Learn How To Massage Breast With Olive Oil For Firmer Boobs

how to massage breast with olive oil

Massaging your boobs will result in bigger and more firm bust naturally.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of olive oil for skin and how to massage breast with olive oil.

Circulation is very important for increasing your bust.

Massaging them with this oil will help you to increase the blood flow in the chest, and help the lymph to do their job.

With olive oil breast massage, you will get firmer, toned and bigger bust.

Your skin will be soft, moisturized and more elastic. In the next lines, you will see what you have to do for a beautiful cleavage.

A breast peeling for soft skin

In order to keep the sensitive skin of the cleavage and chest elastic and soft for a long time, apply a light peel in this area once a week.

Instead of shower glove and the strong message that can further damage sensitive skin, make a fine home peeling (or choose one that you have for the face as it contains micro granules) and gently massage your breast skin to remove all dead skin cells.

Avoid the nipples when doing it.

It is important that you massage and moisturize them after the peeling.

The benefits of breast massage

The amount of fat in the boobs is determined by the genes, weight, health status and age of the woman. Therefore, you can’t influence the shape and size directly.

breast massage

However, you can do it indirectly by acting on the veins, limbs, ligaments, and muscles, so that they become larger, firmer and beautifully shaped.

Increasing the elasticity of ligaments and muscles

The purpose of the massage is to promote the flow of fluid from the bust through the vessels and through the lymph.

The result will be increasing the elasticity and general health of the ligaments and muscles supporting the boobs.

If you gently massage them away from the nipple, you will stimulate the drainage and work of the lymph system.

Olive oil massage for breast firming

How to massage breast with olive oil? The movement must be gentle like you are massaging the eyelid.

On the other hand, movements that are similar to those when we are kneading bread help the blood flow.

How many times should you massage them?

Repeat these techniques when applying the cream, peeling or oil. Even if you are short with time, do your best and do it at least twice a week.

Mighty olive oil

From Greek mythology, it is known that the Athena has given two wonderful gifts to his people: wisdom and olive tree.

The ancient Egyptians used it as a cosmetic product and to embalming the corpses.

Olives are the oldest food, and also a preservative that has been experiencing the true cosmetic boom.

Olive oil is much healthier than other types of oils, and therefore some people call it mother’s milk from the tree.

Which is the healthiest olive oil?

The virgin olive oils are the best and the most beneficial for health. These are made only by mechanical or other natural processes.

Only washing, filtration and centrifugation of olives are allowed and they shouldn’t change their properties.

It also shouldn’t exceed the temperature of the human body.

Virgin oil is some kind of oily juice of olives and is actually the only one that can be enjoyed as it flows from the press.

What skin type is olive oil good for?

It is suitable for all types of skin, even for oily skin. It is hypoallergenic, which means it doesn’t cause allergies. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil has one advantage more.

It contains important antioxidants such as vitamin A and E that are important for skin renewal, and when the skin is exposed to sunshine for too long.

Vitamin E for skin

Vitamin E ensures that the skin is even more elastic and toned than usual.

Olive oil also moisturizes and protects the skin against the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, especially smoking and inappropriate nutrition.

Why are antioxidants good for skin?

Antioxidants promote cell renewal and result in a more smooth, toned and healthy skin appearance.

This is why you should try using quality oil on your breasts.

How to massage breasts with olive oil?

First, you have to have quality virgin oil. I recommend using pilling once a week on your cleavage so your skin will absorb it quickly.

Choose the right time when you will massage your breast (the best time is in the morning and in the evening before sleep).

olive oil

Heat the palms by rubbing them together. Take a small amount of oil and start massaging one boob at the time. Massage each one in circles for about 5 minutes.

Then hold the right boob with your left arm above and right under the nipple and massage with circular movements with both hands by inserting and rotating your hands continuously in the circle in the right direction.

Repeat the procedure in the left direction.

You should touch the nipples when massaging them. This way you move the tissue away from the chest.

Do this thoroughly in different directions and oil entire breast area.

Use quality virgin olive oil for massage

Now you know how to massage breast with olive oil but be careful when buying olive and other oils, no matter if they will be used in the kitchen or for skincare.

Get quality virgin oil for the massage so your skin will absorb it quickly and benefit from antioxidants.

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins from which your skin will be more toned and elastic.

With regular oil massage, your cleavage will look nicer, healthier and more attractive. It will enable your bust to grow due to increased circulation.

Look for the one that is not cheap and start with massaging your bust at least once a day.

Don’t forget to have a breast pilling once a week so you will get rid of dead skin cells and enable the skin to absorb the oil quickly.

Take advantage of nature’s treasure and take care of our bust, not just for bigger boobs but also for the younger-looking cleavage at older years of age.

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