What Is The Connection Between Nutrition And Health?

What Is The Connection Between Nutrition And Health

Do you know what is the connection between nutrition and health? Every human needs to eat. Feeding is our primal need. If you don’t eat for some time you will become weak and you could die.

We live in different parts of the world. Developed countries are rich with a variety of food, and their people have the ability to choose. In third world countries people are starving and don’t have all nutrients they need. Their immune system is weak and they become ill faster.

Even if people in developed countries have a variety of food they are often sick of civilization diseases.

Why is that?

The answer lays in the lifestyle of a modern human. Fully occupied with worries and lack of time people often reach for served food ready to consume. Fast food is a good example but this food does not provide all nutrients that body needs for functioning. So we must choose what we eat carefully.

Good and diverse nutrition is crucial for growth and staying healthy, especially for young children.

For some people, nutrition is important just for meeting their needs. Others know that nutrition is much more than just eating. The choice of right nutrition can help human to live a quality life.

Good, selected nutrition

  • Fights against diseases
  • Gives life energy
  • Fights aging
  • Boosts our immune system
  • Fights against tiredness
  • Gives us better concentration
  • Keeps our digestive system healthy, etc.

Food Pyramid

Human body has to receive a different kind of nutrients to function properly. As agriculture and research developed through years, we were introduced to a food pyramid. It presents how much of each food group should we eat every day. The first food pyramid was published in Sweden in 1974.

After 18 years, United States Department of Agriculture published their food pyramid. It was called “Food Guide Pyramid.” In 2011, they published their last food guide named MyPlate.


Nutrients give us all that our body cells require. They are separated into two groups; macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients are organic compounds that we consume to have energy. They also have other important functions. We consume a large amount of it.


  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats

Micronutrients are inorganic compounds that we consume in little amounts. They are without calories and do not have the same function as macronutrients. They enhance chemical reactions in the degradation of macronutrients.

what is the connection between nutrition and health


  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Nutrients examples

And what are examples of each nutrient group? Macronutrients include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Carbohydrates: rice, bread, potato, vegetables, pizza, deserts, etc.

Proteins: meat, eggs, yogurt, tofu, fish, cottage cheese, etc.

Fats: oils, nuts, avocado, margarine, butter, mayonnaise, etc.

Balanced Nutrition – What You Shouldn’t Eat?

Nutrition and health are connected. We should eat all nutrients to stay healthy and vital. But not every food has good nutrients. Let us see next example. Our body needs carbohydrates through all day to function. Let’s look a potato example. A potato is a good carbohydrate because it includes fiber and other vitamins and minerals.

With every food that contains carbohydrate, we must consider its glycemic index (GI) to know how much it will cause your blood sugar to rise. Another factor is the  food preparation. If we cook a potato and sprinkle it with herbs and olive oil, we have a good side dish. Fries? Bad idea.

Plan Your Weight Loss Success

Now that you know why nutrition is important and what our body needs, we can focus on tips regarding healthy food and habits. Balanced food is crucial if we want to accomplish daily activities and feel abundance as a healthy person.

Today people are suffering from fatigue, lack of energy, stress, depression and other factors of the modern world. But every person has an obligation to take care of themselves.

1. Step

The first step towards our goal for being healthy and develop healthy habits is our willingness to change. Healthy nutrition is first when it comes to transformation.

The motivation for becoming more satisfied with our life is a start of the whole process. Everything starts with motivation and a goal.

Like Confucius said

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”.

So, sit down and think about your eating habits. Be honest. What do you think you are doing wrong? Set up a plan and go towards your personal success.

2. Step

Plan your nutritionSecond step is education. If we want to change our eating habits we need to know things about nutrition, the human body, and the connection between them. Weight Loss Jump Start (WLJS) offers you a whole system how to accomplish a goal to become and stay fit and live an abundance life.

Read books, articles and search the internet regarding dieting and natural ways of changing your habits. Read recent contents and look for the updated data. And remember, it takes time and dedication to reach the goal.

3. Step

The third step is action. An idea without action is like a seed that is not placed in the soil. It has no opportunity to start his journey of life. With action, we mean doing our best to accomplish our plan (step 1). It takes researching (step 2) and especially doing things regarding the plan.

In step 1 we must plan our grocery list, meals, food preparation, quantity of food groups on a plate, and so on. Plan your daily meals and stick with it. Play with food colors and also experiment with different kinds of food, try new flavors.

4. Step

Step 4 is leading back to step 1. It is a circle process. When you change your eating habits, the body will reward you with greater energy, better concentration, and better mood. Results will motivate you over and over again.

Healthy Nutrition Tips

Now, we will see examples of healthy food and meals. Your every meal should include proteins, carbs, and fats. Take into consideration that meals in the first part on the day should be bigger than at the afternoon and in the evening. You know what Adelle Davis said “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

Water is also a big part of the nutrition. Body cells and organs need water so they can operate. And water is imporatant when a person is loosing weight too. It boosts your metabolism and helps to detox.

Good nutrition tips

    • Eat 5-6 times a day
    • Eat at the same time every day
    • Drink a lot of clean (not bottled) water
    • Make fresh beverages at home from fruit and vegetables
    • Eat (green) vegetables in every meal
    • Pick lean meat – chicken, turkey and fish
    • Buy good fat oils – olive, cannabis, nut
    • Cook your food or steam it
    • Never cook good oils, use coconut oil or butter
    • Use spices
    • Spare salt in your food
    • Shop seasonally
    • Make your own food at home (prepared food in stores are not a good idea)
    • Read and buy books that will help you cook and understand cook methods
    • Buy or even better, made whole grain pasta at home
    • Replace white table sugar with sugar substitutes (stevia, mesquite, baobab, yacon, etc.)
    • Make your own garden (if you have an option)
    • Limit useage of flour, sugar and salt
    • Make your own desserts and snacks – use fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, yogurt and good oils
  • Read the products labels to see nutrition facts

Now you know what is the connection between nutrition and health. Follow our instructions and you will see results for sure.

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