Why Are Affirmations So Powerful?

powerfull affirmations

Affirmations are the light that will lift you up throughout your life if you learn and let yourself open the door for it.

But what are they? They are positive and powerful statements or words that inspire and motivate us. Affirmations help us to conquer a goal easier and quicker and are support for our goal. This is why you should involve them in your success plan.

Where to find affirmations?

They can be found in books, on the internet, in magazines and other personal development sources. The best way that I found good affirmations was quality books about the Law of Attraction that gave me the energy to proceed.

How do you make a positive affirmation?

The best thing to do is to compose your own affirmation that will be:
• Positive with no negations, example: I am courageous (and not: I am not scared)
• In present tense: I am courageous (and not: I will be courageous, or I should be courageous)
• Short and personal as possible. You will compose your that are compatible with your wishes.

Personal business affirmation

Let’s see an example. You are ready to open your new business and to think of a business niche that you will start work in. You are teachable and will accept all that is needed to start your business on firm foundations.

bussiness growth

You decided that you will help people to learn how to use herbs in their life for better health. Because of your passion for herbs and plants and willingness to help others, you found a perfect niche to work in so you will open a consulting website.

You are still at the beginning of your new business, but you feel enthusiastic and prepared to take action. Because you want to sustain the enthusiastic mood and face downfall in your mood as little as possible, you use affirmations every single day.

Your affirmation

You composed autosuggestion that fills your subconscious mind with positivity for continuing your mission:

“I am a confident person who knows that herbs and plants can be a natural solution for curing diseases and staying healthy. I have skills to show the world that plants can be used as alternative medicine.”

“My business is based on experiences, humanity, and honesty and will help people to live a healthy and satisfy life. I am doing everything that my business will grow so that people will see me as an authority and expert on my field. I am a successful person with a lot of potentials.”

This is an example of a personal affirmation that is based on business you do.

Why do affirmations work?

They are made to motivate us and prepare our subconscious mind to take action. When you repeat them consciously, it will react.

How affirmations affect the subconscious mind?

Both parts of the mind – conscious and subconscious are connected, and when you repeat positive statements to yourself consciously, it will reproduce positivity in the subconscious mind, so your reactions will be what you repeat.

An autosuggestion

We can say that affirmations are like self-talk like you are telling yourself what you want, but you are saying like you already have it. It is an autosuggestion that stimulates your brain and moves the body.

We have beliefs that were formed through many years and that are not so ambitious. With them, you can break that belief and start thinking differently.

Change the way you think

You can change the way you think and change your reality. Remember that what you see as truth is truth, so if you have positive and inspirational beliefs you will see positive reality, it’s that simple.

Why should you have blocks in the mind, set them free and start living fully – with the help of positive affirmations.

How to use affirmations?

Try to look at them as practicing an instrument. The more you repeat your playing, the better is the result. It’s the same with affirmations; the repetition is the key.

Why is repetition so important? All the things that we learn the first time must be practicing so we can master them. You practice your instrument for so long that you don’t need to look where your fingers stand on the instrument anymore because you are playing it without thinking about it, it is in your subconscious mind.

Programming your subconscious mind

So, when you repeat yourself your affirmation, your conscious mind will tell the subconscious mind what it needs to remember.
Repeating it means programming your subconscious mind and it requires regularity and also one vital element, so read on.
You can set the time of the day and say it loud and clear enough. The more you will repeat it (and believe it) more positive vibrations you will attract and your statement will come true.

Do affirmations really work?

Affirmations mean nothing if you just say it without emotions. If you tell empty words, then nothing will happen. Listen to your heart and feel your warm words getting through your brain and feel that excitement in your body when you say it.


It is the same as being on the stage and telling a story or acting in a theater. Who would believe you and empathize with you if you are showing no emotions? If you are a good actor or storyteller, you know that you must be confident and present your story the best you can to satisfy the audience.

Affirmations are everywhere!

As I mentioned, you can find thems everywhere. Last day I went to the town, and something attracted me, and I believe others too. One cafeteria that I know had something new on their beautiful terrace.

They put a large table on the fence of their balcony. A table was there for a reason; an affirmation was written on it. I thought how interesting idea to attract people in their cafeteria and also putting a smile on people’s faces when they were passing through.

They are changing them from time to time but they are always short and to the point. Sometimes it makes you think, but they are never negative.

Believing and repeating them is the most important or else it won’t work for your benefit.

Welcome affirmations in your life

Now, what will you do to make affirmations part of your life? You find books on personal development and start reading. Decide when you will read and spend that time reading in peace.

It is not important how many pages you read per day, it is important that you read, that’s all. When you read you will fall deep in the book, in words and you will start to feel bigger, more confident and calmer. These are not science fiction or romantic books; these must be quality content books with real-life stories.

After reading, you can write your thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper and after this, you can write your autosuggestions that you will repeat and believe every day. Motivate yourself with powerful words and you will see how affirmations are a life-changing autosuggestion tool.

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