Secret Ingredient For Success Is In You

secret ingredient for success

You are a unique person, no matter what is your skin color, what work do you do and what lifestyle you have. Confidence and self-esteem are important factors in your life. Are you a confident person?

A child builds self-image through his childhood and youth. And there are many factors that influence it. When a child is born, he starts to know the world and learn about his surroundings.


Parents have a significantly important role in his first years of life. The way parents are teaching and showing him things is the biggest factor of developing his self-confidence and self-esteem later in his adulthood. Parents can give positive examples to him through play, so he can feel safe and progress, while his creativity has an open road ahead.

Build self-confidence in your child

If you have a child, don’t tell him what to do, more important is that you show him. He is always watching and taking over the patterns. The way a child is raised can influence his whole life so think about it.

Maybe you thought of your child, of your way of raising him. How about you, do you have good self-esteem?

How I was raised?

I can tell you my story. I was raised in a good Christian family; my parents gave me security and love. However, no one in the family took me seriously back then and my opinion and ideas were almost never accepted. That was a period in my life that I should be praised for a good idea or work, so I could build my self-esteem.

This lack of confirmation brought me stagnation in personality development. There were also events that reflected my lack of self-esteem.

Bad experiences and situations continued until I didn’t decide that I am worth more. You are welcome to hear our whole story of my partner and me in which you will find more content of us and implementing this beautiful law.

Are you self-confident?

Do you remember of your situations in the youth that made you feel humbled, or made you confident of doing something great about your life?

trust yourself

No matter of your childhood, you can start building self-esteem immediately. Good self-esteem and making money are inseparably connected.

Get friendly with your emotions

Remember all of your achievements in life. Think about which you had, what did you do to realize them and what emotions did you have when you achieved them.

Take this hour for yourself and bring good memories on the surface. There are no rules. When you think of an action that caused you bad emotions think why did you have them and how can you turn them to positive. This exercise will fill you and your heart with positivism. This is a great habit as you will emit positive energy.

Remind your mind on how creative and capable you are. This is a booster for your self-esteem, try it and you will become a happy and satisfied person who knows what he wants.

Like attracts like

With a positive attitude, you will shine on other people and attract the same – positive and confident people. You are in the center of this world and your good self-esteem will make your actions magnificent.

Work on yourself and the law will support you in the best way. Believe me, this is your stepping stone to unlimited happiness and wealth.

“Most fears of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people. Don’t base your self-esteem on their opinions.”

~ Harvey Mackay

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