Restrictions That Make Us Stuck

socialization in family

Many socialization factors influence on us through life. Family and relatives are the first who taught us the first rules and guided us. Then we have schools and other institutions that a child visits and meet with the authorities there. At the third socialization stage, a person joins the company where he works and respects their rules.

If we look at the big picture, we have an individual who is the smallest unit who can have an influence on us. This person can be your mother, father, relative, neighbor, teacher, friend, etc.

Then we have groups of people that may affect us and our behavior like subcultures, groups that are formed in school, religious groups, politic groups, protest groups, terrorists, etc.

Organizations are the next unit that is formed by people and groups. Then we have state and also world organizations like the World Health Organization, NATO, United Nations, International Court of Justice, etc.

Now let’s see the environmental factors that I see as crucial by influence.


We live in communities. Some people are strangers to us, some acquaintances, and some are close to us. Those people who are just passing by are those who won’t know each other and are not having a relationship of any kind.

Acquaintances are those who you know and have a relationship but are not so close to you. Then you have the ones that are close to you as parents, friends, partners, relatives and other people like neighbors and co-workers.

You are who you hang out with

Those who are close to you and with whom you hang out the most are your biggest influence. Think of people who you spent the most time with. Who are they, what do they do, are they successful, what are their hobbies?

Who you hang out is more crucial that you think. If a man is surrounded by successful and ambitious people than he will constantly receive information that will bring him to think the same, ambitious and perspective.

But if you have a habit to socialize with those who don’t have goals in their life and are occupied with drinking, smoking, and criticizing others than you are not in a good company and at risk to become the same.

The formula is simple, choose the people you want in your life. Also, learn how to leave negative people behind. Don’t feel any guilt because you will feel better and this is what you need.

A negative person can do you much harm because his constant negative talk will affect your mind frequency, you will start to think about those negative words and feel worse.

You have the right to say no

I have something else to tell you about leaving negative people behind. Maybe it is easy to stay away from someone who you don’t care so much for, but what about your parents, brother or sister? They can be the most powerful influence so listen carefully.

How would you feel if your mother was negative and calling you and giving you a hard time regarding your life every time she calls you? Won’t that be disturbing to you?

Maybe you have a similar situation with your close ones, so I recommend you tell them how you want your relationship to be and that you decided to live positively.

If something or someone is not fitting, leave them behind. This doesn’t mean that you must break the relationship; just let them know how do you want to live. You have the right to do that.

When you have control over your life, everything will start to change. If you want positive people around you they will come on your path.

The state

We live in different countries, and each of them has its rules for the citizens. Many of the rules depend on the political system; some states are more democratic and some less. However, each one limits its citizens to some point.

The control

The state controls everything that is happening in its territory. It controls and limits people by taxes, prices of goods, labor market, schools, mass media, religion, politics and so on.

A citizen has limitations in all of these areas. Let’s say that your child wants to go to computer school. He passed the last exam and waits for the result. His points of the test are crucial because he must reach a certain number of points to be accepted in computer school. If he doesn’t get enough points, he will choose another school.

Paying taxes

Every state has taxes, and it collects it from every product or service that you buy. It doesn’t matter if you buy a house, gum or take a haircut, you will always pay tax. It also regulates the price of food, water, tobacco, and alcohol, etc. Let’s see another example.

Every state trades with other countries, it imports and exports goods. If it has more export than imports, then its economic status is good, and it means that the living standard is ok too.

Wages depend on the state’s economy. If the economy is good, then people have good wages and living standards and vice versa. I see people working whole days, got little free time for themselves and always thinking of their job and worry about money.

A paycheck only for survival

The system is made that the average worker has enough for a living or should I say for survival. The average man is a slave to his company and state and all that is higher by status than him.

A company gives him a paycheck that covers living expenses and a little amount of money he has for himself and family. The system is made like this, you get a loan, and you pay it for many years. But you overpay the loan because the bank will take its share too.

The state also regulates the labor market. In my country, we have too many administrative workers, so if a graduate is looking for a job in the office, he will struggle to get one or will fail by trying.

Slovenians have a bad system regarding school and economy ratio. They are opening school by school but when a student finishes college he has little opportunities to work with his education.

It is so sad to hear a young and educated person who goes to work in a shop or factory and says: “That’s just the way it is.” It shouldn’t be this way; every person deserves doing what he likes to do and be creative.

A circle of influence

You can’t change the rules and restrictions made by state but you can influence you and your actions. As a person, you have the right to choose what will you do in your life, how will you make money, what will you do in free time and which people will surround you.

Think about what you want in life and choose wisely.

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