Reveal 10 Reasons Why Breakfast Is Important

10 Reasons Why Breakfast Is Important

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you skip breakfast, it is time that you reveal 10 reasons why breakfast is important for sustaining your good mood and health.

Studies have shown that breakfast boosts metabolism, improves memory and protects us from depression. At night our body is free of food; the metabolism slows down and almost stops. Regeneration of cells, tissues and organs happens at night, so it is not recommendable to eat in the evening or late at night. If this is your habit, you should know that you are preventing the processes of glands, organs and the immune system reconstitution.

If you don’t start with the breakfast in the morning, your metabolism still sleeps. This way it doesn’t start to consume energy. It’s the same as in a car, we can’t drive without fuel. So our brains can’t work properly unless we give them the right food. According to studies, people who skip breakfast are more tired, irritable and restless. On the other hand, people who eat breakfast have a better attitude to work, they are more powerful, happy and optimistic, and have a better concentration.

10 Reasons why Breakfast is Important

This was a brief introduction in the article that already reveals the benefits of eating breakfast every day. With our 10 reasons for eating breakfast you will be even more determent to start eating the most important meal of the day!

Breakfast for Sliminess and good Condition

breakfast and fit bodyDo you think you will lose weight, if you skip breakfast? This is a strategy that doesn’t work. Several studies have shown that a body will compensate calories through the day, and even demand for more calories from food.

In addition, those who don’t have breakfast have more difficult time to control the hunger. A Finland study has proven that those who don’t eat their breakfast have been eating unhealthy meals till the noon.

Increase your Productivity

If you don’t fill up energy stores, you will ignore your body. Your body is most active between 6:00 and 9:00 am in the morning, because it has to awaken all the rest of the body’s functions again. We are usually the most effective in the early morning. Anyone who didn’t eat breakfast won’t take advantage of his abilities. With a smart and balanced diet you can make a different productivity curve. Regular meals are the most important.

Avoid the Hunger

Anyone who starts the day hungry will feel calorie shortness all 24 hours. This person reaches for easily accessible and caloric foods such as a small candy bar or sweet cake out of despair. This way he quickly exceeds daily caloric needs, often for several hundred calories.

The best antidote are complex carbohydrates with combination of ballast substances (whole grains, non-sweeten oat flakes with fruit) and non-fat proteins, especially from milk and milk products. And don’t forget about fresh fruit and vegetables of course!

Proteins for Strength and more Muscles

Proteins are important for muscle building, and not just for active athletes. Get an extra dose of strength right away in the morning. You don’t have to chew a fat steak for breakfast, as milk, cheese and curd contain a lot of protein. They take care for the preservation and degradation of body substances, muscles, skin, hair, blood and whole organs.

An Ideal Combination of Protein Sources

You will start the day perfectly with a combination of plant proteins (cereals, nuts) and animal proteins (milk, cheese, yogurt, curd, egg). These foods contain all the important ingredients (amino acids) needed to build the body proteins. These amino acids are also important for the brain well-functioning.

Biologically high-quality protein blend is formed in a combination of cereals and dairy products, eggs or non-fat meat. Here are some examples: bread with low-fat cheese, chicken fillet or eggs, and oat flakes with milk.

Proteins for Lean Body

Experts have found out that a protein breakfast (as we mentioned earlier, as well as cottage cheese or yoghurt with fruit, egg dishes and smoked salmon or trout) provide us with energy for a long time. This way you will be less hungry, and weight loss will be easy. In addition, proteins protect against muscle breakdown and yo-yo effect.

Milk for a Good Condition

dairy productsMilk and dairy products are valuable foods and are a part of balanced nutrition. In addition to protein, they contain many vitamins (A, D, E and K) and an additional calcium dose.

Scientists have found that calcium helps in weight loss. It positively works on fat metabolism. Milk and its products protect from osteoporosis also.

Good Mood

Carbohydrates provide a better mood along with a small amount of protein-rich foods (a bit of ham, milk, cheese and curd) improve the absorption of the amino acid tryptophan into the brain. It turns into a hormone of happiness serotonin and our mood improves.


Caffeine revives us. We can find caffeine in green and black tea (not just in coffee). Caffeine from tea works slower, but it has a longer effect than from the coffee. Two to three cups a day are enough for you to have.

Fuel for the Sport

perfect breakfastDo you know the rule “five a day”? There are five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. You should start your breakfast with fruit and vegetables already in the morning, and it’s not that hard. In the morning, drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit or/and vegetable juice.

You can mix cottage cheese or yogurt with fresh seasonal fruit (strawberries, apples, pears, grapes …). Freshly mixed banana milk is also great way to start a day. In addition, you can cover the bread with thin strips of peppers, scalded radish, salad leaves and slices of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Rich Breakfast for enough Daily Energy

We think that eating a rich breakfast that contains important nutrients is the right way to start a day. We listed 10 reasons why breakfast is important and hope you changed your mind, if you don’t eat your breakfast.

Consider foods that we mentioned in the article and combine them for having a healthy and tasty breakfast. Don’t skip it; eat first thing in the morning, even if it is just a piece of bread and a little egg with the black tea. You will see the difference in your daily energy and productivity.

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