List Of Different Types Of Exercise That You Should Know About

List Of Different Types Of Exercise

There is a list of different types of exercise that are the most common among people. In general, we divide exercise into two groups or types. Almost every person who is active in some sports knows terms aerobic and anaerobic workout.

These two terms emanate from aerobic and anaerobic processes in our body. Most of the sports is a mixture of both types. Before you start to do any of these types of exercises, you must know all about each. It is crucial that you chose the right group of exercise for accomplishing your goal.

List Of Different Types Of Exercise

In the next section you will find types of exercise that are common among people. We will discuss about aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

Aerobic Workout

Types of exercise to lose weight

The aerobic workout is also called cardio. It is very useful for our health because it strengthens heart function, respiratory and cardio-vascular system.

It affects on increasing calorie burn that is a factor of losing weight. It is appropriate for losing extra fat in thighs, butt and belt area.

Word “aerobic” means the presence of oxygen. Aerobic activities use extra oxygen for creating the necessary energy.

Second important factor at the aerobic workout is glucose. A glucose is a special form of sugar in our blood. It appears with degradation of carbohydrates in the body.

The Aerobic Proccess And Body Reaction

How does our body react on an aerobic workout? When we do cardio exercise, our heart beats faster and blood preasure raises. This causes faster exchange of oxygen in the muscles.

It is a great process that helps our immune system. With the help of oxygen, our muscles excrete tocsins from the body. The resistance of immune system increases. Doing cardio workout at least three times a week can prevent fluctuations in preassure and diabetes.

Cardio is excellent for releasing stress. Aerobic exercises causes the release of hormone endorphin that reduces stress and anxiety. Regular aerobic activities can bring you better sleep and mood.

Aerobic Metabolism And Synthesis Of ATP

The increased level of oxygen is needed for synthesis of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) in aerobic metabolism. It is an energy for muscles. In this process, burn of carbohydrates decrease because of lower workout intensity.

When To Do Aerobics Cardio Workout And How Much?

A common question among people is when to do the cardio. In the morning, after work or when? The answer is simple. You can do different types of exercises at home, just choose your free time to do it. This is an individual decision. But let us look some examples.

Low-intensity exercise should be around 25-45 minutes long. If the exercise is intense, the muscle protein starts to dissolve insteed of glucose. Muscles are converted to glucose. The result is burning muscles and a slower metabolism.

Aerobic Workout On An Empty Stomach?

It is ok to chose aerobic workout before breakfast. Just don’t forget to eat breakfast 30 minutes after the activity. It is important for regeneration.

According to research from Northumbria Univerity, people can burn 20 % more body fat if they exercise on an empty stomach. They tested participants and found more interesting facts of exercising on an empty stomach.

Which Are Aerobic Activities?

Here it is a list of aerobic activities:
• Running
• Swimming
• Dancing
• Walking, faster walking and walking up to the hill
• Cycling
• Rowing

Anaerobic Workout

Anaerobic metabolism differs from aerobic. The term means “without oxygen”. Anaerobic workout builds muscular strength and muscular endurance. These are two of five fitness components  related to health. Anaerobic workout doesn’t include oxygen as an energy provider for working muscles or muscle groups.

We know two anaerobic energy systems that provide energy for muscle contraction:

ATP-CP (adenosine triphosphate – creatine phosphate) is a  characteristic for the highest intensity and load. Intensity and load last for a very short time (up to 10 seconds).

The energy consumption of such system is very fast. It leads to rapid fatigue.

• Glycolysis (the release of energy from carbohydrates) is typical for high intensity workout. It takes a longer period compared with the ATP-CP energy system (11 to 90 sec).

We must say that the main limiting factor in glycolysis isn’t the exhaustion of stocks of carbohydrates (sugar) in the body. It is the accumulation of lactic acid, or lactate, which increases directly proportional to the duration and intensity of effort.

Anaerobic Processes And Body Reaction

Anaerobic processes start in the body to provide energy when the intensity of the muscle is increased. That time the muscle needs energy faster. During this type of activity, carbohydrates need rapidly transform into power to satisfy the immediate need for it. To meet such demends, glucose chooses different path than oxygen would. The result is that body saves time.

In this way, the body can load only two molecules of ATP instead of the usual 38 molecules of ATP per molecule of glucose. This is because glucose is only partially degraded. It is converted to lactic acid and not the carbon dioxide and water.

Features Of High-Intensity Training

What are the basic features of high-intensity training?

Three main features exists

• Increased blood flow is the reason for the release of adrenalin, which expands the artery in muscles
• Reduction in the peripheral vascular resistance that represents the resistance of the peripheral vascular to blood flow. It allows that greater amount of blood is pumped from the heart (a significant increase in cardiovascular endurance)
• Intense muscle contraction increases the flow of blood to the veins back to the heart, making our heart work more effectively

Which Activities Are Anaerobic?

Here we have a list of anaerobic workouts or activities:

list of different types of exercise

• Biking and swimming sprints
• HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
• Powerlifting
• Tennis
• Team sports like basketball, football, baseball, etc.
• Bodyweight exercises
• Burpees and Sprinting


Explosivness plays a big part in anaerobic training. Think of tennis players, footbalers and sprint athlethes. They have to make sudden fast moves to beat an opponent. We call it explosivness. We could describe it as an ability to overcome your own body weight in the shortest time possible.

So, we must develop maximum force in the shortest time. Typical examples are a throw of a medicine ball, jump and kick. These are explosive or instant power activities.

The other power is a power blade that presents the explosive power of the legs. It is definetly very important component to motor abilities called speed because it provides a starting acceleration.


Our list of different types of exercise include exercises that you can try if you are in good health. Nevertheless, if you will do one or other type of exercise (aerobic or anaerobic) you must know some basic exercise rules to start your training safe.

First check your body condition with your doctor or a specialist. Don’t think that this is unneccesary move. The manifacturers develop suits and sports shoes that are appropriate for any exercise. You can avoid injuries with the right sports equipment.

Stretch and warm up/cool down. You need to prepare your body for workout. Why is this important? It is important because your muscles will be warm In this way you will prevent possible injuries and also soreness that usually occurs after a workout.

Educate yourself and be prepared to enjoy the beauty of sports.

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