Sport Injuries Prevention Methods For Your Safety

sport injuries prevention methods

Sport is wonderful but sports injuries aren’t. Many people face them so it is essential to talk about sport injuries prevention methods. Did you play a sport and suddenly a pain occurred? This isn’t a rare situation.

A sport injury means that something went wrong during movement. Let’s see which injuries or inconveniences can occur when working out.

Sport Injuries Prevention Methods

These are sport injuries prevention methods that can help you to stay safe and well during your favorite sport or activity.

Stop and do something for the Flexible Muscles

Sports based on short sprints, such as football or basketball, are causing many problems with the weakened muscles of the lower body. What is the solution? Start training your sprints and prepare your body for movements that are characteristic of a particular sport.

Try the following exercise: run 40 meters with about 70 percent of your maximum capacity, then slowdown in the next ten meters and speed up the last 40 meters. Repeat this method four or five times. This way, you will be ready for a football or basketball counterattack when the team player steals the ball.


Three quarters of the cross bonds damage is the result of unnatural movements in pivoting and hard landing. American Orthopedics Journal reported that if you land on the hard surface with bent knees and not stretched, the risk of such injury is greatly reduced.


temperatures and sportThe heat stroke affects many innocent athletes. In addition to air temperature, relative humidity is also important. If it’s 80%, the upper temperature limit is 27 degrees Celsius when working out outdoors is still safe.

If the humidity is 70% then the air temperature limit is 32. If you can’t catch these frames; train at the gym or move to the hills.

Replace the Equipment

Overloaded and incorrectly adjusted joints are one of the main causes of sports injuries. Even a bicycle or racket that is not yours can cause irregular movement patterns that cause such damage. Choose more expensive sports equipment, and it will save you endless waiting for an orthopedist.

Repair the Momentum

Your body will get numerous injuries without a proper technique. Therefore, seek advice from a top golf player, a basketball coach, a mountain guide or a bowls player. Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neil became the NBA champions when they met the coach Phill Jackson. Remember this quote; you are just as good as the advice you get.

Relax your Shoulders

Experts say that blade muscle damage can completely disable shoulder function. They suggest additional internal and external warming up for increased blade muscle safety. Outside warming up: Tighten the right hand to the side so that it is parallel to the ground.

Bend the elbow so that the hand forms the right angle and the forearm is facing upwards. Push the palm back (don’t move the elbow), so that you will feel a slight tension in the shoulder. Inner warming up: Do the same as in the outside warming up, except that the forearm is facing downwards initially. Keep in a tight position for 30 seconds.

Improve your Nutrition

And now let’s discuss about importance of nutrition in sports.

Restore water supplies

Three quarters of muscles is from the water. If you don’t drink enough, the risk of muscle inflammation, sprains and pulled muscles are greatly increased.

Replace the oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are as effective in the fight against inflammation as aspirin. You can find these healthy fats in nuts and salmon that are much more delicious than aspirin.

Switch to green

green leaf vegetablesLeafy vegetables and citrus fruits increase the alkalinity of the blood so wounds will heal quickly. On the other hand, acidity will decrease and the risk of inflammation will be reduced.

Make a C-category

The connective tissues, tendons, bones and muscles contain a lot of collagen. Vitamin C is a key ingredient of this substance.

Consider calcium

A study in an American hospital found that injured athletes consumed between 25 and 40 percent less calcium than undamaged colleagues.


Glutathione is an antioxidant that protects the body in many ways. You will get a lot of glutathione in the whey that you get in a sports nutrition store. Whey is the fastest digestible source of chain-bound amino acids that are a microscopic small muscle repair tool.

Drink Coca-Cola or real tea before training

black tea before workoutOne of the American university made a test to prove that cyclists who had consumed 10 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight (half an hour before training) had significantly less pain in their thighs than those who didn’t.

Protect Yourself and Enjoy in Workout

These are just a few sport injuries prevention methods that you should consider before any workout or sport. It is also important that you breathe correctly during activity. Don’t forget to warm up the muscles and joints before activity and stretch them after movement.

Drink a lot of water, and eat balanced and healthy meals. Focus on all three macronutrients and eat fresh fruit and vegetables for getting vitamins and minerals that your body needs for regeneration. Healthy fats will prevent injuries and inflammation of the muscles and joints, so take care of this factor also.

If you feel pain during sport or exercise, stop with the activity and relax for a day or two. If the pain will still be present or you feel strong fatigue or nausea then visit a doctor. Never neglect your body’s response.

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