How do you use visualization?

visualizate your future

If you are doing business and want to get somewhere with your ideas then you absolutely should involve visualization technique into your life. It is a powerful autosuggestion tool like affirmations that creates images and other pictures in your mind. It is a mental exercise of future events that will bring you positive emotions through positive images.

Like affirmations, visualization will enrich you with good emotions and vibes that are crucial for staying in the right balance for doing business. So let’s see how you can learn to visualize.

Effective visualization technique for your business

I will show you this effective technique on an example of herbs in the previous article about affirmations. You are just starting to plan your business and thinking about future goals. Your main goal is to help people discover the power of herbs and to use them in their life for feeling better or/and for curing diseases.

Writing a book

So, before you start to sell your products, which you will gather and harvest yourself, you decided to write a book where you will introduce yourself to the public and your precious knowledge and experiences about the herbs.

writing a book

Making a plan and writing

Writing it isn’t a hard thing to do if you make a plan so that it will have a logical sequence of content.

Writing it needs action after making a good and thoughtful plan but visualization will take care of your mental stability, motivation, and enthusiasm for your future goal, which is finished and published book.

Visualization of your book

Now that you made the plan and you are writing the herbal book you also visualize. You visualize your current goal being written successfully and published.

You are sitting at your favorite writing desk, and you are finishing the last chapter. You become emotional, you know what you have been through when writing it, where were the obstacles, which topic was harder than others and so on.

But you feel excited because you know you didn’t give up, write it page by page and finish it. You should be joyful and proud, many people give up, some of them give up at the end of their work and they never see success.

So, now when you are writing your final thoughts, you imagine how it will be when you publish the book. You took care of marketing and now it is time for people to show their interest in your creation.

Visualization of sales and positive testimonials

You visualize yourself checking the sales and positive testimonials on your website, and feel amazing. You see yourself jumping from the bed in the morning and turning the computer on to see how your sales are doing.

You are sitting on your old brown chair at your office table and waiting for a computer screen to turn on. When the operating system is loading, you are nervous and excited and tapping with your foot on the floor.

Opening the analysis program of your sales makes your heartbeat go crazy. Finally, the program opens, and you see the green-colored sales number showing 23 new sold books!

You can’t believe it; you start to laugh and dance in your living room. A few seconds later you remember to call your best friend and tell her the amazing news. When she answered, you can’t wait for her to finish, so you tell her your big news.

Then you visualize how you see your website for comments and testimonials of the product. When you open the website and the page for customer reviews, the first thing you see is a lot of text to read, so you know that engagement is good.

Reading comments

You feel excited about what they wrote, so you start reading the first comment. You are glued to the computer screen, and you can’t believe the response that people gave you.

Reading a comment per comment brings tears to your eyes because people see your work as missing the piece in the field of natural herb usage. You feel so much joy and happiness that you can’t stop laughing, it feels like a life-changing event.

What’s next?

I gave you an example story of visualizing a future event of success. What did you notice in the story? What elements stood out?

What are the four stages of visualization?

These are 4 stages of visualization that you should know about and try.


The main point of the visualization process is to visualize positive moments of your wishes and goals and to feel positive when thinking about it. With this state of mind, you will be balanced and will attract what you think.


Positivity should be the first feature of visualizing. Seeing you as a respected author will raise your energy for writing and finishing the book.


The second feature is repetition. You should visualize every day. Take 5 minutes a day and visualize your perfect moment that will happen in the future. Get emotional and feel that joy.

It is the same with affirmations; you must repeat it the day per day to grow in your mind and that your subconscious mind accepts it. Repetition is a vital element of every successful man or woman because it is the one that makes a student a master. Do you agree?

You must repeat your technique so long that it will engrave into your subconscious mind and stay there. When you reach this level of visualizing, you will be one step closer to becoming a master of visualization that works to your benefit.


The third thing is to visualize detailed images. Details are necessary because you must order your subconscious mind what you want so that it can find ways to make it happen.

When you see a clear picture of your goal or wish, you will make a clear path for making it true. The main thing is to create good feelings when thinking about it and dreaming about it.


Thinking about your book’s cover, content, font, shapes, pictures, layout, colors, writing style, frame, and other details will bring yourself closer to your goal of publishing it and will motivate you through the whole process because you will constantly be reminded why you are working.

Believing and faith

The fourth element is believing and faith. Visualization without believing is like daydreaming that will not bring the result you want, ok maybe if you will be lucky, but you don’t want your future depends on luck right? Be confident in your burning desire because this is the work you love doing and have faith.

Visualize your success

Visualization is a great way to speed up the manifestation of your objective. Use my example and visualize your success with the help of positive energy. You can also use vision boards and images and don’t forget the most important element in this procedure – feeling positive.

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