Learning How To Clean an Electric Grill – The Cleaning Procedure

How To Clean an Electric Grill

Cooking your meals on a grill is one of the best ways of enjoying tasty meals. The beautiful sears that are formed on the dishes add to their visual appeal and this makes the whole occasion worthwhile.

There are different grills that you can get for your cooking needs but if you are looking for added convenience when cooking, then you should get an electric grill. Such grills run on electric power and as such, you won’t have to struggle with coal or a propane tank every time you need to cook your meals.

All you have to do is to plug in the grill into the power supply and you are good to go. To make sure that you are able to use the grill for a long period of time, it is imperative that you learn how to clean an electric grill and we will explain how to do that in this article.

The Importance of learning how to clean an Electric Grill

electric grill cleaningOne of the reasons why you should learn how to clean an electric grill is so as to maintain the grill in the best possible condition for preparing your meals. When cooking your meals, fat from the dishes you are preparing drips to the tray beneath and form a thick layer of grease.

This layer and the burned food particles that drop to the tray when cooking could act as a breeding ground for germs and other bacteria if the grill is not cleaned for a while. You should, therefore, make sure that you clean your grill regularly so as to remove all the grease and remnant food particles on the grill.

Cleaning your grill is also very important if you want to enhance its longevity. Some of the substances that are left on the grill after cooking may eat into the grill’s coating and this could expose it to the elements. It would, therefore, get damaged easily and you may find yourself having to buy another grill within a short time if you want to continue enjoying grilled dishes.

Let’s now take a look at some of the things that you have to do so as to clean your electric grill properly.

The items that you will need

Here are the supplies that you will need for cleaning your grill.

1)        A sponge

2)        A basin

3)        Detergent

4)        A rubber spatula

5)        Clean water

6)        Paper towels or a dry towel

7)        A steel brush

The cleaning Procedure

Follow these steps when cleaning your grill for the best results.

  1.    Turn off the power supply and unplug the grill from the power outlet

This is the first thing that you have to do so as to make sure that you don’t electrocute yourself when cleaning the electric grill. The best time to clean your electric grill is right after cooking as the food particles have not stuck to the grill at this moment.

You should let the grill to cool off for about 10 minutes before you beginning cleaning it so as not to burn yourself.

  1.    Clean the grates with a steel brush

Before you proceed and clean the interior parts of the grill, you should start off by cleaning the cooking grates. Once the grill has cooled down, but still a little bit warm, get a steel brush and scrub the grates.

The steel brush you are using should be made of stainless steel bristles so as not to corrode the surface of the grates when cleaning. Scrub the cooking grates until all of the visible food particles are removed from the surface.

  1.    Scrape food particles off the liner

The non-stick surface of most grills is usually delicate and as such, you should not use an abrasive scouring pad that may scratch the surface. You should instead use a spatula, preferably one made of rubber, to scrape the remaining food particles.

  1.    Wipe the grates with a wet sponge

The next step is to get a wet sponge and wipe the cooking grates clean. You will have to rinse the sponge repeatedly when cleaning the grates as the sponge will get soaked with dirt and grease from the grates.

If you are dealing with some tough stains, it is advisable to use soapy water when cleaning the grill. This will make sure that you get rid of all the dirt from the grill.

  1.    Detach the drip tray and clean it separately

The next thing that you have to clean is the drip tray. Dismantle it from the grill and wash it thoroughly using soap and water. Go hard on the sections with a lot of grease so as to ensure that the tray gets cleaned properly.

  1.    Dry the grill and all its parts

After cleaning the grill and all its parts, you should then dry them so as to remove all the moisture from the grill. Moisture is an agent of corrosion and as such, you should make sure that the grill is completely dry after cleaning so as to prevent it from happening.

You can use a paper towel or a dry towel for drying the grill and all the other parts. You will also be able to remove the leftover junk from the grill when you will be drying it and this is another reason why you should never skip this step when cleaning your grill.

Once you are done drying the grill and its parts, let it to air dry for some time. This will make sure that you eliminate all the moisture from the grill.

Fix the parts back together and store the grill properly for later use.


Learning how to clean an electric grill is one of the important things that you have to do if you want to enjoy healthy grilled dishes. Read this post in detail to understand what you need to do to keep your electric grill in the best condition.

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