5 The Most Common Risk Factors For Type 2 Diabetes

diabetes type 2 factors

Do you know the risk factors for type 2 diabetes?

Having this type of disease is nothing pleasurable as you will have to take care of balanced blood sugar all the time.

Nowadays we face a high probability of getting diabetes among people.

You can be a potential diabetic if you live an unhealthy life already.

Many people think that they are healthy and have no reason to fear the disease because they don’t have it.

However, can they be confident about their belief?

Some risk factors can bring you troubles so read on. In general, we have two types of the disease and it’s threat factors.

Type 1 diabetes usually starts in childhood.

Your pancreas doesn’t work as it should if you have this type, it is not producing insulin.

Insulin is the important hormone that has a function to lower your glucose levels in blood among others.

Let’s see the factors of risk for both type 1 and type 2.

What are the risk factors for diabetes?

You have to be aware that if your relatives have this type of diabetes, you could have it too, or you can get it.

risk factors for diabetes

So, genetics plays a big role here. Pancreas diseases are a threat to getting insulin-dependent diabetes.

Rare diseases and infections could decrease your pancreas function, so this is another concern of getting it.

Diabetes type 2 risk factors

If you  want to prevent type 2 diabetes, then you have to pay attention to factors:

  1. Having too many pounds. According to data, it is the first risk factor for this common diabetes type.
  2. Impaired glucose tolerance. It can be measured by a blood test. You can be insulin resistant.
  3. The ethnic background
  4. High blood pressure can be problematic, not just for diabetes to start but also for cardiovascular diseases.
  5. If you are not active very much, it can be a contributor to the disease also.

These are just some factors that can be a starting point for the disease to develop.

However, you can influence how you live, and protect yourself from all types of diseases.

How can I check if I have diabetes?

The first thing that you can do is a blood test so that you can be sure, if you have the disease or have the possibility to get it.

Regarding the test results, the doctor will see if you are threatened.

A1C test

If you have a high level of glucose in your blood, the doctor can test you furthermore. Tests for diabetes are several. 

A1C is a test that measures your average blood glucose for a few months. If you have more than 5.7% glucose in your blood, then it is very likely that you are threatened.

The fasting plasma glucose test (FPG)

Fasting plasma glucose or FPG will test your fasting blood glucose levels. The basis for this test to work is fasting 8 hours before doing a test.

Oral glucose tolerance test – OGGT

Then you have the oral glucose tolerance test – OGGT that checks your glucose levels two hours before and after you drink something sweet.

Random plasma glucose test is a test made no matter what is the time. So you can make a test whenever you want.

oral glucose test

Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

There are people who would do anything to reverse the disease and be healthy again.

So, take care of yourself, especially now that you know the risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

Even if you have the disease, you can still make the change.

Right nutrition and exercise together with positive thinking and organization can change your life.

David Andrews wrote a book about how nutrition and exercise can prevent or even stop diabetes type 2.

If you want to know more about it, read my full Diabetes Destroyer review.

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