Learn How To Recover Muscles Faster After Workout?

How to recover muscles faster after workout

How to recover muscles faster after workout? This question is quite often among people, so we will write about it. It is important to take care of proper nutrition after a good workout. An athlete who had intense training and is without adequate nutrition has perfect conditions for overtraining and weakening his immune system.

Anyone who trains regularly and for a long time has experienced muscle pain. How can you get rid of muscle pain fast and prevent it to last for a few days?

Take Advantage of the Window of Opportunity

Exercise leads to progress only if it is properly assembled and followed by proper regeneration of the body. The body must replace the consumed nutrients after finishing the exercise. It also needs adequate rest to regenerate and prepare for the next exercise.

The muscle regeneration begins immediately after exercise and lasts 48 hours, depending on the training length and intensity. We call it a window of opportunity. The most appropriate time to start the regeneration process is 30-45 minutes after the exercise has been completed.

regeneration drinkHow to recover muscles faster after workout? A regeneration drink or regeneration supplement should be taken within 1 hour after the training, in the form of capsules, tablets or concentrate powder in order for the quality regeneration process.

A quality meal (all macronutrients) is also a good alternative. The window of opportunity is increasingly narrower and closes after 1 hour, so the utilization of the nutrients is getting smaller.

Every workout cause micro-damage caused by exposure and muscle endurance in addition of using energy stocks in your body. The greater the workout effort is; the more micro-injuries occur. Protein accelerates and improves muscle regeneration because the damaged proteins are replaced with a new one and thus strengthen the muscles.

The muscle fibers constantly break, restore, decay and grow. This process is called the metabolic process, and is better if it is directed towards the direction of growth and restoration of muscles. Sometimes it takes 24 hours or more to relax muscle pain and to reduce muscle fatigue.

The reason for this is probably because you didn’t recuperate well enough after the exercise, and quickly regenerate and provide regenerative supplements to the body. The fact is that the window of opportunity is open for a very short time, so you have to restore your nutrient sources as soon as possible.

Protein net balance is the difference between the amount of new protein consumed and the amount of proteins that are burnt during exercise. Proteins are decomposed during exercise, so they need to be replaced by new ones after the exercise. Only new proteins will provide recovery and muscle growth.

The higher the protein net is, the better and more of the new protein is made. In the opposite case, if the protein net balance is negative, the process of muscle decomposition that causes fatigue begins the next day.

How to Recover Muscles faster after Workout?

Insulin hormone is also the key that opens the window of opportunity. Insulin is a hormone that is released from the pancreas, when the value of glucose – blood sugar increases. Insulin allows the use of glucose primarily in insulin sensitive tissues such as muscle.

regeneration mealGlucose is used as a fuel. Insulin also helps to optimize the intake of high-glycemic index carbohydrates, as they help to effectively fill muscle and hepatic energy stores.

The right combination of carbohydrates and proteins is most likely to stimulate the insulin hormone, allowing the body to take all the nutrients that it needs.

This is what you need to do to restore glucose supplies and enable your muscles to regenerate:

  • Take a regeneration drink (or any other regeneration supplement) within 45 minutes after the training to replace the energy you spent during the training
  • The regeneration drink should contain both simple carbohydrates and high-quality proteins (carbohydrates will provide glycogen restore and proteins muscle recovery and growth)
  • The meal or the drink must be as easy and digest as quickly as possible
  • Higher the glucose increasment is, faster and better all nutrients return to the muscles. Increase glucose by consuming simple carbohydrates (maltodextrin, fructose or even dried fruits, bananas, chocolate milk …).

Don’t forget on water!

drinking water after workoutAlthough we have been emphasizing the importance of using macronutrients after training, we must not forget the most basic thing and this is hydration. It is also necessary to replace the lost fluids during training for the normal functioning of bodily functions.

Take care of hydration before and during exercise, and make sure to drink at least half a liter of water or isotonic beverage immediately after the end of the workout. It is essential that you don’t take alcohol or caffeine, as this would only make your body more dehydrated.

The body is threatened already at the loss of two percent of body weight. It doesn’t matter whether you feel thirsty or not, you should enter about 150 per cent of the lost amount of water after a workout. Drink water throughout the day.

Enable Muscles to Regenerate

How to recover muscles faster after workout? Mentioned tips will help you to prevent muscle soreness and to regenerate your muscle faster.  Eat or drink a quality meal immediately after a workout or as soon as possible.

Also don’t forget on water. Drink enough amount of water (at least 2 liters) through the day, before, during and after a workout. You can restore your glucose supplies by eating a quality meal that includes macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) or drinking an isotonic drink.

This way your glucose supplies will be restored and muscles won’t be sore tomorrow.

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