Start Jumpstart Weigh Loss 3 Day Diet Cleanse With Us!

Jumpstart Weight Loss 3 Day Diet Cleanse

Do you have extra weight and feeling tired all the time? Jumpstart weight loss 3 day diet cleanse will help you to clean your body from toxins. It is a great way to start your weight loss journey, if you wish to lose pounds further more. It is a good choice for anyone because it will restore the energy.

It is important that you remove those toxins which are making you tired, lazy, and could also bring you diseases. Today we get toxins from everywhere, our clothes, traffic, food, environment we live in, etc. Why not stop them from harming you?

Jumpstart Weight Loss 3 Day Diet Cleanse

The three-day diet cleanse is a short diet, through which you will get rid of excess substances in the body, although you will only slightly change your eating habits. This simple three-day cleaning will help you to improve digestion, increase energy and concentration, and most importantly, reduce stress.

Detox diet is one of the holistic approaches, which will remove toxins from the body by changing eating habits. Detoxification on every few months is as important as a healthy diet and exercise. Each of us has some toxins in the body that affect the immune system and organ function.

We get toxins from processed foods, additives and due to environmental pollution. Detoxification helps to facilitate the elimination of these accumulated substances and to resume normal functioning of the bodily functions.

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What is a Three-Day Detox Diet?

The essence of the three-day detox diet is to control digestive problems and stress, and to relax. If you are looking for a new detox programs, you will find that most of them require long-term diet and fasting. But not everyone will stand long-term fasting and diet with certain foods.

In fact, it is very difficult to keep detoxification program and get desired results. This is one of the main reasons why the three-day detox diet is so popular among people who care about their health.

detox for 3 daysThe three-day diet cleanse attracts those who are enthusiastic about detoxification of the body, but don’t have time for a long diet program.

People who always feel bloated, having fatigue and difficulty to concentrate, are suitable candidates for this detoxifying diet.

However, we must be careful with such diets as described diet is not suitable for people with diabetes, heart disease and diseases of the immune system. It is therefore important that you talk with your doctor.

Tips for Starting Your Cleanse

Jumpstart weight loss 3 day diet cleanse contains fruits, vegetables and whole grain products which represent the majority of consumed food during the period of detoxification diet. Drinking large quantities of water (at least 2 liters per day) and low-calorie beverages is compulsory to speed up the process of detoxification.

In addition to diet, it is also good to take nutritional supplements such as psyllium husk of Indian, liquorice root and other herbs with plenty of fiber. You shouldn’t consume processed foods, caffeine, soda, and food substitutes during the diet. You should stop with unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

Start the day with a glass of warm or lukewarm water with a few drops of lemon. Lukewarm water and lemon juice accelerate the process of detoxification in the digestive tract. There are no restrictions on the drinking green tea and water during the cleanse diet. Let us look what combinations of dishes you can eat during this cleanse period for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Muesli or wholegrain cereal with sliced fresh fruit3 day detox breakfast
  • The portion of yoghurt and a cup of fresh berries or other fruits
  • The portion of oatmeal prepared only with water or yogurt. You can add banana, raisins or other dried fruit into the oatmeal
  • Fresh fruit juice, a piece of toasted bread, half a banana and a boiled egg
  • Herbal tea with natural sweetener (with fewer calories), a piece of toasted bread (with a spoonful of almond butter) and half of an orange


  • germed chickpea with water cress and nuts
  • Tea with the natural sweetener, 5 crackers and a small can of tunacheakpeas salad for lunch
  • A small can of tuna, a few slices of cheese, two slices of toasted bread or 8-10 crackers
  • Oat flour bread with a salad of different kinds of vegetables and humus
  • Rye bread with low-calorie sauce or spread, and fresh fruit


  • Mixed salad (fruit and vegetables) with five slices of soy cheese and an applepilaf for detox dinner
  • A piece of chicken breast or a portion of salmon with mixed vegetables and sesame seeds
  • Grilled fish (or other lean meat) with stewed vegetables
  • A portion of rice with green beans (pilaf) and a mixed salad
  • Cooked brown rice with curry red lentil and fresh fruit juice

How Can You Benefit from This Diet?

Jumpstart weight loss 3 day diet cleanse is a great way to detox, and boost your imunne system and energy levels. There is also a three-day detox diet of fruit that contains protein drinks, fresh fruit, juices, fresh vegetables and protein without the fat.

The main purpose of any detox diet is to remove excess material from the body.  This is also a good way to prepare your body for further dieting. After three day cleanse you should feel more energetic, ligher and fresh.

To sum up, the three-day detox diet is important to maintain the vitality, improve metabolism and increase resistance against diseases. However, it doesn’t affect on the long-term weight loss. So if you want both, first follow this detox diet, but continue with sports activities and a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, plus unprocessed foods to achieve the wanted results.

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