How To Remove Body Hair For Female And Be Hair-Free?

How To Remove Body Hair For Female

how to remove body hair for femaleThis time we will discuss how to remove body hair for female. When summertime is coming, we want to look the best we can. Removing body hair is a major thing that almost every woman do before jumping into a bathing suit.

Today we have many options regarding body hair removal. Some techniques are quick, not painful but short-lasting when others bring more permanent results.

If you are one of the women who want to look the best in the summertime; check different methods of hair removal that we prepared for you. Not every method is appropriate for women, so read further to know which is the best for you to have.

How to Remove Body Hair for Female?

Now we will focus on different kinds of hair removing techniques and its features that women use for removing unwanted body hair.


Depilation removes the hair up to the skin level when epilation removes the hair from the hair follicle. There is no method that would remove the hair forever but we can stop growing hair for many years with sophisticated approaches.

shaving womanDepilation is performed mechanically and chemically. The simplest and the cheapest method of mechanical depilation is with the razor blade. With a razor blade, we can remove hair quickly and without pain in the shower or with the help of the cream.

The hair grows back quickly and can be thinner and stronger after shaving. Even the electric razor blade won’t remove the hair entirely. We can use a tweezer to remove specific hairs (eyebrows…). The procedure is a little painful but the hair won’t grow back for some time.

The chemical depilation is also available for removing body hair. You have different depilation creams, which melt keratin, but don’t get to the hair follicle. This is why the hair grows back and can be even thinner, stronger and darker after long time depilation.


waxingAlthough waxing and depilation may be the same for us, the truth is that waxing is an epilation. With waxing, we remove hair from the follicle, so under the skin. The waxing is performed mostly on the legs, arms, the back, abdomen, face and on the intimate pasts.

How to remove body hair for a female? We can wax the hair with or without the strips. If we are using strips, we warm the wax and put it on the skin. Then we put the strip on the waxed skin and pull it fast in the opposite direction of the growing hair.

The hair can grow weakened, softer and lighter just in 2-6 weeks. After that, you must repeat the process. Redness of the skin can be the result of waxing, so it is necessary to apply a moisturizing cream after. It is the same procedure without using stripes when we put wax directly on the skin.

Brazilian Waxing

This type of waxing is named after Brazilian women and their underwear and bathing suits. They wear them on the beach and carnivals, where smooth skin is a must. The intimate Brazilian waxing is used to remove the hair on the whole bikini area.

This type of hair removal can be done with both waxing techniques (stipe and no stripe) and a special gentle wax. And what are the advantages of Brazilian waxing? Hygiene, smoothness and softness of the skin and reduced hair growth are the advantages of Brazilian waxing. With properly performed Brazilian waxing method you can avoid redness, irritation, ingrown hair and stronger growing hair.

Laser Hair Removal

The newest method of removing the hair is the laser hair removal with the IPL technology. It is the most permanent way to remove the hair.

The IPL uses an intense pulsed light that transforms into heat which penetrates in the skin and destroys the hair. The heat reacts on the melanin. This technique is ok to have; if you have darker hair (your hair has more melanin).

The follicle will get less food and oxygen due to IPL and will die.  Don’t use using IPL at homeIPL at summer because your skin will get darker, and the device won’t be able to recognize if it is a darker hair or a skin.

You can get 90% of hair removal after 8 treatments. You should have 6 weeks pause till next treatment. You will have to shave at the day of the treatment. This way the device will notice the hair thickness. IPL can be performed on the whole body for hair removal.

It is important that you don’t sunbathe or use the solarium one month before the IPL treatment. Also don’t use tweezer, wax, epilators or shave the hair you are about to remove with this sophisticated method.  It is not recommended that you dye the hair or use photosensitivity medicines one month before the treatment.


This is the most efficient way on how to remove body hair for female. Ultrasound waves have a more powerful frequency from the normal sound, which we can hear. The ultrasound removes even the fine, light and thin hairs comparing to IPL method. It can be used in all seasons and on harder accessible places as eyebrows, nose, chin, armpits, and the bikini line.

The technology is easy to use in different parts of pigmentation and even on the tattoo. So how the technology works? The ultrasonic head transforms the energy through the hair to the hair root, where it turns to heat. The hair absorbs the heat up to 70 ° C, which destroys the root or the hair vessel that gives food to the hair.


threadingThreading is an old Oriental method, with which you can remove the most sensitive facial hairs. This method is appropriate for getting rid of the eyebrow hair, hair on the chin and upon the upper lip.

In threading, you use antiseptic thread that forms a loop. You or the therapist pulls the hair through the loop and the hair is removed. The results will last for four weeks approx. With threading you can also remove the facial puff; if you have one.

Which Method to Choose?

Now that you know all the methods on how to remove body hair for female, you can decide which one you will use. The right method depends on the hair area, hair colour, your sensitivity for pain, etc. Read carefully how each method works and for which body area it is appropriate.

If you will buy yourself IPL device for home usage; read instructions carefully. You should know that laser and IPL devices use ultrasound waves and heat, so be careful where you use it (avoid eyes!). If you can’t handle too much pain then a razor blade or depilation is appropriate for you. But if you want to have smoother skin for a longer time then you should try sophisticated devices for hair removal.

Today it is easy to remove hair permanently at home. There are devices that use light and are appropriate for home usage or you can go to a cosmetic salon. It is your choice 🙂

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