How To Stop Complaining And Be Happy?

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Do you want to know how to stop complaining and be happy in your life?

It is not the first time I am thinking about life and how we live it. Everyone carries their own cross and handles things in their own way.

We are different, living in different places and have different conditions for making our lives worthy.

At this point, I must tell you something that you already know but don’t think of. Some people start with something and some start from scratch. This will be the main focus of today’s post.

When I started to live more responsible, I just couldn’t deny the fact that some people have an easier life than me.

It just came out, and I had questions like “Why do I have to struggle so much and why does someone have better conditions for living an abundant life?” Let’s see what hides behind the curtain.

Comparing and criticizing

There was a time when I had many questions and Tadej was the right person to talk to.

We started our common path in the new environment, and it wasn’t easy. I remember how I compared people and analyzed their situation with ours.

I talked about his sister and her easy way of living. Her lifestyle was telling me that she lives a dream life and doesn’t have any major problems that could hold her down in life.

This was happening before we discovered the Law of Attraction.

I was jealous of her lifestyle and how she lives. She found a loving guy who is an artist. They have a beautiful and smart daughter who fulfills their life with joy and happiness.

I just love to be with her because she brings the best out of me. I was focusing on his sister and her life but I forgot that I have all the strings to change my own life.

Why do we even talk of others and criticize them? I think the reason stands in front of us. It is easier to criticize and talk about others than getting serious and change things to our advantage.

Take the action that is required to become someone. It is always easier to live secure and inside the box, isn’t it?

Examples of living inside the box

• Gossip about others and criticizing
• Following others
Spending your free time for entertainment (TV, games, social media, etc.)
• Having the idea but no courage to realize it
• Scared to make a move on different kinds of opportunities
• Holding back in public discussions
• Doing stuff so that others won’t think you are strange, etc.

These are just a few examples of living inside the box, but they all have something in common – they relate to comfort.

How about taking things into your hands from now on? How would you feel if you grasp the bull by the horns and finally make progress in the area you were staying behind or wanting to change?

Attracting negative energy

Following others means that you aren’t focusing on yourself and you are not in a balanced state of mind.

Talking about them and criticizing means that you attract negative energy on yourself that will have consequences in your near future. But I am here to help you to stop thinking negatively.

Change your energy with a decision!

How about thinking of who you are and who you want to be? Talk to yourself once in a while and you will see how much power you possess when you focus on yourself.

This way you won’t have time to criticize and complain. Your energy will rise and negative thoughts will have no space to interfere.

You can have the same life as a famous person

When you accept the Law of Attraction in your life and open the door for it, all will change.

We saw how jealousy, concentrating on others and living inside of the box won’t change your life on better because you act on the wrong stage.

“Act on your stage and you will find your way to unlimited happiness.”

I want to tell you one crucial thing. No matter who you are and how many means you have to start building your future, you can transform your life for eternity.

What do successful people have in common?

All successful people have one thing in common, and that is their life energy that is powered by the Law of Attraction.

law of attraction energy

Do you know what else do they have? They have a will, a smart goal, and consistency to succeed. They had to work hard to get where they are today.

So don’t you treat yourself like you are different and not able to achieve success. We are all the same; no one is greater than the other.

There is no excuse just to criticize others and feel sorry for ourselves because, in the end, we all have the same ability to change the future – it is our mind orientation.

It is never too late to start fresh

At the end of this post, I want to tell you how I see others today.

There are two kinds of people – those who found their life meaning and others who live in a comfort zone and don’t decide to take a different step in their lives.

A lost man

I know a man that I see a lot in the park, like every day. He has a backpack and is a very quiet and indisposed man around 35 years of age.

I noticed him fast; he was looking different from us. I think he is not happy and without any ideas on how to improve his current situation.

But you see we can’t judge anybody because we don’t know what is he struggling with and what is his story. Maybe it isn’t his fault for his situation, or maybe he is, but I know one thing:

“There is no one on this earth who isn’t capable of turning his destiny around.”

You don’t need material things to start changing anything, all you need is your clear mind, a focus, and a goal. Your destiny depends on you and only you.

An older man shining

One morning, I went to my bank and on the way home I passed by an older guy that was literally shining.

He had incredible charisma and his energy attracted me, I hardly moved my eyes from him. He was like 60 years old, with a suitcase and well dressed.

But the first thing I noticed about him was his smile and energy, and I thought “This is a type of person who I want to associate with.”

I don’t know his occupation and if he is retired or not, but all that matters is that he found his happiness that he sticks with it. He is using the universal law for his benefit.

No limits

Remember, there is no age, no skin color and no other factors that could prevent you and your mind from building your destiny.

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