How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight When Depressed

motivation for weight loss

How to get motivated to lose weight when you are depressed? We will help you to motivate! The motivation for weight loss is a force that makes people push towards the goal. Without motivation, we haven’t got any will to do things. It is an inner power of energy that makes our lives worth it. It is highly associated with the goals that we have.

motivation for weight loss

A motivated person behaves and acts to achieve the intended goal. An obese person has a goal to lose weight and live a healthier life. So a motivated person will do everything to accomplish this objective.

This person will read a lot, plan meals and exercise. They will also organize their schedule, abandon bad habits, and develop healthy ones. All these actions are a result of motivation for becoming a fit and healthy person.

Theories Of Motivation And Self-Actualization

We know many theories of motivation that developed through time. It is a term that derives from psychology.

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist who worked in psychology field. He is known for Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. He made a pyramid of human needs. On the bottom of the pyramid we have needs that are essential for our life. On the top there are needs that we can satisfy only when we satisfy our basic needs.

Self-actualization is on the top of Maslow pyramid. Weight loss belongs to this top group of needs. Self-actualization needs are specific. Before a person can achieve his self-actualization goal, he must master basic needs first.

Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation

self actualization

Psychologists found that people are driven by intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from your personal goal and desires.

And the Extrinsic motivation comes from your environment. Let us see an example of each.

A person is decided to accept healthy habits. His goal is to be healthier, so motivation derives from him. It is his will to do so.

This is an example of intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation would be when a doctor says to the patient “You should change your eating habits and exercise more because your condition is getting serious”. A patient has an extrinsic motivation to improve his health condition because he don’t want to get in serious trouble. Music  is an extrinsic motivator.

Instrinsic motivation is more powerfull, because it comes from us. We are not forced to do anything, it is our personal wish to do the change.

7 Excuses For Not Getting Into Shape

People make countless excuses for not getting into shape. They should ask themselves ”Why do I really want this”? If they have a clear answer to this question, they have a greater chance for success.

Excuses are

1. “I am too old”

Nobody is too old to get in shape. A person will become older faster, if he doesn’t workout. Exercising and recreaction prevent aging. You can consult with your doctor and together you will find appropriate way to get into shape.

2. “I get bored quickly”

This is a common excuse among people. Do you even want to change your body and mood? If so, then ask yourself what you like and find your way. Today we have many workout options and different sports. Try to combine workout styles and do what you enjoy.

3. “I have to loose weight first”

If you want to lose weight just by dieting you won’t get good results. Exercise is the right way to lose weight. Activity will burn fat and also build muscles that are perfect maschine for burning calories. You still have an excuse for not working out?

4. “I haven’t got money”

Do you really need money to be active? Think of people that lived in the past. They were always in motion. They were fit without cars, transportation and other tools. Walk, dance, use your legs and body weight to exercise.

5. “I am tired too much”

Unactivity makes us tired. When you move your body, blood flows faster through your vanes and muscles. Consequently you get more oxygen and have full of energy.

6. “I have an injury”

We have sports programs that are adaptive to people who recover after injuries. It is even recommended that we strengthen muscles to prevent new injuries.

7. “It is too hot at the summer and too cold at the winter”

This is one of the excuses that have no solid foundation. In summer we can take advantage of fresh mornings and late evenings for recreation. We have warm clothes and even athletic clothes available for winter. We have also sport halls and warm places for exercise.

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight When Depressed

It is crucial to have a goal

Having a goal in crucial to stay motivated. A person who has goal is more inspirated and more alive. It is no coincidence that depression is connected with lack of motivation and goals.


Music is a perfect motivator. This research proves that music affects motivation and sports activities positively. Doctor Costas Kargeorghis found that we have four factors that make a song motivational. These are rhythm response, cultural impact, musicality, and association. If you include your favorite music in your workout plan you can achieve your goal faster and without a struggle.

Take notes

how to get motivated to lose weight when depressed

Why not stimulate your brains with expressing your thoughts and accomplishments? No matter if your thoughts are positive or negative write them.

You will see your progress when you read your notes and see how much you learnt in the meantime.

Personal stories

Personal stories from people who lost weight are strong motivator. Seeing a person who had troubles with weight loss and succeeded is amazing. When we see  their before and after pictures we know everything is possible. There are also great motivational books for losing weight and gain muscles that you can read.

Work in a group

Some people need a companion for a workout. He can be a personal trainer, a friend, a pet, or others. If you are that kind of person, then you should consider finding someone who will work out with you. We have many workout groups that you can attend. Being in a group can have a positive impact.

Motivational books

We live in modern times which makes our lives easier. We have many personal development books that can help us. This niche became very popular. We can choose from many good authors and read motivational books that will inspire you.

Motivational quotes

girl wins

We love quotes and short verses. Social sites and other websites are full of them. Growth of personal development and self-help are areas that influenced the popularity of motivational quotes.

It is not hard to find ways on how to get motivated to lose weight when you are depressed. Motivate yourself with short, rememberable quotes.

Find them, print them, and stick them on your fridge door. You can also put them into the frame in your office desk or where ever you like. Do whatever motivates you and put an effort into your personal success.

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