Which Are Types Of Belly Fat And How To Lose It With James Duigan!

types of belly fat and how to lose it

Which are types of belly fat and how to lose it? Putting on swimwear is a real trauma for many women, because they reveal which parts of the body they successfully hide over the year. Most of people think that they will get rid of excessive rings around the abdomen with ab exercises. We should say that this isn’t the truth. Experts claim that there is no universal way of tightening the stomach, as people differ in constitution, genetic predisposition, nutrition, etc.

That’s why James Duigan, who is credited for lean bodies of supermodels such as Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley, identified the five key types of abdomen fat for the English news portal. Each of the abdomen fat has a different approach regarding losing fat. Discover your type and show your narrow waist!

5 Types Of Belly Fat And How To Lose It

In the next lines you will know five types of belly fat and the way you can get rid of.

Type 1: The Rescue Ring

rescue ringPeople with this type of abdomen fat are characterized by the fact that they spend most of their days sitting, and they are likely to like sweetened food. Fortunately, the ‘rescue ring’ can be eliminated very quickly because it is caused by an unhealthy nutrition that contains a lot of sugar or non-quality carbohydrates (biscuits, white bread, desserts, pasta).

These people also lack physical activity. Mentioned factors cause fat accumulation in the abdomen, hips and thighs. If you want to tighten your stomach, avoid alcoholic beverages. They contain a lot of sugars that accumulate in the waist and prevent the burning of other fats. When you start to avoid alcohol, it’s time to change your nutrition also. Say no to ‘less fat’ and ‘diet’ products that contain a lot of supplements, refined sugars, salt and preservatives. Instead start enjoying fresh food, such as eggs, fresh fish, fresh meat and vegetables.

James advises to start the day with eggs, and continue with grilled salmon or chicken and vegetables. Treat yourself with healthy fats found in avocados, nuts and greasy fishes, and of course, don’t forget about regular physical activity – long walks, lunges, squats, yoga, running …

Type 2: Tummy from Stress

This type of stomach is typical for people who are perfectionists by nature and are more susceptible to gastrointestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, which cause bloating stomach. These people have stomach formed around the navel and it is quite stiff on the touch. “When these people are stressed they begin to accumulate fat around the abdomen due to the release of cortisol, a stress hormone,” explains James. The accumulation of abdomen fats in this type is caused by poor eating habits, for example skipping meals, overuse of caffeine, which affects the functioning of the adrenal gland and the consumption of fast food.

meditationWomen who are much stressed usually have a poor sleep, which hampers the production of a leptin hormone that helps regulate appetite and metabolism. “If we are tired, we feel hungrier and the need to enjoy sweet snacks is bigger. We have the feeling that these foods will fill us with energy,” says James.

Eliminate fatigue by taking rest and relaxation. Breathe deeply, meditate, indulge in a bath at home, limit caffeine intake to two cups of coffee a day, and go to bed at an earlier hour. Avoid hard cardiovascular exercises as they increase the level of cortisol in the body. Choose yoga, long walks or lifting weights. Calm the organism by consuming a lot of magnesium rich food – green leafy vegetables, Brazilian nuts, seeds, etc.

Type 3: A Protruding Abdomen

A protruding abdomen is the most common form of abdomen fat in working mothers or women with very demanding jobs. “They may even be obsessed with the fitness and caught in exercise routine and diet. These women eat monotonous food and perform the same fitness exercises, which make them slim, but they have a clump of fats that breaks down their silhouette on the lower abdomen, “explains James. Overdoing with ab exercises (crunches) can make abdominal muscles move forward and protrude.

You will improve digestion by consuming fibers (green leafy vegetables, whole grains) that help eliminate inflammation, bloating and constipation. Perform squats properly, and strengthen your abdominal muscles by doing plank. Hold for ten seconds and relax, but eventually lengthen the interval as much as you can. Also, lift up the weights so you can easily burn excessive amounts of fat (on entire body). Make sure you take enough fluids and eat easily digestible foods – green vegetables and light proteins (fish, chicken).

Type 4: Maternal Abdomen

Women who have recently given birth have this type of stomach. “After the birth, the womb drops and becomes a bit more difficult than it was before pregnancy,” says James. The uterus usually returns to normal position within six weeks after giving birth, so don’t even think about having a flat belly already after birth. You need to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and lower abdomen to strengthen your stomach. This way you will increase the blood flow in this area and strengthen the muscles that have become loose during this time.

fish oilTake intensive workouts at least two to three months after giving birth, not earlier. After giving birth, you should take some time for yourself and your baby and don’t bother too much with your belly, as this will only make the matter even more disturbing. Then start taking fish oil supplements (for example, take three 1000 mg capsules per day) as they stimulate the action of hormones that help consume fat and inhibit the hormone activity that stimulate fat accumulation.

You should talk to your doctor about taking any supplements of course. You should also enjoy good fats (nuts, olives, olive oil …) that help to burn bad fats, contribute to vitamin absorption and help overcome fatigue. Also perform pelvic floor muscle exercises regularly (i.e. Kegel exercises). Don’t do crunches, as they will only worsen the stomach appearance. Pull the stomach inside when you inhale and slowly release it with exhale, while practicing Kegel exercises.

Type 5: Bloated Belly

Women who have flat tummy in the morning and are slowly inflating during the day have problems with digestion and retention of gases. Inflation can affect obese and slim women. It is almost always a result of a food intolerance and lazy intestine, which is the result of bad eating habits.

probiotic foodIn recent time experts have been discovering more and more cases of intolerance to gluten and wheat (bread, pasta, desserts, pizza), alcohol, yeast (cakes, beer) and dairy products (cheese, milk, butter …).

Particularly gluten intolerance can cause inflammation of the gut and inflammation. Try to find out what irritates your stomach by removing one type of food from the menu for a while, then another.

With balanced nutrition you can stop lazy intestine. Have a rich nutritious breakfast and avoid too much food in the afternoon. Take time to chew your food and drink enough fluid that will keep the movement of the digestive tract. Inflammation can also be the result of a breakdown of the intestinal flora balance. In this case ensure your body will have enough good bacteria – prebiotics and probiotics.

Balanced Food and Stress Manage

Now you know which are types of belly fat and how to lose it. If you ask us what is the most common reason for abdomen fat and obesity; we say unbalanced nutrition habits and stress. People are living hectic and stress about their obligations. One of the consequences is eating fast food. If you can relate to this situation, try to change the way you operate. Make a plan how you will manage stress at work and at home. Prepare an eating plan for the whole week and stick to it. Take time to cook fresh and healthy meals when you are at home.

You can also prepare a snack or lunch to eat it at work. Choose chicken, tuna, fresh vegetables, rice and other food that will provide you enough nutrients and energy to finish your work. If you have troubles with stress, try to meditate or do yoga. You can join classes or do it solo at home, it is your choice.

It is never too late to change your habits, and to be satisfied with the way you look and live.

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