about the idea may be thrilling, and we feel like we were born again.

positive vibrations

First, the idea erupts. We feel positive vibrations when thinking of its accomplishment. This could lead to thinking of a plan for a derivation of the idea. We start to research and consider which are the means that we will use for making the idea real. And we get stuck.

For example, you have got a desire to earn $1,000. You start to think of the activities and means to earn it and at this point your energy drops and you start to doubt in the goal of earning it. So you give up and let the faith do the rest.

This is an example of an ordinary wish that millions of people have all around the world.

“Remember, you make your destiny.”

Having a burning desire

But you can belong to that minority of people who have a burning desire to earn $1,000 and are ready to do everything to earn it. Their want for money is so strong that they are willing to give up their favorite things and activities. They are ready to learn, and their inner flame is pushing them forward. They don’t allow it to be unsuccessful, so they go through all obstacles.

It is very simple. Usually, people have many common daily wishes but hardly ever a burning one. Passion for something is driving the person with a desire, and if this want is his essence, then a manifestation of his wish is very much possible.
In another case, every little obstacle could bring us down and quickly developed idea will quickly become forgotten.

Why do we lack consistency?

The most common situation among persons who decide to follow their dream is a lack of consistency. I believe that you had it before in your life, but I must assure you that this is an ordinary phenomenon when it comes to a common wish.

People have so many different excuses as the universe has stars. Maybe you laugh and nod, but it is the fact.

When we start with the idea realization, we encounter barriers and also doubt. The negativity brings even more negative emotions.

I hear them doubt because they think that they are not capable of reaching the objective, having no skills, are too old, or have an excuse that others are better than them in their field of work. The list of excuses never ends.

Persons with a burning desire don’t have a lack of consistency because they search for new possibilities instead of excuses.

“If people would find so many opportunities for them instead of making excuses, they would move the mountains!”

Are you ready to move mountains?

So, why would you oppress yourself? Do you want to move your mountains?
I have learned that success depends on me, my excuses and making new possibilities. I will tell you something. If I would give up on my dream and stop following my sixth sense, I would live the life of others.

But it was not always like that. In the past I didn’t know who I am, what do I want and where I am going, so I let myself to others to guide me. I wasn’t ready to succeed; I was ready to stagnate and feel sorry for myself.

Now that this experience is behind me, I know where I am going and happily continue my journey, and nothing distracts me anymore. Consistency is my virtue because I know what I want, and I am sure that I will get it.

Now I have the opportunity to reveal my dream to you, my burning desire which is based on consistent work and gratitude. My dream is to travel around the world. My wish is growing and the day doesn’t pass without thinking about it.

My wish to travel

I traveled in just a few countries, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia (that is my neighbor country) and Spain. All my life I lived in one part of the country and I feel that I have to see other beautiful places in the world too.

traveling around the world

Traveling around the world isn’t a game, but I know that I will fulfill my wish because it is the result of my personal development and oriented work.

You have to know that I wasn’t patient and consistent at all, but now I finally know why. The reason was the lack of burning desire; I didn’t have one.

I want to travel so I am consistent with my plan. However, I have to emphasize that consistency can be learned. Do you ask how? When you figure out what is that you really want, you should work on your consistency every day.

You will make a plan for how to train your mind that it will get used to something. Yes, you will make a habit that will help you with your goal. What do you think, what habits does an excellent athlete has? Do you think that he would succeed without consistency?

“Consistency is not a problem when you know where you are going.”

A strong desire will help you face a business challenge

What is the main thing that keeps you moving forward towards the goal? As you already know, it is a strong desire. Without this key motivator, you can’t succeed.

It is shown as vital especially when you have bad times at work. I know how it is when something isn’t working as you think it should.

Sometimes the situation looks so bad that your energy drops for 100% but after some time of relaxing and thinking you find a solution that could work. If one path isn’t the right one, choose another. You will always try new things and ways when you want something really bad.

An obstacle on our path

I will tell you how I found a new path when things didn’t go well in my business. Tadej and I were working on helping people lose weight. This idea came to our mind because we are active individuals who want to be fit and healthy.

We educate about nutrition, and we were implementing exercise and nutrition successfully, results are shown. It felt amazing when we gave up bad habits and start living fully.

So, we had some knowledge, and we were excited to help others too. We opened a blog about weight loss and began to write posts. We also had an email course so subscribers can get even more useful information about losing weight.

No engagement

I gave my heart to those emails, but if I look at the whole picture, something was missing. I had people reading my content, but there was no significant engagement. We felt disappointed and didn’t know what to do to improve it.

We made a survey

Then we decided to ask people what they miss in my content with a survey. The result showed us the problem. They said that I am giving general information and that they don’t see any special worth in my content.

It was the truth; I gave them some information I know and some from other sources, but they didn’t want to get something that they already know. Sounds familiar?

Not enough passion

This lack of good unique information was just a sign that we were not working in the right niche. Do you want to know why we didn’t succeed? It is because we didn’t feel this niche and talking about it like we supposed to be, we didn’t have a passion.

I told you our story here at this point so that you see how a burning desire is crucial in business you do.

We didn’t give up hope

We failed, but we didn’t give up, it was just not our life purpose. We moved on with our faith and hope that we will get on the right path that the universe will show us. And it did.

don't give up

We found a beautiful law that teaches how to take advantage of the Law of Attraction in our favor. This universal law can work in another way too; you can bring misery on yourself as well.

So, because we didn’t give up on our primal goal, which is to find our true purpose in life, we were introduced to the Law of Attraction, and we step on the new, different path.

Work is like a hobby to us

Our burning hope opened the new possibility of finding our purpose, and it was the right path. You see, one big desire brought a new big desire, and we finally love our life and work.

Our work is like a hobby to us – full of love, passion and it’s a never-ending story. When something isn’t right, life will tell you and will give you signs; you just need to be open to them and critical of yourself.

I am sure that I opened your eyes, got you thinking and showed you the true meaning of a burning desire that is so important for your future success.

How do you develop a burning desire?

Those who have a burning crave feel unstoppable when going for their wish; nothing can stop them. What to do if you don’t have a burning hope?

If you want to develop a burning desire, then you have to consider my instructions.

Have the right state of mind

The first thing to do is to get in the right state of mind. You must prepare yourself to find your true desire. How to do this?

Nowadays people are too occupied with their work and obligations, so they have little time for themselves. I see that the majority can’t be alone for long, and they get bored quickly.

They don’t know what to do with themselves; they have no hopes and prospective goals. Spending their free time with friends and lounge around is all they do. Why is that?

Its simple to be so indifferent when you don’t have any special goals in life. Hanging up with friends can lift our spirit but if you crave to do something you have to manage your time wisely.

Not a createful time

I must admit to you that I have been a part of that majority in my past. I was at home and playing PC games every day, well my favorite was Battlefield 1942 multiplayer Wake Island; I fall in love with this strategy game and also make some virtual friends.

It was an awesome time for me back then, but you know what I wasn’t doing? I was not creative. I followed the program. I didn’t know what else to do and was without a goal and passion, I spent my precious time in illusion.

It was not my best time spent, but I am not sorry for that. Now it is a different time for me; the time for a significant change that brings me the abundance.

If I am honest, I don’t remember when I had free time on my own. Let me explain to you. I love my work and people who make my job wonderful, so I do different activities all day and have fun.

My work is a hobby, and I stick to my purpose. I hardly watch television; I stopped playing games, and I don’t hang with negative persons or the ones who could intentionally or unintentionally hurt my working progress.

Every minute of a day is vital for successful people and sometimes they even work at night because they have a clear goal in front of them and so many ideas to start working on.

What Are You Willing to Dedicate Your Life To?

I have always wondered what the purpose of life is. Watching people how they run after errands and growling because they lack time, money and good health made me resistant to the idea.

I didn’t want to be the same grouch and have nothing, even worse, to lose priceless health that no employer would return to me if I work for him.

Before recognition, that showed me my meaning, I was caught in a whirl of powerlessness. I knew that I wanted a different life as everybody was living, but I didn’t see another path that would offer me the solution, so I settle down with fate.

wiling to dedicate your life

I tried to fit in the society and applied for jobs regularly in the past but in the majority of cases, I got rejected. Seeing the bad economy and being in the chasm of indecent life can mark a person in some way and root him to the bottom.
We will stop at this point and discontinue this thought. You know what?

“You are greater than every country, its economy, and politics.”

A recognition

I want to prepare you for the recognition so that you will not wander in the darkness as I was. I know that if I wouldn’t except the signs which guided me, I would be living like a zombie.
I could be a merchant in a store and not living as I want, doing something that doesn’t fulfill my needs but I didn’t decide on it. I never knew what exactly I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want and it was enough.

This attitude brought me a light; it finally showed me a way of happiness.
Today I am helping people by spreading my knowledge and love because I know this is my true happiness.
We are wonderful individuals who deserve abundance in everything, and this is the reason we should find our purpose.
You know, if we are unsatisfied with our lives it can be endless torture but if we live a happy, abundant life we are excited to see another sunny morning.

Motivate yourself with affirmations and visualization

Affirmations and visualizations are powerful tools to help you with motivation. Affirmations are motivational words or sentences that are helping us to stay on the right track towards the goal.

Now let me tell you why you should use affirmation and visualization techniques. What is the secret of every successful man? Every person who succeeded in his life uses techniques that motivate him and maintain his positive attitude. These two elements are two success keys.

But why is this so important? Let me tell you how it works. Our brain reacts to stimuli from the environment, events, words, etc. Did you know that you can become a happier person just to feed your brain with positive thoughts? Yes, you can, try it.

Make your own affirmation

You can start with affirmations and read it from the high-quality book or on the internet, or you could write it yourself. I suggest that you write your affirmation because it will come from your heart and it will be focused on your goal.

How do we practice it?

I use affirmations daily with Tadej. Every morning and in the evening we repeat our affirmation on loud, and it contains our business focus. First, we repeat what we wish to achieve, then we set the date of achieving it and the last thing is the action that we need to take.

Setting a date

I must teach you about the date. If you set a date for your goal, it can be achieved at that time or not.

I have set the date once and applied the Law of Attraction. I hoped that it will be accomplished until that time, but it wasn’t. First, I was disappointed and wondered what did I do wrong, but I learned that the only thing I must do is to proceed. Don’t doubt in LOA; it always does its work, time is not a barrier here.

how to attract abundance

Why are affirmations so powerful?

Affirmations help me with my self-esteem and remind me of the result which I will achieve. Write down an affirmation that will give you the thrill and a feeling of butterflies in your stomach when thinking of achieving your goal, can you do this for yourself?

Music, reading a good quality book can also be your affirmation technique, find your best.
The most crucial thing to this point is that you learn to do things that make you happy and encourage you towards the goal.

“Write an affirmation that will guide you and remind you of your big goal and feelings when accomplishing it”.


Visualizations are the next motivational technique that will help you. You can visualize practically everything. But on this point, you will focus only on you and your goal.

How to visualize?

Visualize how you will achieve your aim, how will you feel and also what it will change in your life. Pictures and drawings of your objective plan are also an excellent way of visualization. When you get to the specific step of your goal, you check it or mark it so that you will stay motivated all the time. This is a powerful thing.
Visualization is something that we use in our work and is an effective tool. Every small step achieved will push you forward and remind you where you are going.

You already know what will you do with $1,000 when you earn it? Take time for yourself and draw what will you buy with it or use it for. Instead of drawing a picture you can also take a picture or buy it, download it from the internet. Use your imagination.

“The objective is to overflow your brain with the goal and with a positive attitude towards life in general”.

What is the first thing you need to do to become successful?

I have one more important thing to tell you. It is about overcoming old habits and accepting new ones. This paragraph will show you the importance of teachability and sacrifice.

Teachability and sacrifice

I can tell you all about my teachability and how I was not ready to put old habits behind me. And maybe you will ask what does this have to do with success. It has everything to do with success and is among the first elements that you need to conquer to progress from the first level.

be teachable

When we started an online business, we know what we want, what is the niche we want to help people, and what our burning desire is. All came into place, and we were excited to start the business.

When you have this figured out, you have passed the first big level of the journey. But I tell you that in general starting to build your dream can be hard, but later when you get educated and more professional, it gets easier.

After finding your dream that you will follow, you will move to the next level that is hard for people. But don’t get upset or anything, I will tell you what I am talking about.
After finding what we will do in life (helping persons with their mindset and life) the time of education came. Tadej is organized for education and learning new stuff which will help us to progress.

Developing a growth mindset

So, he found out of author that teaches the right mindset and what is crucial for building success. We bought his audio course that contained 12 CDs. We started to listen to CDs a few times a day.

Ok, this was a fascinating experience for me. When I started to listen to this author I was not so focused on his words, I thought: “What is he talking about, I know this,” “Why do I have to listen to this, I am just wasting my precious time”.

But Tadej was determined and relentless. He saw that I am not ready to listen, that my mind is somewhere else, so he said to me:

“If we want to succeed we must listen and give this man a chance”.

I agreed because after some thinking I figured out that he tried to find a quality product for us to move forward. So I decided to take time, turned off all distractions, lay down on a couch and listen.
The most wonderful moment was when I knew what he is talking about, but you know why did I hear it now and didn’t hear before? It’s because I decided to listen. My decision was crucial for me to proceed. You will see that making decisions is your strong joker, and you must learn how to use it if you are scared to make a decision.

My decision to listen was fruitful. Some time passed, and then I heard something that I would rather not at that moment. The author was talking about making a decision of putting a favorite activity behind and stop doing it.

He talked about not watching TV anymore, favorite TV show or soap opera, stop playing golf, etc. My first reaction was: “What?” “Which normal person would give up on his favorite things that he likes to do”? I laugh; I did not see him as the man I should listen to and apply what he is saying.

The power of repetition

But I decided to listen to him and try to understand. How did I win this battle you ask? Even if I found his words irritating sometimes, I listen to his CDs over and over again. I did it over and over again, and my mind began to change! I did understand what he means and started to think about what things and activities I will change.

power of reputition

If I analyze today’s situation, I stopped watching TV; it’s about a few years now that I didn’t turn on the TV, just in case I see a documentary or some Law of Attraction/inspirational and educational movie. If you asked me before one year if I can turn off TV I would smoothly reject you.

Breaking old habits

So listen, why is overcoming your old habits so important? If you have a burning desire, for let’s say, earning money, you will do anything to make it. So, you want to earn more money so badly that you decided that you replace your old activities with learning about your new perspective business.

Task: Think about your favorite activities and change them with activities that are needed to grow your business.

Are you willing to pay a price for success?

Learning is a process that follows every successful person no matter how old he is. I hope that you don’t think that learning finished at school. We learn the whole life.

Learn and earn

But in this case, I focus on learning about business and making money. Do you want to know a secret? When you will have a burning desire and be ready to give all your powers to find out more about business, you will break the ice because you will win the basics for building your successful business – a willingness to learn.

In this chapter, we talk about basics for starting to build your dream life because without them you can’t proceed. But when you master the basics your future work and efforts will be easier and more satisfying. When you reach this stage, you are pulled in the whirl of enthusiasm and happiness that will be your biggest motivator.

Now that I work in online business for some time now, I remember my path to where I am today. I tell you, it wasn’t easy at all, but you know what? I like the fact that hard work pays back.

Beware of scams

And at the same time, I don’t like commercials or scams which guarantee easy money and with no investment and effort. I don’t believe in “business” that promises income with a few clicks, I have been there with Tadej, we tried many things yet.

Help people

But now we know that nothing is for free, and you must work to earn money at some point. The equation is simple, help people with your products and services that you love to create and offer. What is more beautiful than loving your work and also helping others? Marvelous!

help people

“Hard work always pays off if you know who you are and if work satisfies your heart and soul.”

Investing in learning material

The next thing I will discuss with you is your willingness to buy products, courses or services in your learning process. Are you ready to invest money in quality products and services so that you will have benefits for your business?

I am talking about investment because it is important how you think of money. If you research, analyze and give money for products that are made from credibility authors, then you will invest your money not throw away.

Making a good habit

Investing must be your new habit. You read the previous paragraph about overcoming old habits and accepting new ones. You should take the investing habit as your constant activity.

I will teach you more about paid and free information that you can use in your business. Each way has its benefits and weaknesses, and I will present it to you in the next post. I think it is important for me to teach you about this because I tried both approaches on my own skin.

How strong is your desire for the manifestation of $1,000?

I devoted this final paragraph to the burning wish. Now we will look where you stand; it will be a self-reflection of your current condition.
I thought about it and made two groups to which you can belong. I made it on my experiences before and after having a burning desire.

You may find some features of a group not fitting your situation right now, but I am only showing you an example. The first group is for those who already have a burning wish for the manifestation of $1,000 and the second group is for those who haven’t got it or just have an ordinary wish for $1,000 like many people.

No matter if you have other burning hope than just earning $1,000, you shall all receive valuable and useful information for its realization. So, let’s see in which group do you belong to.

Group #1

You are a person who has a burning desire for the manifestation of $1,000 or something else that you are passionate about. If you read this article, then you should know what it looks like to have a strong desire from the beginning.
Great, this is your first step on your journey, and you are stepping forward. You know how you can earn money and help people at the same time. Nothing can stop you on your path, and you have no limits to proceed.

Group #2

You read the first chapter, and you still don’t know what is something that you crave. Maybe you want $1,000, but it is just an ordinary wish, it is not significant to you or priority.

Do you want to develop a burning want? I tell you if you said yes then I congratulate you because you made a life decision and you know what I told you about making a clear decision – it should be a habit.

A grown-up, a successful person should take responsibility and decide. If you want to make progress here, then I have a suggestion. You will read the first chapter again, think and analyze. Yes, you will do it again and again if you have to because your happiness depends on it.

Remember my case when I was not ready to listen to that author who was teaching me life lessons? Ask yourself: Why do I want a change? This should be your motivation. So start at the beginning of this post and be happy to do so. Let’s see the features of people from these two groups.

Group #1 Features

• Have a burning desire
• Ready to listen and learn
• Ready to invest
• Ready to overcome old habits and develop new ones
• Ready to left people behind who doesn`t attribute to their success
• Sees barriers as opportunities
• Has focus and determination
• Have no limits to succeed

Group #2 Features

• Doesn’t have a burning desire or have an ordinary wish
• Hangs out with negative people
• Is not ready to change his habits
• Is not ready to listen, analyze and learn
• Is not responsible and chooses the easiest way
• Has too little self-esteem for thinking big

What do you desire?

No matter in which situation you are it is always possible to change your perspective and change the way you live. Go ahead and go through this article again to consider factors for success.

This article will help you to find what you truly want in life so don’t hesitate to make changes to your better future right now.

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