Overcoming Obstacles In Business – Can the Law of Attraction Help?

Overcoming Obstacles In Business

This time we will discuss the lack of a law of attraction that I see as one of the most vital in doing business. You will also read about the dependency of others, perfectionism, connecting with leaders and language issues. Let’s see what you can encounter in your business process. Read my overcoming obstacles in business that you can benefit from.

Overcoming obstacles in business

Here are some of the blocks that we faced in our business and tips that could help you in your work progress.

Don’t forget on balance

This block is the most critical because your business depends on it. Doing business means having ups and downs. Using the law of attraction is not something to forget for a day or two, it must be practiced all the time.

I had experience in online business that brought me despair and in the end, I wanted to surrender. If you work hard every day and you fall into it, you can quickly forget about the universal law. The law of attraction will keep you motivated throughout the whole time of your progress if you practice it correctly.

Imagine a scale. On one side you have work and on the other side, you have the law. Your scale should always be balanced. Work should always be in balance with this universal law.

What happens when your scale is starting to shift to the work side of the scale? This is the situation when you must take action immediately, but why?

When you forget using the law of attraction and you focus more on the action, you can lose the balance and fall into despair when results do not show as soon as you imagined or something gets wrong.

But if you use the law regularly you will have a balanced scale and nothing will disturb you from getting to the finish line. You must know that the law of attraction is your closest friend when doing business because it will hold your scale and mind balanced.

It is hard to get out of despair when you tilt the scale on the work side so take this friendly advice and don’t let it happen to you.

Accusations and dependency of others

You will have to connect with other people and work partners when doing business. No matter if you work alone or in a team, sooner or later you will make contacts with others that will have something interesting and useful for you.

In our online business, we have to connect with many companies that have solutions for our growth. It is vital to have a respectful relationship with them because your work depends on it. Always be respectful and adhere to the rules and the agreements you both accepted.

But it is not always easy even when you do your part of the agreement. Sometimes the other side will not be able to answer you or will have reservations.

It can happen because of many reasons, but it is never good for you to accuse nobody. Think about the situation and your actions to solve the issue.

Accusations are something that people do often, but they never ask themselves what did they do to solve the issue or how much effort did they put to fix it.

If you will be respectful and stick to the agreement, you will get positive results most of the time. But when you are not able to communicate with the opposite side then you find someone who will gladly help you and make your request possible.

Remember, before working with other companies and individuals, always read the policies and the contract carefully and stick to it. If you will make all recommendations that I wrote then you will have no guilt or worry and will be able to continue to grow.

Perfectionism & feeling overwhelmed with work  

I think that you know what work overwhelm is. But if you don’t know, you will when you establish your own business. Overwhelm is caused by many activities that you plan to do.

When you have a burning desire and working for a goal then you can easily become overwhelmed and also frustrated at the same time. Working enthusiasm is good but you must always feel good or try to feel better.

Overwhelming moment and the feeling of powerlessness

Let me explain my overwhelming moment and the feeling of powerlessness. It was a busy day and Tadej and I had a lot to work on. We agreed on what each would do and start working. Tadej came across an issue that needed my assistance. So I left my current activity and went helping him.

We jumped right into the issue and started figuring out what we can do. An hour or two passed by and we solved the problem. Then I went to my computer to finish my task where I left it. I set down and felt lost. I needed 15 minutes just to focus on my writing again. I like it when things go according to the plan.

I admit that I am a perfectionist and like to do things well without mistakes and interruptions if possible. But perfectionism is never good if you are overreacting and harming yourself. I felt lost and powerless because of my thought that I didn’t do my job on time as I planned.

I was putting guilt on myself without any reason. When I helped Tadej, I helped our business, so it is the right thing to do, working together means helping each other out for the same purpose. This was one of the overcoming obstacles for you to understand that you must be calm and always think of what you do and why you do it.

But something else is important too. Overwhelm can bring you stress that is a cause of many diseases today. Is it worth it that you put yourself in that situation? Will stress and worries help you to stay healthy and balanced for your future success? The answer is no, so pay attention to the next lines.

What to do when you feel overwhelmed?

When you feel overwhelmed with work, stop doing it and start the activity that calms you and brings you peace. Music and walks help me, also cooking or reading positive thoughts. Think about what helps you to relax and bring you energy. Maybe it is yoga or painting or just listening to birds singing, it doesn’t matter; you do that.

If you have a deadline, then make few short pauses, take a deep breath, repeat your affirmation and then finish your tasks knowing that you will be one step further to your goal then before.

Not connecting with leaders in your niche

It is not important which type of work you do in your niche; you will have to follow and connect with leaders. Thinking that you can do it by yourself can bring you many lost opportunities to optimize your business, time, money, etc.

Someone who is doing his business for some time knows which products are good to have, which material is useful and also tricks that help him with the work activities. It is always clever to listen to a leader in your niche because he already knows how to be successful.

You must always learn and what is better than learn from the best? Having a mentor is great also because he will guide you to accomplish what you started. He will be your right hand when you need guidelines.

He could spare your time, money and nerves, so start looking for a leader in your niche. We live in the information era so having the right information means power.

Two kinds of information available

There are two kinds of information available to you; free and paid. You can find both on the internet. I recommend you to get paid information from a leader in your niche who you researched and analyzed his work.

If you see him as a reliable person with quality information and credibility; you can pay him for teaching you how to be successful in your niche. But if you don’t have money then you focus on free information. Learn and apply your knowledge. The time will come when you will have enough money to pay your mentor to guide you.

Language issue

A foreign language can block you from succeeding. If you want to do your business in a foreign language; you will have to think of the possibilities that you have. First, ask yourself a few questions:

• Is this the language you are willing to learn?
• How well do you know this language?
• Did you have this language in school?
• Do you have time for learning it so you can start your business as you planned?

We work in English because it is globally spoken and will reach a lot of customers. We have learned it in school and it is easy to understand. These are the benefits that Tadej and I recognized, so we decided to work in English.
I always loved English, more than any other language that I have learned. I still learn it every day because I know that my knowledge is not perfect and because I know that my customers need quality.

Learn a foreign language

Nowadays you have many opportunities to learn a foreign language. When I go to town, I see many language agencies that have courses and are willing to help. You will have no problems with learning globally spoken languages like English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, French, and others.

But if you want to do business in another language that is less known; it is possible to find a person who can help you with coaching. You just need to research it on the internet and see what the options are.

You have so many different options to learn a foreign language. Listen and watch the audio lectures, learn on the internet, chat with people who speak that language.

This way you so you will learn pronunciation. You can use Skype and also find a tutor on the internet that will gladly help you because this is his everyday job.

Before going into the learning process of a foreign language, analyze if it has the potential for your business to grow.

Learn and apply

I told you about my overcoming obstacles in business so you can have an easier time doing your work successfully. Consider my tips and try to apply them in your business to see positive results.

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