What Kind Of Tea Is Good For Headaches?

If you have a headache can you treat it with herbs? What kind of tea is good for headaches?

Can you drink specific teas regularly to prevent them? Headaches are the most frequent symptom that something isn’t right in the body.

If it appears occasionally (due to dehydration), this is not a major problem.

However, many people face it very often. What do you do when your head hurts? Do you take a painkiller like others?

This isn’t necessary if you are aware of the problem and know how to help yourself naturally.

What type of tea is good for headaches?

Teas can mild the headache or even stop it. Next herbs have the ability to provide more blood to the head and thus help to eliminate a headache.

Rosemary tea

Rosemary tea is especially good for treating a headache. It overcomes migraine and nausea.

Place 3 teaspoons of chopped rosemary in 3 dcl of boiling water and let it boil for a few minutes.

Leave it to cool down. Drink a deciliter of this tea before each meal (even before breakfast), wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then eat.

Health benefits

You will soon find out that rosemary works favorably on the stomach, restores the mucous membranes, prevents cramping, restores the liver and much more.

It helps with colds, respiratory diseases, relaxes, and helps to fall asleep in the evening. Drink the tea for 7 days, then take 14 days of rest, then you can consume it again.

I don’t recommend drinking it if you have liver problems, biliary disorders, severe circulatory disorders, and impaired cardiac function.

Ginger tea

I have already written a lot about ginger and its healing properties.

New research has shown that it is successful in treating pain, as regular drinking can relieve and eliminate headache, joint, and bone pain.

Prepare it

The Chinese often prepare a hot drink, adding ginger and brown sugar to the water.

To make a tea, you need a fresh ginger root or ginger powder. Put a slice of ginger root or put one teaspoon of powder into a cup.

Pour 2 deciliters of hot water over the ginger, cover the cup and leave for 10 minutes, then strain it. You can add lemon juice and honey in your drink.

Health benefits

Such a drink will also help you to get rid of the flu and the cold.

It will suit for your sore throat and save you from the headache. If you consume it regularly, every day, you can be free of pain in joints and bones.


In the past, the tansy plant was used primarily for the elimination of warms in the body. You can safely use the plant but only in the form of tea. Tansy tea will help you to get through the headache.

Recipe and benefits

Pour a cup of boiling water on a teaspoon of the dry plant. It is best to drink 2 cups per day. It affects all types of body worms and bowel problems. You can also use this drink in rheumatism and gout.

How does it work?

Tansy extracts release the spasms of smooth muscles in the small intestine and accelerate the secretion of the bile (perhaps due to phenolic acids).

Phenolic acids lower lipids and blood sugar and destroy some fungi.

Oil and beta-thujone have the ability to eliminate parasites.

Water infusions and alcohol extracts have also proven clinically, stimulating the secretion of bile in patients with hepatic and biliary disorders.

Treatment decreases pain, increases fluid, and improves digestion.


Who doesn’t know that kissing under mistletoe brings happiness for the couple?

Mistletoe is a popular component of winter flower arrangements, but it is not known so much for its beneficial health effects.

Long usage

Although, historical sources state that it was used in the healing process already in the 5th century BC.

Its therapeutic effects are also recognized by official medicine. The results of the latest research placed the plant and its active ingredients in anti-cancer medicines.

Medicinal substances

It has been proven that it contains a whole range of medicinal substances.

The most important among them are lecithin, viscotoxins, histamine, lignin, flavonoids, choline, and essential oils. It can be used in the form of tea, powder, and tincture.

How does it work?

Mistletoe tea is an excellent natural remedy for the relaxation of the nervous system. The mistletoe preparations relax and strengthen the nerves. They work directly on the nerves.

Good working nerves strengthen the capillaries of the peripheral blood circulation and decrease the rapid heart rate due to nervousness.

So, this drink is a great cure when you are tense, facing stress and have an attack of the headache.

Consider natural remedies

Pharmaceutical industries have a simple solution for us.

They invented painkillers that can alleviate body pain or a headache in about 15-20 minutes. But did you ever asked yourself what substances are in these pills?

Taking a pill from time to time shouldn’t harm you but what if you use it often? Why don’t you rather use teas and other natural solutions for treatments?

If you are facing regular headaches, you should ask yourself what causes them. Maybe you are spending too much time on the computer as I did.

Eliminate stress as much as you can and drink a lot of fluids, especially unsweetened herbal teas.

Also, eliminate sugary and fatty food, exercise and let the fresh air in the apartment or office several times a day.

Teas can be a great helper as they hydrate but what kind of tea is good for headaches?

Those teas that help you relax and send blood in the brain. Try to drink them throughout the day and you will see if they help you to be free of the pain.

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