Why Is Attitude Important In The Workplace?

attitude importance

Why is attitude important in the workplace? We often get overwhelmed with tasks and lose balance and motivation. The result of unbalance could be stress that affects our physical and mental health. How can you have a positive mental attitude when you have to do a lot of work?

Today we will talk about a topic that is very important when doing business. If you want to be successful, motivated and prepared to learn then you should listen to what I have to say about a factor that will have a significant impact on your work.

In my latest posts, I told you about a burning desire and how we develop it. There are many elements of a successful business but today I will expose one that is indispensable. It is motivation. What is better motivation than believing and living with the law of attraction?

Losing the balance

I am living with LOA Power for some time now. Life changed for 100% for Tadej and me, and we are very thankful for discovering it. As you know, we have an online business. Sometimes work gets hard or demanding.

I love working with technology and new, sophisticated software. But time changed this. Do you know what is permanent? A change. Change is the only permanent thing in our lives.

Fading devotion

My attitude changed through some time when I was working. Days were passing and I didn’t even recognize it at the first moment, but my devotion to LOA Power was fading.

My devotion faded slowly and it wasn’t obvious so I couldn’t recognize the change so quickly.

The point is that I was pulled into work so much that I forgot to use LOA Power philosophy. My motivation decreased.

It was like a drug as people say; it pulls you in so when you notice the change and its strong influence, you are deep in troubles. Now you see why is attitude important in business, you should stay balanced.

I decided to stop using LOA

I stopped reading books because we had more work that had to be done. Days were short, so I decided to stop reading and listening to affirmations. I stopped with visualization techniques and motivational audio courses.

It was a really bad idea. This lecture enabled me to never fall again because of letting go of my primary motivational sources. I want to teach you that once you start using LOA Power, you have to use it all the time. Why? The answer is simple; it’s because you want to feel good all the time!

Importance of attitude

It was hard for me to be in that state of mind. From day to day I was feeling more down and without energy. I had health problems that drained energy from me, so I had to lay down often in the middle of the day. I slept a lot too, but it didn’t bring me the energy I needed.

I noticed that I had no power to even walk, can you believe that? I was breathing fast and my heart was like a jumping ball. I thought of going to the doctor but I changed my mind because I knew that physical health was not the issue.

Do you know that the majority of illnesses are caused by your negative mental attitude? If you learn to be positive all the time; you will be healthy mentally and physically, and you will never get sick.

A woman cured cancer

I watched the movie The Secret and there was a woman who had breast cancer. She decided to make a new habit of watching comedy movies with her husband every evening. So, she decided to laugh more and do you know what happened? She was cured!

I don’t say that all diseases can be cured as hers but I know that positivity is a significant factor that you can welcome in your life for free and it works! Find ways to be positive and you can tell me if it is true. All is in our head. We are what we think.

Stay positive and you won’t fall

Why did I lose my positive attitude? It was because I forgot to practice LOA Power. It is interesting that I still had a (business) goal but I lost the main ingredient of a stable and productive mind – motivation.

After a long chat with Tadej, I figured out that I should always follow things that motivate me and always use LOA Power. I should never let other negative and stressful situations dominate me.

At first, I didn’t know how to shift this negative attitude of mine, but a conversation with Tadej helped me. He is like a mentor to me, so I started to listen.

Motivation and shift

He told me that I should motivate myself first and decrease the amount of work. So, I started listening to motivational courses again and work on easier tasks. I did quite well.

You see, it is like a burning desire. When you choose to do or have something, your mind shifts towards the goal. I got better in just a few days of listening to positive audios and doing what I love; what LOA Power also teaches.

Now you know why your attitude should be positive all the time. I tell you it is wonderful to be me again, a balanced and ambitious woman who knows that she has all the strings in her hands.

Keep the balance

Sometimes you will experience changes and lack of motivation in your business. Remember, you have the power of changing yourself and your mental health. What do you want to achieve? Ask yourself.

I also have one thing more to tell. Get familiar with our philosophy, I am sure you won’t regret it. It teaches how to become a mentally healthy and stable person who is prepared for a bright future.

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