How To Start Losing Weight For Beginners – 10 Rules For An Easier Start

how to start losing weight for beginers

How to start losing weight for beginers? Every start is hard but will proper will power and our 10 rules you can achieve your personal goal. If you want to lose weight you will need to do three general things: adjust the nutrition, exercise and motivate yourself.

In the next article you will see 10 small steps that can make your weight loss much easier. The results will came, if you stick to them and think of your goal on daily basis.

How to Start Losing Weight for Beginers?

Here are 10 rules that we recommend you to follow.

1.      Make a Goal and Follow Your Dreams

a weight loss goalAt first glance, this rule isn’t so important, but setting goals separate winners from losers. No matter which project will you start working on, you should make a plan for its achievement. There is no difference when it comes to losing extra pounds. Therefore, precisely define the goals you want to achieve and visualize the shape of body you want to have.

Without goals, it is impossible to create a working plan. This is often the reason for the failure of many individuals who mindlessly pursue a goal and fail despite the hard work.

2.      Measure Yourself

Before you embark on a journey of transformation, it is reasonable to perform initial measurements. The main purpose of this action is primarily the motivation that will move you forward to your goal.

measure yourselfYou should make a table in which you will enroll your current results and thus observe the changes. I recommend that you perform measurements once a week in the mornings. For example, you can measure yourself every monday before breakfast, and thus avoid irregular measurements. Believe me; your progress will drive you further on your way.

3.      5-6 Meals a Day

5 mealsDue to busy schedules and the fast pace of life, many individuals consume only two to three meals a day. Such meals are affluent and have a negative impact on the metabolism speed usually due to the feeling of hunger.

You will make big step forward, if you consume 5-6 small meal per day. Your metabolism will work faster, and consequently you will increase the calorie consumption.

4.      Consumption of Low GI Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates (pasta, bread, potatoes, rice …) can be separated into two major groups based on the glycemic index. We have high and low GI carbohydrates.

The main difference between these two groups is the speed of carbohydrate degradation on the individual molecules of sugar, and consequently on the amount of insulin in our body.

low GI pastaIt is a high level of insulin that we are trying to avoid, since it has a negative impact on the human body. So you should avoid carbohydrates with high GI. Therefore, try to give up foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes and prefer to replace them with low glycemic index such as oatmeal, rye pasta, and brown rice.

5.      Start Exercising

exerciseExercise is a great way on how to start losing weight for beginers. It is true that a proper nutrition should be 75% of your plan, but the other 25% belongs to physical activity, without which you won’t be able to lose fat.

Training with weights and walking (cycling, swimming,…) are certainly the best combination of different activities, but it is essential that you begin a regular exercise practice (at least 4 times a week) at an early stage, and gradually lift the intensity. This way you will surely increase your metabolism. You can also boost it by being outdoors with your friends and family while you camp.

6.      Don’t Forget on Proteins

proteinsProteins are organic molecules that are essential for the smooth functioning of our body. In addition, they are important for the growth, well-being and the correct structure of all living cells. Proteins have a positive effect on metabolism.

Nutrients rich in protein will boost your metabolism, which means that you will burn a greater number of calories. This is an excellent information, if you have some extra ponds.

It is important to have foods such as turkey, chicken, lean beef, eggs, fish, and cottage cheese frequently.

7.      Consume Fluids that Your Body Needs

waterDrinking water during weight loss is crucial. The dehydration is often present in overweight people. You must be aware that water is important for many processes in our body, which have a beneficial effect on our body and well-being.

The recommended daily intake of water is 2. 5 liters. It may sound a lot, but if you enjoy fluids throughout the day, such amount should not be a problem.

A bottle or shaker will be very helpful, because you will have water beside you at all time, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Try it, you will feel much better.

8.      Create Your Own Menu for the Whole Day or a Week

mealsWith a pre-prepared menu you can save a lot of time and energy daily, because meal preparation will be much easier and faster.

Many meals and various foods can give us the impression that it is necessary to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so that a body will receive the necessary macronutrients, but this is not the truth.

Various dishes can be prepared in large quantities and stored properly to save our time. It is also very useful, if you have the appropriate food container, since you can also enjoy homemade dishes in the work, on the lectures, and tours.

9.      Make a Shopping List

A store is often the place where we are, when it comes to unhealthy diets. We are often exposed to many temptations there.

shop listHaving a shopping list is a very practical approach, which can be of further help for a rapid and quality shopping. If you won’t have many delicacies at your home, you will have much easier time to think of foods that you really need and will have a positive effect on our organism.

Stick to your shopping list and in addition to plethora of healthy food in the basket, save some money on unnecessary “goodies”.

10. Don’t Forget on a Quality Sleep

sleepFast lifestyle, many daily commitments, actions and efforts can thoroughly exhaust your body. We often forget how important it is to give our body time to rest and regenerate.

Your organism yearns for the good and quality sleep. If you will have eight hours of sleep, you won’t have problems with daily activities or lack of energy.

People who don’t rest, simply can’t find the strength to cope with challenges. Arrange your time and don’t forget to rest.

Losing Weight is Easy

If you are determined to lose weight and live healthier and long life, you will achieve you goal. With our 10 simple rules you will have no difficulties on how to start losing weight for beginersSmall steps are very important for a beginner, so that he will start to see some results.

Try to think about these tips and how you can bring them in your daily routine. Don’t forget on motivating yourself every day, especially at working out. It is time that you step out from your comfort zone and start with your new life!

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