Music In Sport And Exercise: Theory And Practice

Weight Loss Motivational Music

When it comes to working out, weight loss motivational music is almost necessary equipment of people today. In the fitness centers, on running tracks, at home – music motivates us to go further every time. First we listened music over the radio. Modernization of technology brings new opportunities for listening to music. Small Mp3 device and appropriate earphones can change your world of exercise for 100%.

Music In Sport And Exercise: Theory And Practice

Athletes can be motivated by lyrics, rhythm and bumping beats of the music. Peter C. Terry from University of Southern Queensland Australia and Costas I. Karageorgis from Brunel University West London United Kingdom wrote a paper about music benefits on the workout.

The conceptual framework was presented that emphasises music benefits. These benefits are improved mood, arousal control, reduced perceived exertion and improved skill acquisition. Enhanced work output, flow states and dissociation from feelings of pain and fatigue are also the benefits.

They say that four factors of music determine these music benefits. These are rhythm response, musicality, cultural impact and extra-musical associations. Books can be a great motivator for weight loss too.

The authors say that music has ability to

• Capture attentionMusic In Sport And Exercise Theory And Practice
• Lift spirits
• Generate emotion
• Change or regulate mood
• Evoke memories
• Increase work output
• Reduce inhibitions
• Encourage rhythmic movement

Rhythm response can be linked to natural response to the musical rhythm (especially tempo). Musicality is associated with harmony (how the notes are combined) and melody (the tune).

Cultural impact is something that is within society or sub-cultural group. Association refers to extra-musical associations. The importance of four factors is hierarchical. It goes from rhythm response to the association.

What are the key characteristics of motivational music?

• a fast tempo (>120 bpm)
• a strong rhythm
• energy enhancement
• encourage body movement

There are also other researchers that show the connection between music benefits on exercise performance. There is a study made about endurance response to asynchronous motivational music by Crust L. and Clough PJ.

Running Music Rules

If you are a runner, these rules are made for you. Sport and Exercise Psychology magazine shows that rhythm of the music can affect on person’s productivity in sports. You can make a workout easier in specific segments of training by changing the rhythm of the music.

If you choose to workout with this great motivator, then start with relatively slow music (to warm up). Escalate the music rhythm so that it will stimulate you to the end.

What you should know if you run with music

1. Avoid slower rhythms because it can slow you down
2. Changing the rhythm (from slow to speedy) can increase endurance in aerobic activities
3. Constant exposure to the fast rhythm can lead to boredom and irritation

Try these advices and find what is best for you.

Benefits Of Exercise Music

Many studies and tests showed that music not only affects on motivation when working out but music also helps increase strength, endurance and motor skills. The right choice of music can help you fight fatigue and also gives the additional boost to your heart and muscles. You can motivate yourself with other things too.

The interaction between body, mind and the music is complex. It is not just music that encourages us during the training, but also how our body reacts to it.

Your breathing and heart rate will increas before brain starts to work. The oxygen travels to the muscles easier this way. The biochemical reactions combine music that encourages us to catch the rhythm. There are many things that are still unexplored in the field of brain mechanism for music learners. Most experts believe that music facilitates training and makes it pleasant.

Music stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for the satisfaction feeling. It increases motivation and calms your heart, which prolongs the duration of the training.

Which Music Genre Should I Choose For My Workout?

Choosing a music genre for training is a fun thing to do. Choose slower music when doing yoga and similar exercises. Faster rhythms are appropriate for cardio workouts and exercises that increase your heart beat.

Favorite Music For Starting Motivation

Music affects directly on the brain and raises the level of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is responsable for concentration, relaxation and satisfaction. If you workout at your favorite rhythms, it will motivate you and slow down the heart rate.

Pilates And Running Music

For many athletes and recreational people a good training should include music. It distracts from the pain and motivates them. If you are a runner, go with rapid rhythms with around 160 beats per minute.

Doing yoga and pilates will be easier with music rhythms around 120 beats per minute. This fact was confirmed by 30-year old American study which included 74.000 songs.

Classical Music Calms The Heart And Extends The Workout

classical music for exerciseHow about classical music? Classical music stimulates better results. On the contrary to the fast pace, it calms heart rhythm, lowers blood pressure and relaxes.

This kind of music extends the duration of the exercise. Relaxing music reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

It is advisable to listen to Mozart and Beethoven.

Energetic Pop And Techno Rhythms

Relaxing songs with a single rhythm are not the best choice for training, which has a calming effect on us. Both techno and pop music have the opposite effect. It strengthens the training pace for 10 % and encourages better results.

During workout, it is not advisable to listen to reggae or jazz music. Both genres have a calming effect and don’t encourage exercise. The survey of Belgian University of Ghent confirmed that.

Now that you know music in sport and exercise theory and practice you can assemble your own music list for workout and consequently better results.

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