PK Grill Review – For A Serious Cookout

PK Grill Review

There are only a few combination grills and smokers that are worth your time and cash, but this is one of my favorites for its class. At any serious cookout, you’re going to see more than a couple of these grills. Don’t be intimidated by all of the marketing or fan fare, just follow this honest and easy PK Grill review for the essential low down on what matters and what doesn’t.

PK Grill Review

PK Grill PK360 STBX D Grill and Smoker
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The award-winning charcoal PK Grill PK360 Grill & Smoker looks like a device you might see at a dentist or optometrist office out of the 1980’s, but all we care about is how well our meat tastes afterwards. All of the leading grills and smokers look a little different than the average barbeque grill, actually. It comes in black with blonde wood, or silver and black coloring.

It is made by the company PK Grill, which markets a few different grills, and all of their accessories such as covers, charcoal baskets, and extra wire grill grates. PK Grill offers an astounding 10 year warranty on their product, showing their steely confidence in this grill and how much you’ll love it.

The dimensions of the grill are 1.9 ft wide by 4.5 feet long with the side workstations on, and 3.6 feet tall. The grilling surface is 2.9 ft from the ground. The distance between the internal charcoal grate and the grill rack is 4.5 inches. The grill surface itself is about 1.9 ft wide by 1.3 ft long and 0.7 ft tall, plenty of room for large pieces of meat.


This grill is serious about their cooking temperatures because they know that perfect control over temperature is what separates the intermediates from the cooking pros. The grill has 4 vents to better cook at cooking extremes: hot and fast versus low and slow. Furthering that, the grill has special air intake cylinders so that you can adjust the airflow without ever opening the grill, giving you even more control, and making the grill suitable for indirect cooking as well.

The capsule is made out of thick, heat-spreading aluminum, so that the entire pod will have an even, steady temperature. It has a handy dandy thermometer in the front that’s super accurate, within a single degree.

During the clean up phase after the grilling’s done, they’ve made things a little easier by enabling you to just sweep the ash into the special holes, where they go through a passageway and out the other side of the grill. Above that is a hook, so that you can hang a bucket or pail to catch the waste without soiling your yard.

Lastly, it’s made for durability, and that’s why they’ve given it a 10 year warranty. The body is cast aluminum, the grates are heavy duty stainless steel, and the outside workspace shelves are reinforced fiberglass. It won’t rust.  What more could you ask for in a grill that will easily last through the decades?

My experience with the PK360 Grill


My grill arrived in a box that was all beat up. I could tell that it definitely fell off the package sorting facility belt at one point and it looked like someone kicked it. I was skeptical of what the inside of the package would look like, but I decided to open it first before I called the company to request a replacement.

To my surprise, everything looked just fine. The packaging was superior and well thought out, and everything was completely unphased, unbent, and looked just as shiny and new as I expected. The instructions were easy to follow and I didn’t have to flip ahead to figure out what it was trying to say.

Starting up the grill

I put the grates in place and loaded it up with charcoal. I like how you can open or close the end of the grate, and I used that so that I could scoot my coals around how I liked them when they were hot and smouldering already without needing to take the grill grate off.

While I really liked the idea of having lots of control over my cooking, I quickly realized that for my steak, it was overkill. I also understood that if I was going to cook like a pro, I’d have to do some reading and video watching to figure out all of the ins and outs. Challenge accepted! I headed out to the local butcher shop to stock up on some different things I could grill, and a meat thermometer to test the inside of my meat.

How much that you can fit on the grill

I was able to fit 3 skillets or 3 cast iron pans on the grill with the lid open, but with the lid closed, it’s only 2. It fit a whole rack of ribs that’s big, or two of the smaller racks if they’re not as wide. It can fit as big of a turkey as you can find, even a 40 lb turkey shouldn’t be a problem.

It fit 6 porterhouse steaks, about 15 pork chops, 2 long salmon fish, and at least 6 big chicken thighs with legs. You can fit about 8 decent sized kabobs, but more than that if the things skewered on it are smaller.

Cooking experience

As far as open top grilling goes, everything is as you would expect it to be. A grill is a grill and there’s just not much improvement space there beyond your own skill set. But where this grill really shines is top down cooking.

I cooked way more than I could eat that first day that I got my grill and my refrigerator could barely fit it all. Everything that I cooked – the fish, pork, chicken, beef, and vegetables – everything was tender, juicy, and just the perfect amount of smokiness. I got a little better at controlling and working the grill after each new cut of meat, so there’s definitely a bit of learning curve, but there are plenty of videos online to help.

Final Judgement of the PK Grill Review

The PK360 grill is worth it if you’re already a pro griller and you’re looking to step up your game with some serious smoking. It’s got all of the control that you could need, and it’s built to last. I love mine.

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