Do You Lose Calories When You Sleep?

do you lose calories when you sleep

Do you lose calories when you sleep? When your goal is to be fit and lose excess pounds, you pay attention to proper exercise and proper nutrition. But don’t forget about two neglected processes, such as rest and sleep.

A sufficient amount of sleep has a positive effect on achieving the goals in the health and appearance area. Many studies have confirmed that sleep is important, but how many? It isn’t easy to determine how much seep is ideal or appropriate for an individual who wants to stimulate fat as much as possible and optimize his health.

Opinions are very different on this question. We must also take into account that we don’t need the same number of hours for sleep.

A Study of Sleepers

One interesting study included 26 people and divided them into two groups. The first group slept one week for less than 6 hours a day (on average). The second group of individuals slept 10 hours a day on average for one week. After the end of the test, the group that slept for 6 hours showed interesting changes of the body composition.

The genes responsible for protein production and body restoration, and accelerating metabolic processes, temporarily stopped to perform these functions, or have been significantly slowed down.

Lack of sleep therefore also doesn’t affect well on the genes that are responsible for promoting metabolism and consequently fat loss (calorie burn). For the most part, you lose weight while you are asleep, especially when you perform a short intensive exercise that encourages EPOC or so-called after-burn effect.