How To Lose Weight On A Budget And Busy Schedule?

How to lose weight on a budget and busy schedule

How to lose weight on a budget and busy schedule? There are many people with busy schedules nowadays. People have obligations all day and haven’t got any time for themselves. It is a practice that a busy person eats something not healthy or cooks poor nutrient meal that is made fast and simple.

Days, weeks and years past when this pattern continues, and first results of such behavior shows. The busy person starts to feel tired and is gaining weight. Are you familiar with this? Are you tired of excuses that you haven’t got time for yourself? If you are, we welcome you to read this article. You will find a way how to include healthy meals and exercise into your daily basis.

How to Lose Weight on a Budget and Busy Schedule?

First we will concentrate on preparing healthy meals. Then it will be the time to include exercise in your daily basis. This way your pounds will be gone and you will have much more energy for the coming days without extra burden.

Preparing Simple and Healthy Meals

preparing healthy meals

When you finally arrive home late in the afternoon, your first wish is to cook the meal quickly. The idea that you can order a pizza while on the way home is otherwise appealing, but not an appropriate option for every day.

Pre-prepared meals are also not advisable as an everyday meal, which are only cooked in a microwave oven (by the way, microwave is not healthy for you).

A person needs balanced meals that are prepared with love, and are eaten in peace. Only this way the food will contribute to your health. You don’t need more than 30 minutes to prepare a delicious healthy meal in the home kitchen.

What to Cook and How?

You can save a valuable time, if you compose a weekly menu and go in the store only once or twice a week. Use your shopping day for pre-preparing dishes of the current week, such as the basic tomato sauce, which will be used on Monday with pasta, on Tuesday with rice and on Wednesday in the stew.

Anyone who don’t have time to clean up the salad during the week, do it on Saturday after visiting the market. Cut it, really dry it, load it into plastic containers and squeeze the air out. Your salad will be fresh for about a week in the refrigerator. This salad will lost minimum nutrients. Did you know that wheat salads with vegetables have better taste, if they wait in the cold for a day?

bean soup

Storage of large quantities of food is not recommended, but you should always have a few basic foods in stock. These are various cans of corn, beans, tomatoes, fish, and a piece of meat in the freezer. Don’t forget to wash canned vegetables under water (to wash salt away).

Vegetables will save your time, if they are cleaned and cut for cooking. When you are really in a hurry you will put it in the pot, add pasta, couscous or dried beans and your healthy meal will be ready quickly.

When you run out of storage, write things on a piece of paper so you won’t buy unnecessary foods. With these basic ingredients you can prepare balanced and healthy meal quickly and quite easily.

Add some spices from a store or from the window shelf to spice up your meal. Spices are wonderful when you want to lose weight. Add oregano, thyme, cayenne pepper, garlic, pepper, curcumin and other spices in your meal.

If you really lack time, you can open a salad from a glass (red beet, paprika, etc.). Otherwise prepare yourself a fresh salad with a hard-boiled egg (which you have cooked the previous day) or open a can of beans or chickpea.

A cooked green lentil or wheat, buckwheat porridge is excellent with the salad. Cook it in large quantities and store it in a refrigerator. Use it in the salad, on a pan or in the soup. Don’t forget on proteins that are very important in losing weight. Choose eggs, meat, beans, milk products and other protein food in your every meal, and your imagination of course!

Be determine to Burn Those Calories!

determination to burn calories

We often don’t find time and motivation for regular daily movement, which we often avoid. People have a million of excuses for not working out. When we get home from work, we often lean on a comfortable sofa, look at the popular TV series.

When looking at the cold or rainy weather, we have one excuse more to not go out and recreate. Can you relate to this excuse?

We offer you tips with which you will be able to find time for a regular daily movement despite all the excuses. When you will make exercise a habit, we promise that you will feel better, and you will only smile on the memory of the previous excuses.

Home exercise

How to lose weight on a budget and busy schedule? You don’t have to go to the gym or buy expensive sports equipment to get healthy and fit. The average person spends a lot of his free time comfortably on the couch in front of a television screen, which is usually his place for rest and relaxation. Did you ever think of burning calories in front of the TV?

While lying on the couch, lift both legs alternately. Lay to the right side and lift your left foot with 20 reps. Then turn to the left side and do the same with your right foot.

Instead of sitting on the sofa, sit on the floor with stretched legs and hips raised up. Take the pillow in your hand and hold it directly in front of the chest so that your hands are stretched out. Then turn your body and pillow once to the right and the second to the left. Repeat 30 times.

Invest some of your money in home fitness equipment, which will allow you to still have time to watch your favorite TV show or series and shape your body.

High intensive interval training with quick results


If you don’t have much time, and you want to achieve good results quickly, burn fat and lose a few pounds, it’s best to perform high-intensity exercise. It’s a combination of intense and moderate aerobic activity at alternating intervals.

For example, one of the appropriate interval exercises is cycling short sprints with less intense running or fast walking. Sprint for about one minute while walking about two minutes. You can do it all together for about 20 minutes. If you are in better physical condition, you can prolong the workout time.


You can burn up to 300 calories with one hour of intensive walking. It is one of the most effective and easy ways to control body weight, burning calories, and shaping muscles of the legs and buttocks. We advise you to always walk on the stairs, and don’t use with an elevator or running escalators.

When you go to visit friends or acquaintances, take a walk. Make sure that you create a perfect stance of your body while stretching your legs and buttocks.

Go and walk to the nearby store, where you usually go by car. When you will be coming back, the arms will be strengthening up alongside with the legs. Walking is a wonderful way on how to lose weight on a budget and busy schedule.

At work

working out at work

You can be active and burn calories even at work without even being aware of it. When someone calls you to the phone, get up. Don’t squeeze the phone between your shoulder and ears, but rather hold it in your hands, as your shoulders will suffer less from discomfort.

Have an active lunch break. Take your lunch with you and head for a short walk, or walk up and down the office and down the stairs. Use your office chair for simple exercises that you can do during working hours. Stretch your leg to the height of the hips while sitting, hold for a few seconds and then put them down. Do the same with the other leg.

Practice getting up from the chair. Rise only halfway, then hold for a few seconds and sit back. Repeat this exercise several times a day. This exercise will help you to get nicer buttocks.

Where there is a Will, there is a Path

We gave you simple and useful tricks on how to lose weight on a budget and busy schedule. Remember, you can do it, if you decide and go for your goal. Use our tips and cook simple and delicious meals in no time. Combine fresh ingredients and prepare a meal that will include all three macronutrients. Be careful when storing food. Meat, fish, and dairy are sensitive and can spoil soon.

There is nothing better than short but intense exercise to burn calories. If you didn’t hear of HIIT, than you are missing one great opportunity to burn calories fast. You can also take advantage of watching TV and do some exercises from the couch.

We are sure that you can think of even more opportunities that you can take advantage of, and shape your body the way you want regardless of limited funds and time.

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