What Is The Most Powerful Motivator For Success?

Powerful Motivator For Success

Having a goal is the biggest motivator you can have. I remember myself without an important objective; it was like I didn’t belong to this world. Seeing others occupied made me unhappy because I didn’t live my purpose.
We are made to think, move and work because of our brain development.

Just look at our history, how societies developed, agriculture, technology, industry and how innovations changed our world. We are remarkable beings with a lot of potentials.

Potential is in every human with no exceptions; everyone can do something big and leave the impression. But sometimes we do not see that potential or we do not know how to use it.

We will talk about a topic that everyone should read. It is something that gives us meaning, moves us forward and fills us with adrenalin. I am talking about a goal.

“Goal is human’s driving force.”

Setting big goals

We can have many aims in life from small ones to big ones. But what I will show you will change your perspective about setting big ones. Did you ever think of something big and gave up after some time? Did doubt kill your idea about something?

luyury home

I am sure you are nodding because we all been there. When we set big objectives, doubt quickly comes into our mind and rejects all the possibilities to set up an action plan. Why is that?

Well, the reason for doubting is thinking about how we will do it, how we will accomplish our goal. We think too much about “how”. What about what we will accomplish? Motivating, right?

If you think of making money and being satisfied with your life, this is a good motivator. So please don’t think and doubt how you will do it, just say:

“This is my goal, and I will make it true.”

Now let’s go and see some real examples. I have a question for you; can you imagine a successful person without an objective? What do these people have in common?

They all have a clear goal in their mind, and they love going after it. They have something else too – they have a burning desire. Yes, a strong desire is associated with the goal. If you have these two, you are ready to start building your future.

Thomas Edison didn’t give up

Leaders all over the world have a clear goal and no obstacles to bring them down. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb. Can you imagine how powerful his desire was to make that bulb to light? And he never stopped, he tried 10,000 times.

This is an amazing fact and because of this kind of human innovations, we live in a world of many possibilities and abundance. If he didn’t invent the light bulb, maybe we would never see the future development of the light bulb as we see today.

Watch and learn

Look at your surroundings and successful people, what do they do? Watch them for some time and you will see the victorious pattern. You will learn a lot, and you could transfer their patterns into your life and goals.
Do you want to know one common pattern to all successful people? They are always occupied.

A person without a goal is like a ship without a rudder

I was without a life aim not so long ago. When I was at school, my life had a meaning, and I was balanced. Obligations in school drove me forward, and I knew what I must do, so my mind was occupied.

Through years, I learned that a person should always have something to do. When a person is without goals and ideas, life is boring, and the result can be quite damaging.

When my school ended, I was forced to be at home. Suddenly I had no obligations, no tasks to do, no force to drive me forward. I remember how I stood in front of my window watching people rushing to their daily jobs.

The time stopped, I was like paralyzed. I was depressed because I didn’t know what to do with myself. Every hour was a struggle. I remember how I downloaded movies and series so I could fill that free time.

Wasting my precious time

I also played computer games. It is so easy these days to find an online game. You just sign on Facebook, and there you have thousands of online games for entertainment. It is an interesting fact of how many people play them. My friends used to send me invitations to play.

stop wasting time

Make progress in your life and start using social media for a better purpose.

Now let me explain to you what happened to me. When I found my life purpose, I stopped with these activities that were just killing my time and health.

In that time playing games and watching movies and series was the only “clever” thing to do. When I think of those days I am smiling because I know that now my time is used properly and with a good purpose.

Breaking old habits

Some activities that I stopped doing when I found my purpose:
• Watching TV
• Listening to the radio
• Playing all kinds of games
• Reading all kinds of news (paper, the internet)
• Meeting with persons who just wasted my time
• Unconstructive conversations
• Hanging with negative people
• Criticizing and judging others

These are activities that I remember now; I am sure that I could find some more. I want to show you how your life will change when you start to think differently.

You must find your purpose because it will give you so much joy! You will never have to think negatively or do things without meaning.

You see, we all have the same amount of time. A person from China and a person from America have the same amount of time to spend; the only difference is how they spend their time – constructively or not.

You must understand that a person without an objective is like a ship without a rudder, he is just wondering around where ever the current takes him. Take the helm of your ship and take it to the perspective waters.

How can I achieve my goals in a short time?

When you have a new goal in front of you, your energy level rises. Remember of your ideas in the past and objectives to be achieved, how did you feel? Did you felt excited?

Having an aim also includes a plan for achieving it. When Tadej and I found the field to which we will love to work all started to change. I was excited but also enthusiastic about the idea of creating content for people that will help them achieve what we experienced.

I believe that every person in this world can find their purpose and do what makes him happy.

The first thing you must have is a burning desire for something, then a goal and a plan for achieving it. This is a process that will inspire you for every next move regarding your objective.

universal law of attraction

I must be honest; we had a difficult time in the beginning because we were new in the field and learning new techniques, programs and approaches to the chosen business.

But we knew what we want, and we had support from our mentor, so it was a lot easier to proceed. Ok, now I will tell you how we managed to obtain good energy no matter of obstacles and failures on the way.

Make small steps

When you go through this process of getting what you want you will have to motivate yourself. We made a specific plan of how we will approach the goal and made small action steps.

Making one towards success is crucial for your motivation because when you will do it you will maintain the good energy for further small steps and you will get closer and closer to your goal accomplishment.

How do you take small steps?

They can be anything that moves you closer to your main objective. Besides the primary goal that we have created, we also created smaller ones that were associated with the main objective and were supporting it.

Our main purpose is to help people all around the world to find their life purpose, so we made a blog that teaches about our philosophy that helped us. This is the main platform of the business but we have social media too that support the blog.

We are making plans regularly from time to time. So, one of our small goals was to reach 10,000 people on Facebook in one week. We had a good strategy and we followed it.

As we reached that number our hard work was paid off and we felt completed and had an even bigger desire for going to reach the next step. This is just an example of a possible small step towards a big goal that will make your energy level stay high.

make high energy level

The best way to realize your goal

There are many ways of realizing a goal. I have a suggestion for you to accomplish it easily and without too much hassle.

The realization will be much easier if you have a clear aim; we talked about this in the section before. For example, if you know what will you do to earn money you will have much clearer thoughts and more motivation for manifesting it.

Make a specific goal

This means that you know what plan to follow, what resources you will use, which material, program or people you will ask for help, etc.

Let’s say that you have a goal of manifesting $10,000 till 1-st of July which will be realized with your specific work, using the LOA Power every day. You already know what will you do with that amount of money, and you think all through.

This is a specific and clear objective. The more you specify it, the easier it will be to realize it. The more information you give to your brain, the easier it will be for it to find ways of goal manifestation. But if it is just a one-sentence statement you are not giving enough power to it.

Planning a goal

Planning can be time-consuming, but it is recommended. It contains approaches, techniques, activities and many other actions. A plan can always change and is never constant.

When you make a plan for realization, it should be as specific as it can be. We made a plan for our business, and it took a lot of thinking, researching and analyzing. But it was worth it.

Adjusting the plan

I say that the plan is more important than action. The plan is your map that will lead you on your way to victory. Sometimes you will have to abandon some part of the plan and get another one because of changed circumstances.

How did we adjust the plan?

We had a situation in establishing a business, where we were forced to find another solution. Our mentor said that we must put our gift for people on the home page, and it should be nice looking, and it should stand out. So we tried to do that in WordPress platform that is our CMS (content management system) provider.

When you have WordPress as a CMS provider, you also choose a theme for your website or blog. According to our theme that we bought, we couldn’t manage to put a page on a home page.

We asked WordPress support staff for help, but they told us that it couldn’t be managed as we want. Our expectations were not realized, so we tried another way. Tadej took this issue and started to explore options on the internet. He was searching for a solution that will work.

In the meantime, we were participating in the community of our mentor. One of the participants answered to our problem that we mentioned. He said he could help us.

But he was just not a professional, so the deal was off.
Tadej didn’t give up and he found a solution that fixed our situation. We were forced to remake the plan, but we did it, and all worked out.

door open door closed

“If one door closes you find another one that opens”.

What is a clear goal?

It is specified in a person’s mind and can be easily described. A goal is just the next logical step after having a strong desire. Do you remember what I told you in the first section regarding a burning desire?

Without it, you will have a hard time succeeding because if the wish is not strong enough, obstacles will prevail over your will and you will fail as many people do.

Ok, let’s say you have a burning desire for making your new business work out. You want it so bad that all your time is focused on your tasks. You have no distractions, and you love to spend your free time working as it makes you alive.

This is a good example of a burning wish that has a continuation. A clear objective is a continuation of a strong wish for making your business succeed.

Making a T-shirt business plan

Let’s say you are a cat lover and you love funny stuff and a good sense of humor. So you decided to kill two birds with one stone and make a business out of it.
You decided to sell T-shirts on the internet with a cat’s memes. Your goal is to have fun, see your customers happy and also earn some money.

When you found what you will love to do, you made your big step towards happiness. You feel enthusiastic about it, and you are thinking of an action plan.

Researching and contacting

You start to research where will you buy one colored T-shirt that is of good quality but not expensive. You find a few people who sell them and make an analysis of price, quality, features of items and seller professionality (responsiveness, knowledge of his work). You make the contact with some who looks reliable to start a business with and calculate the costs.


Besides this, you look for individuals and companies that will reprint T-shirts with cat’s memes and look for online store providers. Because you are new in this business, you must learn a lot and ask people for help so you buy a program that will teach you how to set up an online store step-by-step and make your business grow.
Ok, so now I can tell you for sure, you are on the right track! Think about your wishes and then think of your clear goal that will be a consequence of your big desire.

Small steps can bring you big changes

When you will do tasks, you will face many challenges that will make you think. You will be overwhelmed and sometimes you will feel exhausted with no curtain solution. So, you need to know how to make work easier and more satisfying.

Taking small steps and making a plan that will take you through the levels will make your work easier and will take care of the motivation.

How we manage to do all the work?

We have a strategy of making plans, and it always contains steps of action. We know that activities demand our energy so we must take slow – by steps.

My work with Tadej is separated, and each of us has tasks to be done. My main task is writing the content for the blog and other sources, and I also communicate with people on my social media channels.

I saw that I will need to divide tasks so that I won’t get tired and overwhelmed soon. I made a plan that helps me stay disciplined and focused.

Writing for the blog and communicating with customers

On Mondays, I write for the blog and every day I communicate with people and help them. I also learn new stuff, so I had to work on some patterns. When I write blog content, I check it and publish it. Then I set, for example, one hour just for my readers and followers and spend time with them.

Then I do what I had in mind that morning, I go out with Tadej for fresh air to relax a little bit and get some fresh air. In the afternoon, we study new things, programs, lectures, etc. Our days pass very quickly so we must make a plan, take step by step and do tasks one by one.

Marking the goal steps

We also make papers that contain steps of action, and when we do an action, we color it or mark it, so we are happy that we did a good job. It is an incredible motivator that tells you that you are going in the right way.
It is much better to set small activities and finishing them one by one than just focusing on that big objective that needs time to be accomplished.

How to increase motivation?

You want to boost your motivation and get faster results? Look at your business process as a journey of joy. You are moving towards success that will make your life happier.

You are the biggest motivator

I think we are our own best motivators. You know what inspires you the most so you must listen to yourself and do what’s best for you. I am a person that is inpatient sometimes. I had struggles regarding my business, I was restless and feeling uncomplete. It’s because I wanted results fast. But who doesn’t want results fast?

small steps

Listen to how I helped myself to overcome these issues of mine. We had one big goal and plans for it. I divided small steps that I told you about to even smaller ones because I did it faster and my inspiration was even bigger that way. This is a great way of helping you stay in that positive mood for better results.

Using the Law of Attraction in business

However, I must tell you something that is vital when doing business and using the Law of Attraction. When I was at the start of our work, I was working very hard to do all that we agreed and used LOA Power. But I noticed that I was doing more and pushing the Law of Attraction away from me, so work and its problems took the first place.

I felt down sometimes so I asked myself: “What am I doing?”, “Isn’t the LOA Power my key leader to success and peacefulness?” I was shocked by how I neglect our philosophy that brought us the resurrection of life. From then on, LOA power is first and my business is going smoothly nevertheless of any issues that come as new opportunities for me to solve.

Use LOA Power

So, let LOA Power be the first priority in your life. It will change the way you look at things, you will get new positive friends around you, you will be happy in general, having things that you need and also helping you to stay focus on important things in life.

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