You Are The Creator Of Your Own Life

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Environmental factors influence us from the time we are born. If you want to have more control over your life you can have it. Primary socialization is needed for learning the life basics and feelings.

You can’t avoid primary socialization and its rules, but you can start to take control over your life when you are aware of yourself. Control the situation and take things in your hands today.

Who is your company?

Think about your best friends. Who are they, what they do, what are their hobbies? Think of them critically and analyze if they are good friends who support you and your ideas or not.

Are some negative and non-believers in what you intend to become? Is anybody like an emotional vampire who just needs you to suck the energy from you and leaving you feeling empty?

What about your family, are they supporting you? They should but if they are not you shouldn’t worry because it is your life and you will live it not them.

Follow your dreams

Be confident and follow your dream, believe me, it is worth it. You mustn’t abandon people, just tell them what you think and follow your six sense. Sometimes it can be hard but ask yourself: “Do they know how I feel about my goal, do they feel my enthusiasm about it?”

If your parents will be against your idea and will try to convince you in another option, don’t let them succeed because they will not do what they recommended, you will.

If this happens, ask yourself: “Is this what I want in my life?” Don’t be afraid to make your decisions because taking the risk can bring you much more than just being in a comfort zone. Get outside the box and explore what you are capable of!

When you have a clear goal in front of you people will also come and go regarding your new path. What about finding people that you like to have in your life?

Who surrounds you?

The most crucial about being successful are people that surround you. The first thing you must do is leave negative ones behind and surround yourself with positive ones. Why is this so important?

Avoid negative people

They will kill your will and power to move forward on your new path to success, and you will have a hard time going on, plus doubt will occur in your mind, and this is not what you want.

Surround with positive people

You want positive people who will respect you, believe in you and support you with positivity. Good and inspiring words can do magic so find the ones who can help you follow your dreams.

If you decided to do your own business then you should also find individuals who are leaders in your field of work. They will help you with their knowledge, positivity, and guidance. This is the best way to become a successful person.

Be a creator of your life and future

There are two types of people in this world, ones who are average, not ambitious and just following the crowd and those who want more of their lives and take the risk.

Criticizing and surrender

The state is giving us opportunities and also limitations. I see many people desperate and criticizing the government saying life isn’t good. They see the state as a stepmother who is above the small man.

Majority surrender in the situation that is available and works as a slave to the stepmother’s benefit. The state will always need workers and people without their opinion because it is easier to control the crowd of followers than the ones with ambitious and progressing ideas.

Working hard and being unsatisfied

In our country, the majority have jobs that the state is offering no matter if this is what they want to do or not. Is this not the same as slavery?

They work because they have to make a living and pay the bills. They have loans and are bound to pay the installments every month, so any job is a necessity.

They are unhappy, and their mood affects all around them. When they pay all the bills and installments they are left with a little amount of money that they can spend on food, clothes and other small things for a living.

They work hard and have no money to build their dreams or afford something bigger than just food, clothes and one vacation per year. They get up in the morning, go to work, come home, eat late lunch or dinner and then go to bed because they have to get up early the next morning. This circle continues from day to day and years pass by. This person leaves the best years in the company or factory.

Focus on yourself and your dreams

Did you ever hear a person said: “Oh, he has a ton of money because he stole it”, or “His father left him a successful company, so it isn’t hard for him to have success.”? This is a criticism and is not good for your balance. Let’s think differently, shall we?

Let’s say: “If someone made his dream to come true, I have the ability to do the same.” How do you see a successful person? I always saw them as individuals who succeeded in their work, but I never worship anyone. I see all people as equal and capable of succeeding in something that they are talented.

Listen to your inner voice and find your passion!

You can make your life worthy by listening to your inner voice and making a plan for how you will become successful in this world. Remember, we all have the same amount of time available and only one life to live, why don’t you make the best from it?

Think of what you love to do, maybe it’s your hobby and think if this is something you could change into profit. Is this activity your burning desire? Would you do it for the rest of your life? Find your passion and finally start to live by your rules.

Majority follow, listen to people and never succeed. Don’t be a follower to no one and start building your empire of freedom!

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