How To Jumpstart Your Metabolism After 50? It Is Easier Than You Think

how to jumpstart your metabolism after 50

How to jumpstart your metabolism after 50? With aging our muscle mass decreases and consequently metabolic rate also. Muscles are basically a very important metabolic organ. What does this mean? Muscles aren’t the only ultimate consumer of energy and oxygen, but represent an indispensable factor in the body metabolism.

Do you want to increase your metabolic rate and also be healthier and fit? If you are reading this article and wanting to change your metabolism function, I should congratulate you. You are one of the people who take action and don’t have excuses like the majority.

Aging is something that is inevitable, but we can slow down its process by following simple and easy activities that should became our daily rituals.

What is Metabolism?

what is metabolismMetabolism is the sum of all the chemical and physical changes in the body. All of these changes require energy which the body gets from the stored stock and from food. Some of these chemical and physical changes, and therefore energy, are essential for life. This process is called the basal metabolic rate.

Basal metabolism is therefore a minimum amount of energy (calories) which is needed for the maintenance of vital life functions when we rest. In other words, the basal metabolic energy is the energy that a person spends, if he sleeps all day.

Despite seemingly small percentage, the basal metabolism represents 70% of total energy consumption. This is the energy that is spent for breathing, circulation of the blood through the body, the nervous system, and for maintaining body temperature.

It is also important for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, the production of new blood cells, hormones, etc. The proportion depends on many factors, which we will discuss further in the article. The remaining 30% of energy is spent on all other “extra” activities.

Factors that Influence on Metabolism

Basal metabolism is therefore the largest part of the consumed energy during the day. It is the one of the key factors in how much food we eat, if you want to lose weight, gain weight or just to maintain weight. The following internal and external factors influence on metabolism:


As with most other physical and physiological properties, DNA has an influence on metabolism. Some people are born with slower, and other with a faster metabolism.


Men tend to have more muscle and less fat mass. This means that they also have a faster metabolism.


The basal metabolic rate declines with age. When you reach your twenties, metabolic rate will be reduced by approximately 2% in 10 years.

Body Weight

Heavier people have a higher basal metabolic rate.

Body Area

This factor depends on the height and weight of the body. People with larger bodies have a higher basal metabolic rate.

Percentage of Body Fat

People with a lower percentage of body fat have a higher basal metabolic rate.

Physical Exercise

running on stairsPhysical exercise is a great way on how to jumpstart your metabolism after 50. High-intensity exercise increases the rate of basal metabolism. If you will have medium and low intensity exercise, you won’t achieve this effect. But exercise can increases metabolism indirectly through large amounts of muscle mass. The muscle mass is much more energy-consuming than the fatty tissue.


Any calorie limitation intake leads to a basal metabolism decline. In some diets the metabolic rate may eventually fall by 10% – 20%, and with most of the popular diets for even 30%.

Body Temperature

Increase of the body temperature (eg. due to illness) leads to an increase in the basal metabolic rate. If your body temperature rises for 0.5 degrees C, it will cause an increase in the basal metabolic rate for about 7%. However, this change is not linear; major changes to the temperature change metabolism even more. Thus, the patient can have increased metabolism up to 50%, if he has a body temperature of 42 degrees C.

Outdoor temperature

cold boosts metabolismExposure to cold environment increases the basal metabolic rate as the body needs to produce heat to maintain normal body temperature.

Short-term exposure to hot environment won’t affect on the basal metabolism, because the body will even the changes by faster heat dissipation. While longer exposure to heat can increase the basal metabolic rate.

The Hormones

The increase in the level of certain hormones can have an important impact on increasing the basal metabolic rate. T4, T3 (thyroid hormone) and adrenaline are the most important among them.

How to Jumpstart Your Metabolism after 50?

If you are 50 years old or more, you have noticed a metabolism decrease, but don’t worry here are 10 easy adjustments that you can do to boost your metabolism and feel better.

  1. Eat a breakfast that will awaken your metabolism. Never skip meals because this will not help you to lose weight, but only slow down the metabolism.
  2. Eat smaller meals that will not burden your digestion, and therefore eat more often – so you’ll never be hungry.
  3. Include more energy food and fruit and vegetables in the daily pepper
  4. Avoid sweets and the usage of white sugar; eat food that doesn’t raise blood sugar levels. If you need a dessert, choose a fresh or dry fruit, or eat wholegrain biscuits.
  5. Spicy foods can help promote metabolism, so you enjoy them as much as you can.
  6. Increase your intake of water due to eliminating toxins from the body. If the body lacks water, it slows down the metabolism.
  7. Drink green tea instead of coffee, which stimulates the metabolism.
  8. Exercise regularly and lift weights twice a week, even walking upstairs counts!
  9. Do you have enough sleep? Sleep restores muscle which burn energy.
  10. Cortisol – a stress hormone that slows down the metabolism, so take your time for relaxation.

Boost Your Metabolism and Fell Great

Now you know how to jumpstart your metabolism after 50. If you want to be younger and fight the diseases, you should take care of your healthy lifestyle. Most of the middle-aged people neglect their bodies and health.

Increasing metabolism is important if you want to look fit and without extra fat. The more fat you have, the lower your metabolic rate is. And you know what happens when you gain weight. With extra pounds you have less energy, fatigue, and are more prone to diseases.

Today we have many women and men that are resisting aging very well. And what do they do? They are weight lifting and exercising regularly. They changed their lifestyle and feel great. Do you want to be a majority who gave up or are you a fighter? Try our suggestions and say no to aging and its effects.


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