Best Books For Weight Loss Motivation That Can Inspire You

Best books for weight loss motivation

Best books for weight loss motivation – A world of knowledge, motivation, inspiration and peace. Reading self-motivational weight loss books can motivate us and lift our spirit. Choosing the right book can be important when you lose motivation.

I think that weight loss journey must be planed and contain small steps. Books can motivate us and be our guide.

reading a book

Many diet products are just offering a diet plan or meal preparation. But if we think deeper, we fail because we didn’t think of all.

Don’t rush into diet and just follow someone, because you believe this person knows the answer. Sit down and ask yourself what do you want to achieve.

Listen to yourself and follow your instinct. You need to set up a goal to stay motivated.

If you think deeply, you can make yourself a winning plan. Read how you can motivate yourself during a diet with a power of books.

Best Books For Weight Loss Motivation

This paragraph is my favorite and talks about motivation that you need during weight loss. It is the biggest challenge that you could have. I prepared these list of best weight loss motivational books for you.

Diet & Weight Loss Motivation Secrets You Wish You Knew:
Stop the Struggle, End the Guilt, and Enjoy Vibrant Health

This book was written by Dr. Susan Albers in 2015. Doctor Albers in a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic and the author of seven books. These are one of the best books for weight loss motivation. In her book she talks about motivation during dieting in six chapters.

You will know seven myths about motivation, motivational meter, the formula for mindful eating motivation and what sabotages your motivation. You will reveal how to increase your motivation and  what is the next logical step on your motivational journey.

Best Books For Weight Loss Motivation

If you can relate to these situations, then this book might be for you:

    • You wake up each day and say, “Today is the day I’m going to get
      started,” but by noon your weight loss motivation deflates like a helium balloon?
    • You reach for a glazed donut left over from this morning’s meeting and alleviate your guilt by promising you’ll start tomorrow.
    • You skip the green smoothie you were going to make and by the time you get to work you’re so hungry and frazzled you walk straight to the vending machine.
  • You have the days where you’re rip-roaring and other days when you don’t even think about eating.

Weight Loss Motivation: This is Not Another Book About Losing Weight. How to Start and Stick to Your Fitness Program or Routine Without Giving Up Ever!

weight loss motivationKatherine Tomlinson wrote this book about weight loss motivation in 2014. What will you find in her book?

You will read about positive thinking, how stress can sabotage your motivation, about self-respect and factors such as boredom, fatigue, constant cravings, etc.

The author focuses on stress and how can stress be contagious. She also gives five easy stress-busting solutions, and a quick tip to lower cortisol.

The second focus is on self-respect that is the man’s biggest value of all.


“If you’re stuck on the failures of the past you’re missing out on the future. This book is going to provide you with the tools to keep you motivated, focused and most of all-losing (in a winning kind of way) It all begin in seven words:
This time it’s going to be different!”

The Backsliders Guide to Weight Loss

The Backsliders Guide To Weight Loss

The book was published by Brandi J. Roberts in 2014. Chapters contain four parts and six activities. Her book will introduce some concepts and practices that she learned and implemented in her life.

She is an action taker, and she guides the reader to take action. Brandi also takes the reader to see why the person wants to satisfy their needs with body/mind connection explanation.

After seeing Brandi’s videos on YouTube and her positive energy, simplicity and the way of thinking, I believe that her books must be really good.

I also think that with her law of attraction (LOA) knowledge she can offer us quality content that can change our mindset to achieve victory.

Exercise Change: Build, Strengthen & Maintain Motivation to Exercise

Exercise changeMatt Williams is the author of this motivational book. It was published in 2013 and is presenting his knowledge through years. He talks about obesity facts in general and how obesity is showing in his country – New Zealand.

The chapters are about building, strengthening and motivation to exercise. The main chapters are motivation, habits, goals, change, assessing your EMCC stage and managing the EMCC stages.

He also offers a large variety of exercise MP3’s which length is different regarding the length of exercise (intense 3 minutes to relaxed 30 minutes).

 If you buy this book of Matt he will get you:

• 30 FREE Exercise MP3’s – Transform your MP3/iPod into the ultimate training tool
• Exercise Change RESOURCE BOOK – 100+ additional pages of resource material

For more information, please visit his website

The Final Word

I presented some of the best books for weight loss motivation that you might like. Check it yourself on Amazon. Do you use music as a motivator? It is very popular today and makes people to move.

You see, every book is different – style of writing, topic, the way of presenting things to the reader and so on. But every book has a hidden power that can open our eyes.

Today media is filling us with negative news and data in every step we make. We can also have negative excuses that stop us from changing our life. But we should choose only helpful and positive information. Choose a quality book and your world will become even better.

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