How To Remove Facial Hair Permanently With Honey?

Remove Facial Hair Permanently With Honey

How To Remove Facial Hair Permanently With HoneyHow to remove facial hair permanently with honey? Women are aware that facial hairs are anything but a pleasant thing to have. They often remove facial hair with wax or other devices for hair removal.

Women remove facial hair with methods as taking hormone pills containing estrogen and progesterone, waxing, hair removal, laser remover, various creams that inhibit their growth, etc. This time we will focus on natural facial hair removal with honey as the main ingredient.

Why Some Women Have Facial Hair?

Causes of facial hair growth are different. Heredity and hormonal imbalance are among the main reasons. Female body produces both estrogen and androgen. Androgen is a male hormone. The level of both decreases with age, but the relationship between them can be changed. The body may suddenly begin to produce more of the male hormone, and one of the consequences can be accelerated growth of facial hair.

Facial hair in women can occur due to certain medications, particularly those containing the hormone testosterone, overweight or malfunction of the adrenal glands.

Honey – The Treasure from Nature

honey for waxingHoney is a treasure from nature. It has a nice golden colour, and a rich taste. It gives the great taste to some foods and is fantastic for our skin. Honey accelerates injury healing and prevents different kinds of infections. It makes our skin smooth and soft.

Honey is indispensable with dry skin because it moisturizes it. If you have problems with dry in irritated skin, honey will help. It is known that honey acts antiseptically.

Bees produce an enzyme during honey production which enables the production of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective antiseptic and this is why people use it daily for skin problems.

If you put honey on the wound, it will fight against the most regrettable bacteria, because it doesn’t let the air to reach the wound. The high amount of sugar prevents the bacteria reproduction, say the British doctors from the Wales University.

How to Remove Facial Hair Permanently with Honey?

Facial hair removal with honey waxing includes the same method as waxing with sugar paste. The only difference is to add honey instead of sugar. This method is known as Egyptian depilation.

How do you prepare this honey wax? Mix sugar, lemon juice, water and add 1 spoon of honey. Heat the mixture and don’t let the sugar to burn. When you get smooth cream, put it away from the stove and wait to get cold.

Honey is a great ingredient for facial waxing due to his anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic features. It prevents the skin irritation during the waxing and nourishes the skin meanwhile. This method is especially recommended for women who have sensitive skin.

The Honey mask with Oats

This is another honey waxing cream that you can try on your facial hair. This is what you will need:

  • A teaspoon of honey
  • A half of a teaspoon of ground oats (you can grind the oats in a coffee grinder)
  • a few drops of lemon juice

honey and oat for facial waxingMix all ingredients and apply them to the place where you have annoying facial hairs. Wait 15 minutes and wash off the mask. Put some moisturizer on the skin after washing your face. The mask can be used every day. The first results (fewer hairs) will be visible after about a week.

The method is increasingly popular in the United States, because it is completely natural and at the same time an effective way of facial hair removal.

Skin Care after the Depilation

You shouldn’t use creams and lotions that contain alcohol due to skin irritation and redness. Use creams that are natural and which contain shea, cocoa and argan butter, marigold, Virginian negligent, high mallow, chamomile, and other cream ingredients that moisturize the skin.

Why Choose Honey Facial Remover?

hair-free womanNow you know how to remove facial hair permanently with honey. It is a completely natural method, that doesn’t invigorate allergy, and is the best for the sensitive skin types. It won’t stick to the skin, so it won’t irritate the skin. The procedure is less painful than waxing with other creams.

The hair can grow back in 15-30 days but they will be softer and less visible. Depilation with honey has a number of advantages. The skin will be softer after the waxing; you will have less possibility of ingrown hair or skin reactions. You can go to the sun, in a solarium, in thermal water or fitness after the depilation. Sweat or water won’t cause reactions on the skin.

Don’t worry if you have facial hair, with our natural honey creams you can get rid of them and be more confident in no time. We also recommend that you do a pilling of your face before the waxing. Moisturize your face after the treatment with above creams or butter to calm down the skin.

Maybe you will have to repeat the procedure but the hair should get thinner and less visible. We hope this method will make you hair-free and happy again.

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