Is Black Tea Good For Skin? Reveal Its Powers!

black tea for skin problems

Ladies, we love to have clear and soft skin, right?

The practice is that we often get a face cream that promises amazing-looking skin without wrinkles but do you know what is in this product?

Manufacturers all over the world use ingredients that are not so friendly to your skin, so it is crucial that you know what you are putting on the skin and consequently in your body.

Fortunately, we have teas that have many beneficial effects on the body and skin. Skin is your cleaning organ and it needs a lot of fluids to purify the body.

Teas can change your skin tone and look without any side effects (that can occur in some face creams). What about black tea, is it good for the skin? Let’s find out.

Black tea for skin

Have you ever thought that you can have a natural beauty if drinking tea? Have a natural beauty treatment with black tea and indulge yourself with its positive effects.

It is a natural antioxidant, which also contains vitamins E and C, and is excellent against radicals that harm your body and cause premature aging.

It acts as an astringent

As it is also astringent, this means that the positive effects of the tea can reduce bags under eyes, puffed eyes and acne.

It gives your skin a fresh look and a feeling of firmness. It can also be used for hair and foot care, and against burns and insects.

Used tea bags for face treatment

Consider different beauty tips that include this invigorating drink which will help you look younger and more confident.


This treatment is appropriate for the face. If you want your skin to be tenser, shiny, firm, moisten your face with cold tea.

In doing so, you can help yourself with cotton wool. Don’t wash the face with water after you moisten it with tea.

If you have cooked enough of it, store it in a refrigerator for up to 10 days.

Can it make your skin darker?

In addition to the cold bath, which will work well for your face, black tea will give you’re a darker skin tone as well. It is a great beauty tip; it will look like you’ve already caught the first sun rays.

Bags under eyes

The next beauty tip is for having bags under eyes. When you cook tea, do not throw tea bags away.

When they cool off (they should be really cold, leave them in the refrigerator for some time), put them on your eyes for 15 minutes. Your problem will obviously be less visible.


If you have acne, this tip will come handy for you. If you have problematic skin, the right solution is on the palm of your hand.

You can get rid of acne by placing warm tea bags for a couple of minutes on an unwanted pimple. You can repeat the treatment several times.

Burns and insect bites

Black tea is also good to use for burns and insect bites. Did you know that its tea bag is a great home cooling pad for sunburn? Tannin acid from the tea restores the balance of the skin acid.

A recipe

Soak 4 tea bags for 10 minutes in a liter of boiling water. Let the drink cool down.

Put it in the refrigerator for some time so that it will be cool enough. It also helps to relieve itching due to insect bites.

Place a cooled tea bag on a place where an insect bite you for a few minutes and the itch should stop.

Fuller lips

Black tea will also help your lips to look fuller. Place a warm tea bag on your lips for 5 minutes, which will speed up the blood circulation and make them fuller.

Black tea for general health and beauty

Drink one cup of black tea a day and you won’t need to visit a doctor often. White, black and green teas are real teas, and this means they come from Camellia sinensis plant.

Black tea is the most oxidized and processed in comparison with white and green, and has consequently less antioxidant than other two tea types.

Health benefits

These are some health benefits of black tea that you should know about:

  • Contains antioxidants and therefore protects against cancer and other diseases (but much less than green, and even white)
  • Contains caffeine and is therefore a good stimulant
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Contains fluorine
  • Helps strengthen the immune system
  • Contains polyphenols (which protect cells against injuries)
  • Helps to dissolve excess fat
  • Helps in the fight against stress
  • Increase the capacity for concentration
  • Improves the appearance of the skin

It’s good for teeth

It is recommended after a meal, because it works antibacterial and thus takes care of gums and teeth.

Because antioxidants contain free radicals, it contributes to improving the body’s well-being and reducing the likelihood of disease.

Because of all of this, drinking black tea improves the appearance of the skin.

A study by the Illinois University shows that your teeth will be stronger if you drink it regularly, as it can protect them against caries and gum disease.

If you take a cup of tea after a meal, its ingredients will slow down the reproduction of bacteria in the oral cavity and even reduce their ability to adhere to plaque in the form of a plaque and produce acid that destroys it.

Cope with stress

Researches on London University also concluded that black tea can help people to cope more effectively with day-to-day stress.

Those who took a cup of warm dark liquid 4x a day had significantly lower levels of the cortisol (a stress hormone) in the blood.

Destroys cancer cells

A number of studies have noted that this tea might actually destroy cancer cells.

Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey have found that a particular polyphenol-containing compound (antioxidants) can be responsible for destroying cancer cells.

Their experiments have shown that this compound doesn’t hurt healthy cells while it destroys cancerous cells.

Start drinking it

Is black tea good for skin? It is not a question anymore, you have more than one reason to start drinking it as you will get many health benefits from this antioxidant drink.

It is a wonderful drink for general health and also for your good looks.

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