How To Jumpstart Weight Loss After 40? Read Our 13 Easy Tips

how to jumpstart weight loss after 40

Are you 40 years old or more? Do you wonder how to jumpstart weight loss after 40? At this age, our metabolism is working slower and pounds are gaining.

Daily obligations, stress, bad eating habits and muscle loss are causing us to fell less attractive and unpowered to make a change.

I know many people who have excuses like »Years are here, I can’t be 20 anymore”. Are you saying this too? Don’t have excuses anymore. I am sure you heard or know a successful weight loss story or a story of a person looks great at their 60s.

Everything is possible, if you really want the change. Are you willing to make changes to your lifestyle? If you do then you will benefit healthier and more attractive body that people will adore.

Now let’s jump into and find what you can do to be without extra pounds and more fit.

How to Jumpstart Weight Loss after 40?

Are you 40 years old yet? I am sure that you already see how your metabolism is slower and weight slowly gaining. But we can always do things that will help us to maintain an ideal weight. I am giving you advices, which will help you lose extra weight and fat and activate your metabolism for maintaining a fit body.

  1. Eat every 3 hours. If you do not have this habit, you set a reminder so you do not forget to eat.
  2. Magnesium is required for the working metabolism. The cells have cell power plants, so-called mitochondria, which are activated only when we have enough magnesium. Therefore, include almonds in your nutrition.
  3. vitamin CVitamin C is required for more than 150,000 metabolic processes. If you don’t have enough of it, you will lose weight very slowly, or won’t be able to lose it at all. Do you have a lot of stressful situations? Only 20 minute of stress will rob you from 300 mg of C-vitamin.
  4. B-vitamins are necessary for the protein and carbohydrate metabolism. If you have too little of B vitamins (it is decreased by stress, alcohol, coffee, hormonal pills, insulin, sleeping pills), then you won’t be able to loose fat despite good and nutrient-rich foods.
  5. The hormone DHEA is a hormone that is decreasing through years. It is the opposite hormone of the stress hormone cortisol. So, if you are under stress, you stress hormone causes you to gain weight. In the meantime you can’t produce the hormone DHEA, which melts excess fat. The most important meal is a dinner because hormones for losing weight are produced during night sleep. It is very important to eat protein and vegetables in the evening. You shouldn’t eat neither fruit nor bread in the evening, no matter if you have black bread in mind.mushrooms
  6. Chromium is a mineral that you get in mushrooms and veal liver. It affects on the feeling of hunger. If you have insufficient amount of this fragile mineral, you will be constantly hungry, and your body will require sweet snacks. Did you know that when you eat a sweet, your fat cells are locked for the next 5 hours? Also you are hungry again and again after eating something sweet, so you better eat sufficient amounts of chromium rich food.
  7. Omega-3 fatty acid is a key for the weight loss activation. It impacts on the hormones that activate weight loss. With food we don’t get enough omega 3 fats so we have to take supplements of this vital health agent. You can find the most of omega-3 fatty acids in oily saltwater fish and sardines, but also in trouts and in the nuts. Omega 3 is useful to add in the form of dietary supplements, because you need at least 1 g per day.
  8. stress and emotional eatingDon’t be a victim of stress and listen to your body. You shouldn’t eat because of the stress. The stress hormones produced by the adrenal glands, increase the feeling of hunger. Even dissatisfaction or depression shouldn’t be a reason to intervene for food. You should only eat when you are hungry. When you are under stress, think of something nice and breathe deeply and slowly, it should help you to calm and concentrate again.
  9. It is wise to limit the caffeine and alcohol Caffeine stimulates the release of calcium from the body, and alcohol has a negative effect on the hormonal balance. Did you try replacing afternoon or morning coffee with green tea or oolong tea? They are much more healthy than coffee and have plenty of antioxidants that will help you with weight loss.
  10. sweetenerFood sweeteners are completely unnecessary! Try to minimize them or stop using them, because the body will accept them as sugar. The sugar in blood will rapidly increase and rapidly decrease, so you will need to eat again. Avoid sweeteners at all cause.
  11. It is vital that you maintain muscle mass. More muscle, less fat; remember this rule. Consume enough proteins. This macronutrient is necessary for the formation of hormones and for growing muscles. Consume lean meat, seafood, milk and dairy products with less fat, soybean…
  12. Use little amount of fat when cooking. Use the healthy fats such as olive, flaxseed oil or coconut fat.
  13. What do you drink through the day? Alcohol, sodas and coffee are not recommended to drink in larger amounts. Your main hydration source should be water or unsweetened teas.

I am 40 and I Look Great!

healthy looking womanWant to say this to yourself? You can, if you have a burning desire to change your life. Feeling good in your skin is the same as having the power to do anything. Sometimes life forces us to forget on our personal wishes and desires. It is wrong, if you think that this is how it is, and that you don’t have the power to start doing work on yourself.

So, how to jumpstart weight loss after 40? If you have a family, talk to them and explain how you feel regarding your weight and appearance. Tell them how you need to take time for yourself and exercise more, for example. I am sure they will listen to you. You can also make a food plan that will consist healthy food which you will buy in the future. In the same time, try to replace fast food or unhealthy food for healthier choices as fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Start slowly with the changes and be determent. The results will be your biggest motivation to proceed. You can also find other motivational sources on our site, so you have no excuses. 🙂

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