How To Motivate Yourself For Losing Weight? Try Our Motivational Tricks

How to motivate yourself for losing weight

How to motivate yourself for losing weight? According to statistics, most people who decide to lose weight stop the diet in the first month. This happens usually due to a lack of motivation, laziness and big expectations. If you prepare in advance and remove the causes of extinction diet, you have more chances of success.

Weight loss includes many factors for achieving the weight you want and to look slimmer. The nutrition, exercise, motivation, persistency and other factors determine if you will succeed. Now you will see which are motivational and psychological tricks that will help you lose weight.

Motivational Tricks on How to Motivate Yourself for Losing Weight

Let’s see which motivational tricks we prepared for you to have easier way to get fit.

Weigh only Once a Week

weight yourselfDaily weighing can lead to a bad mood, because the scale won’t be showing you less weight every day. Weight depends not only of the amount of fat, but also of water in the body and hormonal fluctuations.

Consequently, the scale can show a few 100 grams more, despite that you strictly follow the diet and training regime. A more realistic picture will show in about a week. Weigh in the morning on an empty stomach every week on the same day.

Set Realistic Goals

If you will set the goal of losing 40 pounds in two months, you will not achieve the goal of course, which will lead to frustration and consequent cessation of weight loss. Set realistic goals, such as loss of 2 pounds in a week. It is similarly with a diet. Don’t say that you’ll never eat bread or sweets on the diet. You shouldn’t eat bread at every meal, but you can eat sweets once a week.

Rejoice Minor Successes

If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, the path will be long and full of challenges. If you won’t be happy for small successes, you will give up sooner or later. Prepare a little surprise for every lost pound. Go with a friend for a cup of coffee and praise with achieved goal or just mark the date in your calendar. Every time you will look on the calendar, you will be proud on yourself and motivated to go on.

Stop making Excuses

Are you familiar with the following phrases: “Today I am too tired to exercise,” “I do not have time to exercise,” “I’m under stress and I need chocolate”? You should know that these are just plain excuses for not going for your goal.
Anyone can find a half an hour for intense exercise.

HIIT workoutHIIT workout will take only 20 minutes. One chocolate bar will bring only bad conscience and extra fat deposits. If you get tired from work, lie down for half an hour, then eat natural fat burner for extra energy and go to train. Believe me, in the evening you will feel much more satisfied, because you know that you have done something good for your body.

Psychological Tricks for Losing Weight

We are also giving you some psychological tricks that can help you with losing weight.

A Lot of Patience

How to motivate yourself for losing weight? It is not enough to take care of the diet and regular exercise for those who are losing weight, but should also bear in mind that objective requires a lot of patience. Pounds will not disappear from today to tomorrow; the long-term (healthy) success is not visible immediately.

There is also the point at which we get the feeling that the weight is not dropping anymore. But you should hold on, because the body must first get used to the smaller supply of food and therefore saves energy at the beginning.

No Limitations

enjoy in foodLimitations or even too strict denial of popular foods such as chocolate, french fries and similar, will force you to question your new eating plan. And what’s the result? Your motivation will drop. Treat yourself with a favorite piece of food once a week and enjoy the taste.

Without a Guilty Conscience

Once you crossed the border, do not doubt at all, but try to save calories the next day. Nevertheless, feeding without limitations shouldn’t become a habit, because your goal to lose weight will fail.

Have the Prize

You should reward yourself for lost pounds. But you shouldn’t do it with sweets or fast food, rather have a pleasant visit to the theater or buy a CD.

Eat Consciously

Set the table nicely and carefully, even if the content on your plate isn’t lush. After all, we eat with our eyes. Take your time and chew the food slowly and thorough. This way you will get fed quicker, and you will eat less. Take the time to celebrate everyday meals.

Find Your Motivation and Start the Day Joyful

motivate for successHow to motivate yourself for losing weight? Start your day with positive thoughts such as “I can do it!”, “I will!” The positive thinking about the fact that you will succeed is enough to start.

The secret to weight loss is not really about what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the persistence and equally divided meals throughout the day. You must always give the body all the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantity.

Think about activities that you like to do and include them in your day as much as you can. Cycling, walking in the woods, camping, gardening, painting, listening to the music and dancing…Occupy yourself through the day and you won’t think of hunger. Occupying the brain is one of the key factors when losing weight. Try these tips; I know they will help you as they helped many people before.

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