How To Keep Skin Tight When Losing Weight? It Is Easy!

How To Keep Skin Tight When Losing Weight

Are you trying to lose weight and being scared of loose skin after your weight loss journey? How to keep skin tight when losing weight? This article will explain the best ways to prevent unwanted loose skin.

Many people face it after a strict diet and exercise program. It is like a burden that comes after a big success. It can destroy your self-confidence and prevent your transformation from being complete. But there are ways to prevent it, if you know the right approaches.

How to Keep Skin Tight when Losing Weight?

These are some crucial factors that play a role in the way your skin will look like during and after dieting.

Nurture your Skin

The skin is our biggest body organ and it is vital to care about skin during weight loss. Those who lost pounds quickly and wasn’t organized faced loose skin after dieting. It is true that the skin is composed of different substances, but when we talk about resilient and healthy skin, two proteins play a major role here. These proteins are collagen and elastin.


Collagen presents 30% of all proteins that are present in the body and 70% of the proteins that are in the skin. Collagen provides cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of the skin.

The skin tissue consists of various amino acids and these amino acids. These are essential for maintaining a uniform skin structure and consequently maintenance of healthy skin. MAV Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides help to restore the radiant foundation for our skin.

The dermis is a layer that provides the foundation for the skin and is closely connected and involved in the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Collagen is the main ingredient of the dermis. Maintaining the normal level of collagen in the dermis is crucial for the beautiful skin. Glycine, proline, alanine, and hydroxyproline are amino acids that are the main building blocks of collagen.

The benefits of collagen:

  • stimulates the younger appearance of the skin
  • Improves skin moisture
  • improves skin smoothness by reducing a number of micro-relief furrows
  • improves the appearance of deep wrinkles
  • Improves skin flexibility


Elastin is a connective tissue protein responsible for the normal stretch ability and skin tone. It is also responsible for the normal functioning of the blood vessels, lungs, bladder, and the flexibility of the cartilage, especially the intervertebral tiles.

Elastin is also essential for not having loose skin during and after dieting. It ensures that your skin remains tight and taut, so pay attention to this protein. How much collagen and elastin is in your skin depends on many factors, let’s see which.

A Period

In general the rule is that those who are obese for a longer period of time witness more loose skin due to a lack of collagen and elastin. Don’t hesitate, but react as soon as possible. Time is your ally.

Quantity of lost Pounds

getting fat

Whether you will be fighting with excess skin or not greatly depends on the amount of pounds that you will lose. The more fat accumulates in your body, the more the skin stretches and spreads.

Don’t lie to yourself. When pounds start to accumulate, this is a clear sign that something is wrong. It will be much easier to keep your body fit and have firm skin, if you need to lose only 5 pounds and not 50.


In addition to the factors mentioned above, research has shown that age plays a role in the amount of collagen in your body. This doesn’t mean that older people can’t have the transformation, not at all. We just want to say that the sooner you react, the better.


How to keep skin tight when losing weight? Do you smoke? If you can’t stop smoking, you should hear the next information. Maybe you won’t believe this fact, but smoking effects on the amount of collagen in your body. The results of the research have shown that those who don’t smoke maintain firm skin much easier. Try to find help and stop smoking, your body and skin will be grateful.

Build Muscles

building muscle

It is important that you place training on your schedule, which will increase the proportion of muscle mass. The muscles are those that will make your body stronger and more fit. They will fill some space that was previously used for fat.

This doesn’t mean that your body will become overly muscular overnight, not at all. What we want to emphasize is that you shouldn’t forget the muscular tone under any circumstances, because it definitely plays an important role in having a firm skin.

What about Nutrition?

In addition to training, you should take care of balanced nutrition for having tight skin. The following nutrients play an extremely important role in this task In particular.


Quality proteins are essential if you want to maintain tense, healthy skin and directly affect the amount of collagen in your body. Let us remind you that it is precisely collagen that makes sure your skin is exactly the way you want it.

As you probably know, the proteins are in meat, eggs, Greek yogurt, fish, dairy products, black beans, seeds, broccoli, and of course protein beverages that are extremely handy and recommended for everyone who is physically active.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish (salmon, sardines, etc.), seeds, cranberries, spinach, or in the form of a dietary supplement are also worth the place in the group of skin-friendly nutrients. These are fatty acids that have a positive effect on skin elasticity. Steel Spirit offers quality omega3 fatty acids in fish oil that can help your skin tone.

Vitamin C!

When we talk about firm and healthy skin, we simply can’t pass over two nutrients that can appear in a super refreshing combination. We are talking about water and vitamin C.

It’s a really great drink that will make the synthesis of collagen even better due to vitamin C.  Your skin will also be hydrated, elastic and shiny.


How to keep skin tight when losing weight? All mentioned factors contribute to a firm and healthier skin. The fact is that with the right approach we can do a lot. Therefore, we would like to emphasize once again that your goal shouldn’t be quickly lost pounds. Moderate transformation and living a healthy lifestyle are the keys.

If we constantly lose and gain weight, it also has a negative effect on the elasticity of the skin, so don’t follow those fast diets. Do you still feel frustrated? Talk to your doctor about it and we are sure he or she will help you with your problem and bring your confidence back.

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