How To Jumpstart Weight Loss Again And Obtain A Healthy Weight?

How to jumpstart weight loss again

How to jumpstart weight loss again? We all have lost weight and gain it again, right? Why is that? The problem is that we are having a diet and then we accept old patterns which cause gaining weight again. The only solution I see as worthy is changing our lifestyle.

If you are struggling with weight the whole life, it is surely time that you break this circle of torture and unhappiness. In this article you will learn what habits you must change to break the old patterns and start living as a healthy and satisfied person.

What is the Difference between Diets and Healthy Lifestyle?

The basic difference between diets and healthy lifestyle is simply in the way of looking at the whole situation. Healthy lifestyle could be hard to accept but when you accept it, all becomes easier and sweets and fast food are suddenly not on your wish list anymore.

Here are some of the main features in which diet differs from living a healthy lifestyle.

Numbers vs Goal

scaleWith diets all is about the numbers – the number on the scale, the number of intake and calories burned. The success depends on how strictly you follow and stick to your numbers.

With lifestyle changes there is all about you. You improve your eating habits and regular physical activity. You adjust them so you are closer to your goals and desires. Success is defined by how these changes affect your personal well-being.

The Meaning

The meaning of the diet is reaching a certain weight that is the key that opens the door to your happiness and solve all the other problems. Therefore, a single day with not sticking to a diet can be very depressing! It looks like you almost ruined everything for you what is really important.

The meaning of a healthy lifestyle implies that being overweight is usually the result of the problems rather than their cause. When you think like this, your problem will go away and also your weight gain.

Changing the lifestyle means that you need to focus on much more than just on the scale numbers, and the calories. These numbers speak only a small part of the story.

Temporary vs Long-term Results

Going on a diet includes external and temporary changes in your eating techniques. You start counting, measuring, stop eating a particular food, and begin to replace it with another, etc. It all depends on the prescribed diet.

Most likely you also started to exercise to burn some extra calories. You automatically assume that the technique is the one that will bring you results, and not you. Results of the diets are therefore superficial.

If you are lucky, you will change on the outside, but not from the inside. Once you reach the desired weight, you will abandon the techniques by which you achieved your goal. You will go to the old life patterns again and your weight will go up. And of course, all problems for which you had hoped that they will solve the weight loss, are still present.

emotional eatingMake a change in lifestyle includes internal and long-term changes in your relationship to food, nutrition and to physical activity. Know that the basic problem is not just about what you eat or even how much you eat, but how and why you eat. Unconscious, impulsive and emotional eating are things that you really need to change!

It is necessary to learn how to properly and adequately provide for your emotional, physical and spiritual health. This way, the food will not be your problem solver. This is a process that you learn for the whole life, due to constant changes.

Of course, this does not mean that superficial, external things are not important. How to jumpstart weight loss again and maintain it? Clearly, it is necessary to have control over how and what you eat, and your appearance is a very good motivation. The key to permanent weight loss and the fact that you are happy and satisfied with yourself and your life is to take responsibility for the things you can control all to leave all the things you don’t have influence on.

Focus on Yourself and Your Inner Power

There are a whole bunch of the factors on which you can’t influence – your genes, age, your previous medical condition and weight history. These factors can determine how much weight you can lose, how fast you can lose it, and how you will look and feel when you get as far as you can.

yogaWhen you focus only on the numbers on the scale or on what you see in the mirror, then your happiness and satisfaction depends on the things which you can’t influence. You can become chronically anxious, have chronic stress, and constantly feel uncomfortable. This could lead to emotional eating that you don’t want.

When you are occupied with various diets, tools, techniques and rules too much, then you turn your own responsibility. If you often lose motivation and feel powerless to control your own behavior, this is most likely happening because you rely on the tools to do the job and not on yourself. Only you are the one who can decide what is right for you, only you can change your behavior and perspective view so it will match with your personal truth.

How to Jumpstart Weight Loss Again?

There are many tips, good information and practical ideas on how to change your lifestyle. One of the best ways to start the transition from diet to a healthy lifestyle is to take responsibility. You should recognize the problems that trouble you, and start to collect the necessary information for fixing the problem.

When you reach the topic of emotional eating, improving the outer appearance and how to find a vision of life you want to live, then you come to the realization that you’re not alone and that there is a lot of support and assistance. Make a first step away from the “diet” mindset and thus get closer to the new, improved life and lifestyle.

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