Discover What Is The Main Reason For Bloating Stomach

What Is The Main Reason For Bloating Stomach

Do you ask yourself what is the main reason for bloating stomach? Bloating is common health problem among people in the modern world. People with bloating stomach suffer from gasses, abdominal discomfort, pain and gain weight. It is not only aesthetic issue, but it also affects on individual’s quality life.

The most worrying problem is when a person doesn’t know why his or her stomach is bloated. A person knows that something is wrong but doesn’t know why. Doctor can help, but it depends on his engagement and willingness to help.

Bloating problem has an impact on psychological health. It spares nobody, not obese people neither slim people.

It causes discomfort because of their visual look of being fat and here comes the psychological effect.

No matter how their lifestyle is, bloating is part of their lives untill they find out what is the cause of their problem.

The Main Reason For Bloating Stomach

Chronic inflammation is the major problem that causes bloat. It is mentioned that there is a link between gastrointestinal inflammation and depression.

In 2011, the Hungarian research reveals important data. Observation says that depression often appears as a companion of gastrointestinal inflammation, autoimmune diseases, posible cardiovascular diseases and other.

Chronical inflammation contributes to mentioned diseases. Therefore, some scientist believe that depression can be labeled as neuropsychological manifestation and syndrome of chronic inflammation in the body.

In addition to inflammations, numerous studies shows that the disruption of intestinal flora has also been linked to diseases and conditions such as:

Diseases of inflammation

  • Fatigue
  • Allergy
  • Asthma
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Heart disease
  • Spams
  • Overweight
  • Increased risk of cancer (cancer of the colon)

What Causes Inflammation?

It appears that a person has demolished digestion which is a sign of demolished intestinal flora. The intestinal flora is composed of useful lactic acid bacteria and also from harmful microbes – fungi. Good bacteria are exposed because of unhealthy food  (aditives, preservatives, pesticides, etc.).

It is even harder when we are sick. The result of such damaged intestinal flora is an excessive growth of harmful microbes and fungi (candida) that have not been harmful before. Inadequate digestion of ingested food appears.

The health of the intestinal flora is affected by numerous factors, but the most common is still poor nutrition. Naturopath Marc Percival in functional dieticians wrote:

“Devastating eating habits lead initially in gastrointestinal disorders and subsequently contribute to virtually every known disease, which is not the result of infection (and possibly to which you elicit infection).”

Now that we know that nutrition is the first factor that needs attention, let us look at other important factors that demolish the balance of bacteria in the gut:

  1. Stress
  2. Medicines (especially antibiotics)
  3. Age
  4. Endurance sports

A fat imbalance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids – most people consume more omega-6 fats than omega-3. The most important is balance between these two sorts of fat acids.

Trans fat

It is simple. All artificially made trans fats are bad for us because they paralyze the processing of good healthy fats. Trans fats also settle in the cell membrane and displace the essential fat acids, so it is increasing the resistance of insulin.


Alcoholics usually have chronic inflammation as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. Excessive consumption of alcohol harms your health. It is best to drink a lot of water.


Diabetics must inject insulin with injection. But those who inject themselves because of anabolic purposes must know that this action is causing inflammation in their body.

Excessive amounts of caffeine

One or two cups of coffee a day are all right but consuming it through all day in large quantities also creates inflammation problem.

Excessive amount of refined carbohydrates

Continuous intake of refined carbohydrates causes inflammation. They rob the body of important food stocks, negatively impact on the brain functioning and nervous system. It increases production of insulin which contributes to chronic inflammation and obesity.

Causes are always the most important part of the occurred issue. If we want to help ourselves, we must know the real causes that will help us cure the problem. Curing the symptoms is not the right approach, we are just fooling ourselves. So cure the cause and symptoms will disappear.

Which Are The Symptoms Of Intestinal Flora Unbalance?

Regarding Dr. David Williams dysbacteriosis is any normal bacterial flora imbalance. In the next list you can see which digestive symptoms are the sign of bad gut bacteria growth:

    • Constipation
    • Excess intestinal gas
    • Too little or no intestinal gas
    • Chronic diarrhea
    • Chronic bad breath
  • And also other symptoms like:
      • Sticky mud
      • Dark or very pale stools
    • Tightness and a feeling of tension in the abdomen

If you are experiencing these symptoms regularly, then you should not neglect and overlook this health problem. Take action to recover your intestinal flora with good bacteria.

Do A Test Of Chronic Inflammation Presence

Do you want to know if your body is at risk of getting sick because of dangerous chronic inflammation? If you said yes, you are in the right place to know how you can test your health situation. You can do a test that will give you an answer.

It is a highly sensitive test that is called hsCRP test (C-reactive protein test). Many doctors use this test as a predictor of the heart attack risk. Although the test is not sophisticate, it is excellent for measuring chronic inflammation on lower levels.

C Reactive protein test interpretation

If you are really into this, then you should do Omega-3 index test. This test is intended to determine the level of omega–3 fats in the body and to measure the risk of heart disease.

Instead of eliminating cholesterol from your body with medication, give your attention to consuming more omega-3 fats.

Also, ask your doctor to carry out a test for you, which will measure the level of antioxidants in the body.

They can measure the level of vitamin A and E, and a great variety of minerals, such as selenium. A low content of antioxidants in the body usually indicates the presence of inflammation.

How To Get Rid Of Bloat?

Ok, so now that we know the causes and symptoms of the main reason for bloating stomach (chronic inflammation), we can prevent it.

We also know some nutrition tips that help us with mentioned trouble (importance of omega-3 fats, antioxidants, vitamins A and E and less consumption of carbohydrates). In this article, you will know 12 tips on how to get rid of bloat and relieve inflammation.

These tips are essential for your balanced intestinal flora

Balance your essential fatty acids

Let go of cooking oil that is made from corn, safflower spice and all other oils containing omega-6 fats.

Eat more cold-water fish or enjoy fish oil capsules

Wild salmon, sardines, and herring are excellent sources and contain low levels of mercury. If you are concerned about mercury in fish, then eat Brazil nuts every day with the fish. They contain selenium that binds mercury and makes it non-toxic.

If you eat meat, eat it from animals that fed on posture. Meat from these animals that graze in the meadow contains large amounts of essential fatty acids omega-3. However, you have to pay attention to farmers because they often lie how they fed their animals.

Limit refined carbohydrates

Refined sugars are opposite of good nutritious food, it takes from your body more that it gives. Also, it raises insulin levels quickly, and this leads to fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The constant fluctuation of insulin causes inflammation in the body.

It is recommended using only simple carbohydrates after exercise and very little amount of them in the drink during exercise. You can also enjoy the training with a protein without carbs, and you can forget about carbohydrates entirely. Even better choice during practice are branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs. With cutting down carbohydrates we get rid of bloating fast.

Lose weight- if you are overweight

Fat cells produce IL-6, TNF, and other cytokines that cause inflammation. The more fat you have, the more cytokine is produced, and consequently your body has more inflammation.


Massage is a great way for getting rid of bloating. It is recommended once a week or at least every two weeks.

Use turmeric, ginger and oregano

Curcumin is a spice that you should use as inhibiting IL-6 as well as some other compounds that affect the formation of inflammation. Ginger is recommended for those who have stomach problems and nausea. Remember: Limit the usage of sunflower if you use it in the kitchen.

Avoid trans fats

Avoid trans fats and replace it with good fats.

Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol occasionally is ok but regularly alcohol intake can cause quite a few problems in this area.

Avoid excessive amounts of coffee

Don’t drink to much coffee becuse it can cause cronic inflammation. Never drink more than two cups of caffee a day.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable consumption will raise the level of antioxidants in the body. P.S. Some fruit can also make you bloat.

Use food additives: antioxidants and vitamins

If you can’t consume sufficient quantities of food, or you simply don’t eat certain types of food, you can use dietary supplements to compensate the lack of nutrients.

Take Minerals

You got good advices to stop and prevent any reason for bloating stomach so you can live relaxed and without worries. At the end of this important topic, I recommend that you also consume magnesium, selenium and zinc with your food.

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