Time Just Before Manifestation Of Your Desire

time before manifistation

Peacefulness is man’s biggest wealth. In this article, you will see how one element can easily destroy the possibility of a fulfilled wish. Let’s say you know all law of attraction techniques and that you practice them all the time.

You see the goal in front of you and you are doing all to bring the manifestation of your desire to reality. I hear some people asking others ”How long does it take for manifestation to work?” They also want to know “When will the universe hear my request?”  These questions are common among people. Time just before manifesting is the hardest.

Stress is blocking you

People are having a hard time waiting for a wish to come true. Patience is not something that we have these days, so waiting for a wish manifestation can be painful.

We have a busy schedule nowadays but people lived differently in the past. They hung out more and had less stress than these days people have, they rode bicycles and walked more.

Everything changes through time. People start to develop sophisticated machines; cars, technology was improving. All these improvements are meant for people to have an easier life. But with these improvements and development, things started to change.

Nowadays we have busy schedules and having a difficult time doing all obligations on time; stress is pushing us to the limit. It is an enemy of our peacefulness. I think that stress is the main reason for impatience. Remember when you had to go somewhere and you were late? How did you feel? Were you in stress?

3 main reasons for doubting

We are demanding and want everything to come fast and as we want. Human development is a reason for our demanding behavior. It is the same with the law of attraction and our wishes.

You can do all the law of attraction techniques but doubt can sneak in and you are becoming impatient. The more time passes, the weaker is your belief in the manifestation. It is a normal human reaction.

But why does doubt even show? It can be a result of many factors but I see next reasons as the most important:

1. Doubt

When you wait for the wish manifestation, you start to doubt the law of attraction. I think this is the main reason people are having doubts and can’t find balance and peace. If you are one of them, try to remember situations when you were positively surprised.

Let’s say you liked something and when you least expected it came out of nowhere. This is how LOA works, and it works all the time. Try to remember your situations when this universal law was on the work. It can be a good or bad situation.

The law of attraction also reacts to your bad emotions; it will bring more bad things in your life. Maybe it will not show at the exact moment but it will answer you with the same vibe.

Take a step further and research. Read about the law, talk to people who are using it and listen to their story. It can’t be a coincidence that so many people are successful using it, right? Peacefulness will come when you believe in the law and yourself.

2. The lack of self-confidence

The second reason I see as the problem is a lack of self-confidence or self-esteem. Let’s say you are working in a non-stimulating work environment that is only dragging you down. You decided to start your own business at home as an alternative solution.

You start to think of all that you can offer people and you feel excited about it. But when you think further you can start to doubt yourself.

You change your mood from being excited to becoming worried in just a few minutes. You think of problems that may occur because you don’t have some skills which are needed for the desired business, you are not a good writer, you have no experience with the topic you are trying to introduce and so on.

Now you focused on things that are your weaknesses. Can you relate to this approach? How about turning your weaknesses into advantages? I think that if you have a burning desire to accomplish something you will find a way to move all the mountains. Work on your self-esteem and think as winners do.

The lack of a burning desire

The third main reason is that you don’t have a burning desire. What is the difference between desire and burning desire? A wish without fire in you is allowing doubts to interfere.

On the other hand, burning desire is something that occupies your mind all the time, you enjoy thinking about it, and you plan activities for achieving it as soon as possible. Having a burning wish towards something means you have no limits to achieve it. Now think about your goal and ask yourself “Is this what I truly want?”

Get peace with yourself

When you want to realize things with LOA, you must learn first. I have a task for you that will prepare you for the excited but calm journey for manifesting whatever you want. Go and think about three main reasons for doubts and fear which were mentioned in the last chapter.

Think of each one and go deep into yourself to figure out if you have it. With every doubt explained you have a solution. For example, if you have a lack of self-esteem for going towards your goal then you have to be aware of your weaknesses and work on it. This is the best approach out there to becoming a winner. Be a winner and change your weaknesses to strengths.

You should spend time just before manifestation peacefully. This is a wonderful way that will prepare you for this “doubt test”. Take advantage of suggestions and prepare yourself to have peacefulness of the heart when waiting for your desire to manifest.

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